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Jim Raynor: Sarah?

Jim Raynor: [Raynor notices that she is back in her Zerg form] No.

Sarah Kerrigan: I had to get you out.

Jim Raynor: What have you done?

Sarah Kerrigan: What I... had to.

Jim Raynor: Tell that to Fenix. Tell it to the millions you butchered!

Sarah Kerrigan: [Kerrigan grasps onto Raynor's pistol and raises it to her head] You swore you'd kill the Queen of Blades. You were the only one who ever believed in me. Do you still believe in me?

Sarah Kerrigan: [Raynor struggles with himself, then discharges his remaining rounds into the wall] I love you, Jim. Never forget it.

Jim Raynor: We're done.

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Arcturus Mengsk: [Mengsk holds a cigar in his teeth and what looks like a lighter as he turns to face Kerrigan] Hello, Kerrigan. I've been waiting for you.

Sarah Kerrigan: I'm surprised you haven't tried to escape.

Arcturus Mengsk: [chuckles] Escape? My dear, I'm afraid you've got it all wrong.

[Mengsk uses the "lighter" - a control switch - to activate a Xel'Naga artifact rising from the floor, blasting Kerrigan with energy]

Arcturus Mengsk: Really. Did you think I'd keep an animal like you close to me without some kind of insurance policy?

[Mengsk gives Kerrigan another shock]

Arcturus Mengsk: Clearly, you are my greatest failure. Now, at long last... you will DIE!

Jim Raynor: [Raynor enters from behind Mengsk, crushing the switch in his hand and lifting him off the floor] Change of plans.

Sarah Kerrigan: [Raynor hurls Mengsk across the room; Kerrigan charges and impales Mengsk with her wing-spikes] You can never suffer enough for all the lives you've ruined, Arcturus.

Arcturus Mengsk: I made you into a monster, Kerrigan!

[Kerrigan lashes out into Mengsk's mind with psychic energy]

Sarah Kerrigan: You made us *all* into monsters.

[With a scream, Mengsk explodes, vaporizing his office... but Kerrigan and Raynor are unharmed]

Sarah Kerrigan: [looking up into the sky] Thank you, Jim... for everything.

[Kerrigan ascends to join the swarms in the sky]

Jim Raynor: My pleasure, darlin'.

[Raynor smiles to himself]

Jim Raynor: Always was.

Sarah Kerrigan: [voiceover] I now see my true enemy. He waits for me in the void, wielding powers I cannot imagine. I go to face him, having renounced everything: My humanity. My identity. The man I love. But I will not face this enemy alone. I am the Swarm.

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Sarah Kerrigan: [entering an abandoned temple] Face me, Narud. It's over.

Dr. Emil Narud: It is only beginning. Amon whispered of this from the stars. He told you of his return. He told you of ruin... extinction. The end of all things.

Sarah Kerrigan: Your god is DEAD, and he's never coming back.

Jim Raynor: Is that what you think?

Sarah Kerrigan: [lashes out with a wing-spike - nearly impaling - Jim Raynor?] No...

Jim Raynor: Sarah...

["Raynor's" eyes glow red, and he psychically brings down the roof on Kerrigan - who is unharmed]

Sarah Kerrigan: No... you're not him.

[Kerrigan flings "Raynor" across the room, riding a giant burrowing worm; "Raynor" lashes out with red energy, causing an explosion. Kerrigan lands on his chest, punching him in the face]

Sarah Kerrigan: You're not Jim! You're NOTHING!

Sarah Kerrigan: [Narud shifts again - into the human form of Kerrigan!] I am everything you lost.

[Narud/Kerrigan impales the real Kerrigan with a psi-blade]

Sarah Kerrigan: I am everything you never had.

Sarah Kerrigan: [Kerrigan grasps her doppelganger and impales her with her wing spikes] You've already... lost...

Dr. Emil Narud: [voice shifts back to Narud] Amon... lives. You will... see him... soon...

[Narud/Kerrigan collapses, dead, to the floor; Kerrigan also collapses, wounded]

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Sarah Kerrigan: [the zergling next to Kerrigan growls, sensing... ] Zeratul.

[Kerrigan leaps at Zeratul, battering him across the room]

Sarah Kerrigan: What do you want?

Zeratul: [Zeratul reaches out and grasps Kerrigan's face before she can deliver the final blow] Believe.

[Zeratul awakens a vision in Kerrigan's mind: A lush world of primeval jungles, beyond known space]

Zeratul: Kerrigan... I have been to the beginning. Behold - Zerus. Birthplace of the zerg. Here, the zerg evolved. Here... the Dark One altered them.

[a massive zerg creature hunts down a smaller one]

Zeratul: Those left behind are the primal zerg. They fight... they kill... they evolve.

[the larger creature kills and consumes its prey, and begins to take on aspects of the smaller creature]

Zeratul: Just as you must... if you survive.

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Sarah Kerrigan: I'm going to Korhal. It's time.

Matt Horner: Why are you telling us this, Kerrigan?

Sarah Kerrigan: There will be ruin, destruction. Millions could die amid the chaos. Valerian, your people will need a leader.

Valerian Mengsk: You're right, Kerrigan, they will. If I'm to be that leader, I'll ask only one thing of you: bring your swarm down outside the city. That will give us time to evacuate.

Sarah Kerrigan: Korhal is going to be the most difficult battle of my life - and you're asking me to make it harder?

Valerian Mengsk: I am.

Sarah Kerrigan: ...I was wrong about you, Valerian. You're not like your father. I'll give you your chance. Make the most of it.

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[Kerrigan contacts the Hyperion]

Valerian Mengsk: Jim is doing well. He's in the med-bay. But I don't think he wants to talk to anyb...

Sarah Kerrigan: I'm here to talk to you, Valerian. You understand that I'm going to Korhal soon?

Valerian Mengsk: I do. You plan to kill my father.

Sarah Kerrigan: He's had this coming for a long time. I need to know where you stand.

Valerian Mengsk: I stand for my people. I've accepted that my father is beyond redemption, and must be removed from power.

Sarah Kerrigan: I'm glad we understand each other.

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Sarah Kerrigan: I am the Swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now, at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of Blades.

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Sarah Kerrigan: [arriving on Hyperion's bridge, after escaping the lab] Jim? Jim... where's Jim?

Valerian Mengsk: We... couldn't get him out.

Sarah Kerrigan: Valerian...

[Kerrigan lashes out with her psi powers, strangling Valerian]

Sarah Kerrigan: You left him behind?

[Two Marines arm their weapons, moving in; Kerrigan immobilizes them with her powers]

Matt Horner: Stand down! Let him go, Kerrigan! Valerian is helping us.

Sarah Kerrigan: There IS no 'us'!

[Kerrigan hurls both Marines across the room]

Hyperion crewman: [klaxons ring] IFF negative! Multiple hostiles inside the perimeter!

[a Dominion fleet comes out of warp space and opens fire on Hyperion and her escorts]

Matt Horner: Scramble tac response squads three through nine! Defensive manuever delta-four! Prep all stations for jump!

Sarah Kerrigan: [hearing this, releases Valerian] No one is going anywhere until I see Jim!

Matt Horner: [on commlink] Dominion fleet, this is Hyperion! Cease fire! Crown Prince Valerian is aboard!

Valerian Mengsk: My father will sacrifice any piece on the chessboard to take the queen...

Matt Horner: We have to jump now! We'll lead them away and circle back for Jim.

[Kerrigan storms away]

Matt Horner: Sarah... we need to work together!

Sarah Kerrigan: Do what you want. I'm going to find Jim.

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