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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Behind the Picket Fence

21 January 2012
Though David and Joan Shannon seem like the average American couple, they partake in scandalous evenings of swinging and group sex. When Joan Shannon falls in love with a fellow swinger she goes to extreme measures to end her marriage to David Shannon - measures that include a murder plot and the manipulation of the Shannon's teenage daughter, Elizabeth.
Nancy Cullen ... Joan Shannon - Lead
Melissa Bithorn ... Elizabeth Shannon
Greg Butler ... Himself - Prosecutor

Faneal Godbold ... Police Officer

Kilvin Johnson Jr. ... Jeffery Wilson

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Barbara Kirwin ... Herself
Billy West ... Himself - District Attorney

Paul Wolverton ... Himself - Reporter

Season 1, Episode 2: Never Enough

28 January 2012
A successful attorney lay dead in her bathtub, victim of an apparent drowning. Even her family assumed it was an accident - but an 11th hour autopsy revealed a far darker truth. Even more shocking was the killer.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator (voice)
Karen Abbott ... Herself - Journalist
Bruce Castor ... Himself - District Attorney
Ken Englade ... Himself - Author
S. David Fineman ... Himself
Anna Lawler ... Herself - Forensic Psychologist

Kelsey Deanne ... Taylor (uncredited)

Ben Gougeon ... Craig Rabinowitz (uncredited)

Dawn Sobolewski ... Summer (uncredited)

Jon Sprik ... Friend (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: Desperate Housewife

4 February 2012

Jacob Berger ... John Boyd Frazier

Amanda Greer ... Renee Poole
Greg Hembree ... Himself - Solicitor

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Lauren Leach ... Herself - Reporter

Season 1, Episode 4: Hot for Teacher

11 February 2012
The seductive highschool teacher befriends a group of her students. It isn't long before she develops a romance with a 15 year old student. Luring him further with false allegations of abuse at the hands of her husband, a sinister plot emerges.
Bernard 'Sonny' H. Ahrens ... Gregg Smart
Barbara Kirwin ... Herself (as Dr. Barbara Kirwin)
Jack Levin ... Himself (as Dr. Jack Levin)
Paul Maggiotto ... Himself
Dan Pelletier ... Himself
Dean Smart ... Himself
Pamela Smart ... Herself (archive footage)
Jeff Foley ... Raymond Fowler (uncredited)

Chris Kauffmann ... Billy Flynn (uncredited)
Jeffery Leshansky ... J.R. Lattime (uncredited)

Sarah Pribis ... Pam Smart (uncredited)

Kara Shoemaker ... Cecelia Pierce (uncredited)
Evan Sokal ... Pete Randall (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: Afternoon Delight

18 February 2012
A conservative couple in Arizona has the family of their dreams, but things unravel when the wife is discovered brutally murdered in their home The investigation uncovers a lust-fuelled affair, a cold-blooded murder and someone isn't who they seem.

Heather Corke ... Trish Willoughby
Jim Henderson ... Himself - Author

Casey Jordan ... Herself

Pete Maddocks ... Dan Willoughby

Season 1, Episode 6: The Showgirl and the Salesman

25 February 2012
When Jay Orbin's torso is discovered in the desert cops conclude he's been shot before being frozen and dismembered. Questioning his glamorous wife, Marjorie, reveals a string of affairs and a tale of greed and lust that ends with cold blooded murder.
David Barnes ... Himself

Brad Cassini ... Police Investigator

Robert Cervini ... Larry

Sarah Donnelly ... Marjorie Orbin
Mark Gilbride ... Himself
Shanna Hogan ... Herself - Author

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Camille Kimball ... Herself - Author
Mario Olivarez ... Himself
Marjorie Orbin ... Herself (archive footage)
Marshall Roosin ... Himself

Gus Zucco ... Detective

Season 1, Episode 7: Judgment Day

3 March 2012

Melissa Bayern ... Margaret

Scott Bolger ... Fred

Brad Cassini ... Police Investigator

Teodora Cristea ... LeAnn Fletcher

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)

Season 1, Episode 8: The Au Pair Affair

10 March 2012
In winter of 2007 Stephen Grant reports his wife Tara has gone missing after an argument. For weeks Grant plays the distraught husband to the media, but after a shocking discovery, revelations surface of an illicit affair and a bone chilling murder.

