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Angela waits on a man in the diner. Stanley the owner is giving her a hard time when suddenly the man starts coughing up blood. They call 911, but he keels over dead.

In the morning at Maura's house, Maura and Jane are exhausted from taking care of the baby. Tommy finally got him to stop crying by rocking him. Tommy wants to name him Mario. Maura swabs Tommy's mouth to get DNA for the paternity test.

Jane holds the baby and admits she wishes she could keep him, you know, some of the time. They get a call about the suspicious death at the caf and head in.

At the caf, Jane comforts her traumatized Mom. Stanley insists they didn't feed him anything bad. The victim is Phil Taylor, 45, he works at a pharmaceutical company. He had a picture of a young boy in his wallet and Korsak's name and number. When Maura asks for the plate of food he was eating, Stanley seems to get faint and light-headed. Angela doesn't know what happened to it.

Frankie arrives at Maura's house, Tommy is freaked out because the baby rolled off the couch onto a pillow. There's a knock at the door, Lydia and her mom barge in. Frankie can't arrest her for abandoning him because technically all she did was leave him with family. They take him and leave.

Down in the lab, Maura pokes through the victim's barely digested stomach contents of eggs and pancakes. She also finds chocolate and mint, which she thinks came from a frappaccino, which they don't serve at the caf. His medical records indicate he had warfarin in his blood, a blood thinner also found in rat poison.

Jane and a tech head down to the caf to look for evidence of poisoning. They confiscate the rat poison and Jane interviews Stanley.

Upstairs, they've found the photo in Phil's wallet was not of his son. He lost his pharm job five years ago and was doing temp work. Korsak's number was written on St. Avitas note paper, where they have an AA meeting every morning.

Korsak and Frost head to the church. Frankie breaks the news about Lydia taking the baby to Jane.

At the AA meeting, a lawyer named Larry is sharing while sort of advertising his services. A woman recognizes Korsak and plants a wet one on his lips. It takes him a while to place her, but he realizes it's his first wife, Dana.

They were only married for three months 40 years ago. Dana says Phil was there that morning and she gave him Korsak's number because he needed a cop he could trust. Dana says he was hanging out with a blonde woman in her 40s.

Back in Maura's office, Jane gets off the phone from an assistant district attorney who confirms they can't do much with Lydia. There's a three month wait for a custody hearing, during which TJ would be in foster care. They don't think Lydia will hurt him.

Test confirm that the poison was delivered in the food. Jane asks Frankie to dig through the trash for the food and a disposable coffee cup.

Maura flirts with Alex Simmons, the guy who brings the bodies. She thinks he's cute. He's in med school, but also sews, knits and crochets. He brought in Lucy Cox, 32, who was found dead in her apartment. She was sick for a week.

Maura looks at her lung x-ray and sees bloody streaks on her fingernails. Then she tells Jane and Alex to hold their breath and head for the lab as she pushes the code red button.

It could be anything from Ebola to SARS, Maura says later as tech come in Tyveks suits to clean the place out. They have to strip, take decontamination showers and get in the suits. Jane suddenly feels very modest and does a complicated dance hiding behind a trash can to avoid showing her bits.

Maura checks with the CDC, there's no report of any hemorrhagic viruses in the area, but there is a report of treatable bacterial meningitis in Boston. Maura is awaiting the victim's test results.

Alex's girlfriend, Suzy the lab tech, comes to check on him. Maura gets the results, it is meningitis, which is good news.

Frankie reports he couldn't find Phil's food.

Back upstairs, Angela comes with Phil's thrown out drink cup which she found in the lobby trash can. Phil had told her Stanley made him throw it out. Korsak get a text from Dana, she wants to talk about Phil's murder.

Dana tells Korsak that Phil said he ruined a little boy's life. He said he had blood on his hands and made another terrible mistake.

Dana tells Korsak she feels terrible she didn't wait for him to come back from Vietnam.

In the lab, Suzy reports there was warfarin in the coffee cup. She mentions she and Alex met at a nudist retreat. There are 50 Boston Joe's where Phil could have bought the coffee.

Upstairs, they try to figure out what Phil felt guilty about. They find a hit and run from five years ago, eight-year-old Jimmy Flores was paralyzed. Phil said his car was stolen at the time. Jane decides to go to the Boston Joe's by St. Avitas.

The barista recognizes his photo. He was with a tall, skinny dour woman, who the barista remembers took Phil's coffee and dumped a lot of sugar in it. They assume it wasn't sugar.

Later, at Jane's house, Tommy says the paternity test confirms TJ is his. Frankie, Angela and Jane are excited to have the baby in their lives. They suggests fighting for joint custody, but Angela has another idea.

The next morning, Jane stops by the caf. Stanley tells her he wants to confess. Upstairs, he admits he hid Phil's food. He has it in a Ziploc bag. They give him a hard time, but tell him they can't charge him with anything.

Upstairs, they look at surveillance from the Boston Joe's which shows Phil and the mystery woman. There's no sound, so Jane calls Frankie in to read their lips, which he learned how to do playing baseball. He thinks Phil is saying: "I didn't sign up for this, I didn't know men in tights would kill people." Or maybe "Mennonites."

Facial recognition IDs the woman as Alice Vanderbilt. They head to her house and find her in her garage with her engine running. She's dead.

Later, in the morgue, Maura confirms she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Her prints were the only ones found on everything, so they're calling it suicide.

Alex brings in the body of Brian Radcliff, 31. Alex thinks it might be meningitis. Jane realizes that's what Phil was saying, not "men in tights."

Back upstairs, they find Alice was a quality control tech at Phil's company. She was previously an anesthesiologist.

Maura reports there was an injection site on Brian's arm from a flu vaccine. Both victims only died from the meningitis because they had underlying conditions. They think Phil and Alice conspired to taint the vaccine so they could launch a class action lawsuit against the pharma company. But they'd need a lawyer.

They find a name on Alice's lapsed medical license: Larry Bukowski.

Jane, Frost and Korsak interrupt the AA meeting and serve Larry with a warrant to check his car. He has a ton of flyers trolling for people who got meningitis from a flu vaccine. He also has a picture of Phil with his bloody car from the night he ran over Jimmy Florres. He still has Phil's license plate. He handled malpractice cases for Alice.

They find the lot number for the bad vaccine and arrest Larry.

Lydia and her difficult mother come over for dinner at Maura's house. Angela says it's a chance for them all to start over. Lydia's mom starts off on the right foot by asking for water and a prescription for Antabuse from Maura.

Lydia lets Angela hold him and they all sit down to dinner as a family.


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