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Hands make a plaster mold of a body, then carefully finish the details so it looks like Venus de Milo, complete with no arms. Pan up and we see what's being molded -- a dead woman.

On a field trip, a kid tosses a coin in a fountain to make a wish. He notices the statue is bleeding.

In the station, the gang prepares to welcome Frankie to homicide. They don't know yet if he got it, but they're optimistic. Cavanaugh introduces the new Detective: Riley Cooper. Jane's former "drug dealer" neighbor.

Frankie takes the new stoically. Cooper apologizes to Jane for the fact they met under such weird circumstances. Homicide's been a dream of hers.

"Was part of that dream playing us both for fools?" Frost asks. Jane reminds him being undercover isn't easy.

"So that makes it OK that you used us to get inside information so you could get the promotion?" Frankie says.

Jane doesn't understand why Cooper led both men on. Cooper says she likes both of them and Jane expects that means she'll find a way to make it right.

At the murder scene, the victim is encased in bronze, or at least appears to be until the crime scene techs drop it and it cracks, turning out to be plaster. The dead woman inside is cold like she was frozen.

In the station caf, Maura, Jane and Angela console Frankie. He thinks he's going to be taking 911 calls for the rest of his life.

Maura sees Dennis Rockmond (Eddie Cibrian) coming her way. They went out and he never called. He's carrying a copy of his best seller, "Release Your Inner Winner and Win." He tells Maura he was traveling and should have emailed. He invites her to his book signing but she declines. Jane can tell Maura still likes him.

Down in the morgue, Maura is annoyed he disappeared for three months.

The victim has a streak of white hair and track marks on her jugular vein. She was in cold storage for two to six months. She's in her 50s with terrible teeth and no arms. She was strangled.

Frost found four cases across the country of dead prostitutes who were strangled, had their arms cut off and were encased in plaster.

They're dealing with a serial killer with ego. The other victims were found in locations used by kids.

Jane gives Cooper the victim's picture and asks her to show it around, she tells Frost and Frankie to go with her and get over their issues.

Cavanaugh checks with Jane to see what she thinks of Cooper and Jane approves. Cavanaugh is impressed with her, but says he'll never see another Jane Rizzoli.

In Maura's office, Jane worries that means Frankie won't get his badge. Maura found cigarette burns on the victim's feet. She delivered a child by C-section and had her tubes tied more than 30 years ago. Maura leaves for Dennis' book signing.

Out canvassing, Frankie and Frost give Cooper a hard time, overly deferring to her "expertise." She approaches an older hooker who recognizes the victim as "Cruella," whom, with the help of some cash, she remembers last seeing three months ago.

At the book signing, Jane finds things wrong with Dennis. Maura is totally smitten. Jane gets a text about another victim.

This Venus de Milo is on a moving carousel. Frost finds that the killer took out the security cameras with a laser pointer.

In the morgue, Maura finds the victim died within 24 hours. She also had cigarette burns. She recently had a baby but had heroin in her system. She was also a prostitute.

It's late at night, but Jane and Frost take the newest victim's picture around. Jane's CI Rondo recognizes her as Chrissy, she goes by Rainbow.

A transvestite suggests "Bear" might have done it -- he likes to choke people. Kitty describes him driving a blue pick-up with tools in the back.

Back home, Angela takes out her Lydia frustrations with aggressive knitting. There's a ring at the door. It's Dennis bearing an orchid.

He tells Maura his parents have been married 30 years and are still happy and he wants something like that. He liked her so much he freaked out and bailed.

The next morning, Maura tells Jane she's playing hard to get with Dennis.

The police have picked up "Bear." Jane shows him photos of the victims and he recognizes them as hookers. He's angry and surly. Maura doesn't think it seems like a sociopath, he's too angry.

They charge him with assault for throwing his tools at an officer when he was arrested.

Upstairs, they found plaster of Paris in the back of his truck. Jane wants to check for a connection to Hoyt, her old nemesis. She opens a letter left on her desk.

"Dear Boss, Do you like my work? Make sure you don't give the wrong sculptor credit. I'm about to sculpt my finest piece of work."

They get notification of another body at the zoo. He took out the security cameras again. Frost gets an email from a detective working a similar case in another city. Their suspect was Frederick Stone, he once shared a cell with Hoyt.

In the morgue, the third victim had cocaine in her system, not heroin. Maura wants to check if she was sedated.

Jane gets a text from Angela. She goes up to the caf and finds Lydia going into labor. She's refusing to go to a hospital because she wants her baby to be born around family.

Tommy shows up and Lydia's contractions go away. She promises to turn over a new leaf.

In the morgue, Dennis comes in through the back door. He says it's his birthday and he wanted to relive the highest and lowest points of his year. The victims are on the tables and he remembers being wheeled in there. She agrees to celebrate with a birthday dinner later.

Upstairs, the third victim is ID'd as a 21-year-old prostitute who had a baby taken away a few weeks ago. All the victims had children. They think the Venus represents a "crazy mixed up symbol of love and eroticism."

Maura goes to Dennis' loft apartment for dinner. His private elevator is broken. He says his mom called him first thing to wish him happy birthday. They toast to his 36th birthday.

At the station, they get word Frederick Stone was arrested two days ago, so he couldn't be the killer.

Jane looks into "Cruella's" son, Mark. He'd be 36, he was taken away after repeated episodes of abuse. She used to burn him on the soles of his feet with her cigarettes.

Jane gets texted to Lydia going into labor down in the caf. Frost comes down to say that Mark ran away from foster care when he was 8, found his mother, and got abused by her again. Jane goes to get the tox results on the third victim.

The lab tech tells Jane that Maura is out to dinner with Dennis. The tox results show the victim had the sedative Enderol in her system, the same thing that Dennis nearly OD'd on.

Jane finds the hand Dennis sculpted for Maura on her desk. It looks like the "bronze" Venus statues. Jane smashes it and finds a human hand inside. She calls for back up to Dennis' apartment.

In his loft, he shows Maura some of his sketches. He plies her with wine and is about to take her into his studio to show her his work when Frost, Jane and Korsak bust in. He grabs Maura around the neck and holds a knife to her throat. Jane assures him that he's much smarter than all of them.

He holds Maura as he backs up to the empty elevator shaft, babbling about how mothers should treat their children right. Then, all of a sudden, he flings himself backward. Jane grabs Maura. She's in tears and upset that she didn't realize Dennis was a killer.

Back home, Jane tries to make Maura feel better while Angela continues knitting furiously. There's a ring at the door, Angela expects her yarn.

Jane opens it and finds Lydia's baby.
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