Julia Collier ... Tara Grant
Karin Duseva ... Verena

John Halas ... Stephen Grant
Amber Hunt ... Herself - Journalist
George Hunter ... Himself - Author

Casey Jordan ... Herself

Alex Kruz ... Police Officer

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)

Season 1, Episode 9: Letter from the Grave

17 March 2012
In December of 1998 in the upscale village of Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Mark Jensen poisons his 40-year-old wife Julie with antifreeze and proceeds to marry his mistress, Kelly.

Ryan Blackwell ... Mark Jensen
Angelina Gabriele ... Herself - Assistant DA
Bob Jambois ... Himself - District Attorney

Casey Jordan ... Herself (as Dr. Casey Jordan)
Mary Ellen Moreno ... Kelly LeBonte (as Mary Ellen Schneider)
Jessica Stephen ... Herself - Kenosha News
Nina Transfeld ... Julie Jensen
Cynthia Zuehlke ... Herself - Journalist

Season 1, Episode 10: House of Deception

24 March 2012
Wealthy home builder, Larry and his client, Rozanne are involved in a passionate extramarital affair. When the relationship is exposed, the jealousy and greed that follow lead to a brutal murder and an international search for a very unlikely killer.
Kevin Chapman ... Himself - Former Assistant DA

Chris Dunn ... Larry's Friend
Daniel Hagood ... Himself - Former Assistant DA

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)
Morris McGowan ... Himself - Detective
Glenna Whitley ... Herself - Journalist
Jaclyn Walsh ... Carol (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 11: A Fatal Affair

31 March 2012
Bart Corbin and his wife Jenn appeared to be living the dream, but financial and marital problems were tearing them apart. Bart's affair with his office manager, Tara, drives Jenn to seek love online and it will have disastrous consequences for all.
Shane Edmisten ... Himself (as Sgt. Shane Edmisten)
Christa Kirk ... Herself - Assistant DA

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)
Reda Allen Shelly ... Herself
Andria Simmons ... Herself - Reporter

Season 1, Episode 12: Hot and Sweet

7 April 2012

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
William D. Coleman ... Keyon Pittman
Kamilah M. Holder ... Carla Hughes
Nicholas Wuehrmann ... Det. John Neale

Season 1, Episode 13: Sunday School Killers

14 April 2012

Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Johnson Cooley ... James Pavatt
Roger Frost ... Himself (as Sgt. Roger Frost)
Roland E. Garrett ... Himself - Detective
Judy Gigstad ... Herself - Neighbor
Wes Lane ... Himself - Former DA

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)

Guy Olivieri ... Rob Andrew

Season 1, Episode 14: 'Til Debt Do Us Part

21 April 2012
When beloved high school baseball coach, Russ Stager marries his loving, church-going wife Barbara he thinks he has the perfect life. But he soon discovers her obsessive lies and torrid affair and his whole life begins to crumble. As a devoted husband, Russ is determined to make the marriage work. He forgives her, which proves to be a very deadly mistake. In the early morning darkness, a gun beneath a pillow is discharged and Russ is fatally shot in the head. Barbara tells police it was a terrible accident, but is this another one of Barbara's lies? A deep dark secret from her past could be the key to uncovering the truth.
Christina Alexandra ... Caroline
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Ricky Buchanan ... Himself (as Maj. Ricky Buchanan)
Eric Evenson ... Himself - Assistant DA
David Homyk ... Brad

Cait Johnston ... Carol Gordon (as Caitlin Johnston)

Casey Jordan ... Herself

James Kacey ... Russel Stager (as Giuseppe Penasso)

