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Hearst Digital Studios Hires Corey Moss To Head Up Production

The Hearst Corporation is broadening its investment in web video, and it has enlisted a digital media veteran to oversee its online projects. Hearst Digital Studios has hired Corey Moss, formerly of Principato-Young Entertainment, as its Svp of Production and Development. While at Princpiato-Young, Moss served as the Svp of Digital and Production and helped produce dozens of original web series. The studio has worked with platforms like Yahoo (Sketchy), AOL (Anthony Eats America), and MSN (Jon Vs. College), and its future slate includes a web series it is co-producing along Maker Studios and Key and Peele. Though he is moving on, Moss will apparently maintain a close relationship with his former company, one that could bring Principato-Young content to Hearst. In moving to Hearst, Moss assumes a prominent role at a company that has scaled up its online operation in the past year. Most notably, Hearst has completely revolutionized the Seventeen YouTube channel,
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Sketchy Episode 109 – ‘The Lego Movie’

Sketchy reviews one of the best cartoons to hit theatres in a while. It’s “The Lego Movie!” Starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Will Ferrell, and Charlie Day, it’s a wildly exciting movie that makes you realize everything is awesome. So, if you haven’t seen it, go see it now, and then come back and listen. Enjoy!

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Amazon Pilot Spotlight: "Maker Shack Agency"

Maker Shack Agency takes a unique look at the “maker” movement through the adventures of Wolfie, a 13-year-old inventor with a grand idea and a motto of “fail forward.” Together with his friends Merle, a tech wizard, and Jo, a girl who can build anything, they create gadgets to help fellow classmates. Wolfie, Merle and Jo use all the branches of science and personal ingenuity to solve problems and kids can look forward to a new invention in every episode. Created in conjunction with the think tank Applied Minds and the production company Electus, the pilot was written by Arland Digirolamo (Sketchy), Geoff Barbanell (Kickin’ It) and directed by Alex Winter (Ben 10, Downloaded) and features original music from Dr. Dog.

Watch the pilot and help decide if Maker Shack Agency should be made into a series.
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PBS Hit Gets Spoofed in 'Downton Arby's'

PBS Hit Gets Spoofed in 'Downton Arby's'
The august PBS hit series, Downton Abbey, gets skewered in Downton Arby's -- the latest installment of Yahoo!'s new sketch video series, Sketchy.

11 Best Shows of 2011

The video mirrors the grandeur and formality of the inconspicuous battles of the house and staff of a British mansion, applying this same spirit to the responsibility of making French fries.

The spoof, written and produced by Josh Weiner, stars comedic actors Matt Walsh and Richard Kind. Click the video to see the hierarchical battle behind the fryer.
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