Robert Sciglimpaglia ... District Attorney Eric Evenson
Lee Simonds ... Harry
Jo Lynn Snow ... Herself
Doris Stager ... Herself
Cindy Stager Thomas ... Herself

Season 1, Episode 15: Sneaking Suspicion

28 April 2012
Football star David Temple has an illicit affair with his co-worker behind his pregnant wife's back.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Katie Branden ... Co-Worker
Kathryn Casey ... Herself - Author
Danielle Faitelson ... Alicia
Billy Freda ... David Temple (episode)

Davide Illiano ... Mark
Mark Loyd ... Himself - Katy Times

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)

Kimberly Magness ... Belinda Temple

Kelly Siegler ... Herself - Prosecutor
David Temple ... Himself (archive footage)

Season 1, Episode 16: Crazy for You

5 May 2012
Oil tycoon, Jimmy Joste is obsessed with former rodeo queen Rhonda Glover. Despite her infidelity, he lavishes her with riches and she blows his mind with erotic sexual encounters until their tumultuous life of excess leads them to destruction.

Alena Acker ... Child Protective Services Worker

Bryant Boon ... Jimmy Joste
Bryan Case ... Himself - Prosecutor
Billy Freda ... David Temple (episode)

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Frank Logan ... Gun Instructor

Julianna Pitt ... Rhonda Glover
Gail Van Winkle ... Herself - Prosecutor

Season 1, Episode 17: In the Closet

12 May 2012
Martha Freeman hides her young lover in a spare bedroom closet in the home she shares with her husband. When Jeff Freeman discovers him one night in April 2005, it results in a fatal confrontation.
Brad Corcora ... Himself - Detective

Gerardo del Busto ... Friend (as Ger del Busto)

Casey Jordan ... Herself

Alex Kruz ... Sebastian
Katy Miller ... Herself - Assistant District Attorney
Donna Nelson ... Herself - Forensic Scientist

Shpend Xani ... Jeff Freeman

Season 1, Episode 18: Wigs and a Gun

19 May 2012
Piper Rountree, a sassy Texas gal, is bored and having an affair in conservative Virginia. When she and her husband Fred divorce and he wins custody of their children, will Piper mastermind a diabolical plan to kill her ex and get her kids back?
Kathryn Casey ... Herself -Author
Owen Conway ... Herself - Prosecutor

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Paige Mudd ... Herself - Reporter
Duncan Reid ... Himself - Prosecutor
Lauren Schwartz ... Ticket Agent
Susanne Shilling ... Herself - Divorce Attorney

Christian Thom ... Dr. Fred Jablin

Season 1, Episode 19: Sub-Prime Murder

26 May 2012

Nicholas E. Calhoun ... Mark Unger
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Tom Henderson ... Himself - Author

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)
Brittany Anne Oman ... Florence Unger
Donna Pendergast ... Herself - Assistant Attorney General

Season 1, Episode 20: Master of Seduction

2 June 2012

Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Marcos A. Gonzalez ... Detective (as Marcos Antonio Gonzalez)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Deadly Game

26 January 2013
Bored with husband Paul Christos, brilliant scientist Sheila Davalloo begins a torrid affair with her co-worker Nelson Sessler. But when colleague Anna Lisa Raymundo catches Nelson's eye, office romance morphs into sexual jealousy and deadly revenge.

Susanna Buckley ... Anna Lisa Raymundo

Michael B. Chadwick ... Nelson Sessler

Lize Johnston ... Co-Worker

Sofia Szabo ... Sheila Davallo

Season 2, Episode 2: Blood on the Boardwalk

2 February 2013
Pool hall owner, Kosta Fotopoulos is in a heated affair with his cocktail waitress, Deidre Hunt. Despite promising his wife Lisa he would end things, he is addicted Deidre's sexual wiles and the affair takes them down a path of destruction.
Christian Delevante ... Kosta Fotopoulos

Matthew Dennis Lewis ... J.R. Taylor

Season 2, Episode 3: Mortal Sin

9 February 2013
Steven Randolph is juggling two women, college classes and an eviction notice. His prayers are answered when he moves in with a fatherly minister. But when one of his lovers is killed, everyone in Steven's life becomes a suspect,especially Steven himself.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
Allen Hale ... Sheriff Deputy
Andre Jackson Jr. ... Steven Randolph

Akintola Jiboyewa ... Pastor

Cameo Sherrell ... latrice Curtis

Season 2, Episode 4: Slave to Love

16 February 2013
Richard McAnulty begins an ongoing adulterous affair with an older widow named Doris, while his wife of decades Diane becomes involved in a much more scandalous relationship with another man. When the affairs are exposed, the consequence is deadly.

Howard Ferguson Jr. ... RIchard McAnulty (as J.R. Ferguson)

Jessica Palette ... Diane McAnulty

Chloe Zeitounian ... Doris Zombotti

James Dicarlo ... Harry Mears

Karen Eilbacher ... Detective
Donna Davis ... Herself - Friend
Christopher Kent ... Himself - Police Chief
Terry Kuhns ... Himself - Investigator

Robi Ludwig ... Herself (as Dr. Robi Ludwig)
Chauncey Ross ... Himself - Indiana Gazette
Robert Weaver ... Himself - Detective

Season 2, Episode 5: Best Friends for Never

23 February 2013

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Season 2, Episode 6: Devil Inside

2 March 2013
Christopher Coleman, a devoutly religious bodyguard, sheds the pious life he has always known to embark on an illicit affair with his wife's friend from high school. His wife Sheri tries to save her marriage - a fight ending in very tragic results.

Jennifer Polansky ... Tara Lintz

Jenny Lee Mitchell ... Kathy LePlant

Ashley Nicole Anderson ... Deirdre

James Dicarlo ... Harry
Julia Yarwood ... Sherrie

Season 2, Episode 7: Rules of Engagement

9 March 2013
The young and wild Monique Wallace is married to 40-year-old Paul Berkley, a navy reservist and father of two in suburban North Carolina. But with Paul leaving on a mission overseas, temptation and lust will lead them all down a dark path to murder.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Airen DeLaMater ... Becky Berkley
Ryan Russell ... Zeke Berkley
Wesley Volcy ... Andrew
Andy Segal ... Lead Detective (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 8: Love You to Death

16 March 2013
Sarah Rodriguez was looking to have a little fun before settling down with her longtime boyfriend, Matt Corbett. When she meets Richard Namey through a dating site, she's immediately attracted and starts a passionate affair that will end in tragedy.

Season 2, Episode 9: The Millionaire's Mistress

23 March 2013
Dionne Baugh begins a steamy affair with millionaire Lance Herndon behind her husband's back. Unknown to Dionne, Lance sees other women, underestimating the intensity of her feelings. Their lust triggers a deadly spiral towards jealousy and murder.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Reginald L. Barnes ... Shawn Peter Nelson
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Steve Garfanti ... Detective Frye

Marcos A. Gonzalez ... Cop (as Marcos Antonio Gonzalez)

Jabari Gray ... Lance Herndon
Teri Merry ... Arresting Officer
Charles Mittlestadt ... Himself

Sarah Roy ... Devon Guzman
Clint Rucker ... Himself - Assistant DA
Holly Steuber ... Herself - Former Employee
Ron Stodghill ... Himself
Matt Visconti ... Detective Anastasio

Season 2, Episode 10: Deadly Threesome

30 March 2013
Iowa couple Tonch and Mandy's swinging lifestyle keeps marriage exciting. When lesbian Amy becomes their full-time lover, they think they've found the perfect threesome ...until Mandy and Amy fall in love, and try to cut Tonch out of the equation.

Matt Heller ... Justin Thomas

Julia Kelly ... Sheryl

Evgeniya Orudzheva ... Amy

Roger Wayne ... Tonch Weldon

Season 2, Episode 11: Killer Beauty

6 April 2013
Blonde beauty Cynthia George is in a lustful extramarital affair with charming entrepreneur, Jeff Zack. When his obsession sends her into the arms of another man, a volatile mix of jealousy and rage soon erupt in a shocking act of violence.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Skyler Pinkerton ... John Zaffino

Season 2, Episode 12: Addicted to Sex

13 April 2013
Karen Newell is in a heated affair with a teenage boy named PJ Giffen. Her husband, Jon remains in the dark even though his wife's lover is living in his own house. It doesn't take long before the risky affair takes them down a path of destruction.

Matt Garafalo ... Police Officer

Matthew Dennis Lewis ... Peter Giffin

Lianna Nielsen ... Karen Newell

Matthew Steffens ... Jay

Jordan Turchin ... Jon Newell

Season 2, Episode 13: Deadly Attractions

20 April 2013
All-American couple Anne and Bill Stout are struggling to recover from an affair Bill had with his high school sweetheart, Barbara. But the mistress begins stalking Bill via email until her desperation leads to a bloody revenge.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Dave Bobb ... Detective Fuss

Tony Dadika ... Police officer

Robert Kabakoff ... Detective

Jaiden Kaine ... Sean Burton

Season 2, Episode 14: Bring on the Heat

27 April 2013
A handsome rookie cop betrays his college sweetheart pursuing a steamy affair with a seductive co-worker. When he finds she's pregnant he tries to clean up the mess but a perfect storm of passion, obsession and deceit has already been set in motion.

James Thomas Bligh ... Police Officer

Tationna Bosier ... Denita
Ronald Graham ... Jermier
Cooper Grodin ... Bart Corbin
Chekesha Johnson ... Shannon Crawley
Cathy Scott ... Herself - Author

Season 2, Episode 15: You've Got Hate Mail

4 May 2013

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
Jessica Moore ... Barbara Miller

Bridget Ori ... Anne Marie Stout

Ben Sterling ... Marc Eccher

Season 2, Episode 16: Fatal Fantasy

11 May 2013

Season 2, Episode 17: Black Widower

18 May 2013
Drew Peterson and his wife Kathleen appear to be a happy couple, but ten years into their marriage, things begin to sour. And when Kathleen finds out Drew is having a steamy affair with a 17-year old, a brutal fight breaks out, and ends with murder.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
Natt Brian ... Pastor (as Natt Chomsky)

Adrienne LaValley ... Kathleen Savio

Cat Lynch ... Stacy Cales

Season 2, Episode 18: Love Thy Rabbi

25 May 2013
Despite his 30 year marriage, egocentric Rabbi Fred Neulander is involved in multiple affairs with various women in his congregation. For years he manages to keep his clandestine trysts secret until one of the women in his life is brutally murdered.

Damien Bosco ... Detective Delvin
Marty Devlin ... Himself - Detective

Robi Ludwig ... Herself - Criminologist
James Lynch ... Himself - Prosecutor
Arthur Magida ... Himself - Author
Fred Neulander ... Himself (archive footage)

Ava Paloma ... Elaine Soncini

Christian Rozakis ... Fred Neulander
Carol Saline ... Herself - Journalist

Season 2, Episode 19: Shadow Stalker

1 June 2013
A dog trainer stalks his ex-wife.

Patrick Avella ... Michiel Oakes
Sutton Dewey ... Neighbor

Jessica Duclos ... Linda Opdycke

Greg Nutcher ... Sgt. Gene Davis
David Raimo ... Mark

Season 2, Episode 20: Love Is the Drug

8 June 2013
Regina Hartwell falls hard for her heterosexual friend Kim. They start taking ecstacy together, which sparks a steamy lesbian affair. But when Kim dumps Regina and starts dating drug dealer Justin, Regina's jealousy threatens to destroy them all.

Casey Jordan ... Herself

Rachel Barrer ... Regina Hartwell

Matt Heller ... Justin Thomas

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Naval Affairs

4 January 2014
Fred and Jennifer have a picture perfect marriage. But when Fred meets Danielle, a young doctor in the Navy, Jennifer fights to keep Fred for herself. The love triangle explodes, leaving police struggling to understand a grisly crime scene.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Derek Brantley ... Orvil Washington

Mary Elaine Ramsey ... Danielle
Caitlin Rother ... Herself - Author, I'll Take Care of You
Lindsey Simcik ... Dani

Season 3, Episode 2: Caskets and Strippers

11 January 2014
Mark Bowling begins a steamy affair with an old flame named Rose behind his wife Julie's back. But unknown to either, Mark gets involved with Ashley, a stripper. His libido spirals out of control, triggering a deadly race towards greed and murder.

Kelly Ann Barrett ... Ashley (as Kelly Barrett)
Sara Jayne Blackmore ... Rose Vincent

Greg Paul ... Investigator
Xiren Wang ... Exotic Dancer

Season 3, Episode 3: Lipstick Love Triangle

18 January 2014
Marcela and her girlfriend Kimberlyn move to Las Vegas seeking adventure and a new life together. But when they meet a beautiful woman named Tzatzi, their world is turned upside down and all three end up moving in together, with tragic consequences.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist
Frisco Cosme ... Luis Barraso
Jeremy Fiorentino ... Carlos
Mark Lyons ... Detective Mark McNett

Christine Rosario ... Tza Tzi Sanchez
Cathy Scott ... Herself - Author

Season 3, Episode 4: God's Gift to Women

25 January 2014
Pastor Nick Hacheney starts a torrid affair with church secretary Sandy behind his wife Dawn's back. But when Sandy starts receiving prophecies from God about the deaths of both their spouses, it triggers a chain of events which ends in murder.

Scott Bolger ... Shane

Haley Turner ... Jessica

Rich Estrin ... Daniel
Regina McIlvane ... Patty

Timothy J. Cox ... Shane's Dad

Adam Brudnicki ... Nick Hacheney

Caitlin Cardile ... Churchgoer
Vanessa Leyes ... Dawn Hacheney (as Vanessa Y. Lane)
Ryan Hugh McWilliams ... Jimmy Glass

Season 3, Episode 5: Roommates with Benefits

February 2014
Iowa farm boy Shane unwittingly finds himself caught up in a love triangle with his wife and his childhood friend. Rage and paranoia rule when he catches the secret lovers in the act. When lust transcends loyalty someone will pay the ultimate price.

Junio Enrique ... Michael Garcia (as Junio Teixeira)
Blaine Pennington ... Aaron

Season 3, Episode 6: Bedside Manner

8 February 2014
Stephanie is a former beauty queen and always dreamed of a high end lifestyle. When she is appointed as Dr. Stephens' head nurse, she is quickly charmed by both his charm and bank account and will stop at nothing to get the glamorous life she wants.

Casey Jordan ... Herself

Steve Triebes ... Dr. David Stephens

Marc I. Daniels ... Det. Rusty Keyes

Benjamin Jones ... Weekend Fling

Danielle Leaf ... Stephanie Stephens

Kerry Logan ... Lena

Greg Paul ... Coroner
Brittany Silver ... Karen

Season 3, Episode 7: Tall, Dark and Deadly

15 February 2014
Chanin Starbuck is a mother of five looking forward to a fresh start after divorcing her ex husband, Clay. She starts dating online and meets several men who appear to be nice guys, but Chanin will find out the men she's meeting aren't what they seem.

Casey Jordan ... Herself
Kyle Axman ... Police Officer

Jon Fleming ... John wilson

Wes Hager ... Tom

Stephen W. Tenner ... Clay Starbuck

Season 3, Episode 8: Visions of Lust

22 February 2014
A devoted wife is caught off guard by a divine vision of her husband's infidelity. When one of his mistresses comes forward her suspicions are confirmed and a complex web of lust, lies and betrayal begins to unravel ending in the ultimate tragedy.
Jenna Wood ... Herself - Faylene's Daughter
Danny Crawford ... Doug Grant (uncredited)
Sherri Norige ... Hilary (uncredited)

Shawthel Stephenson ... Husband (uncredited)

Christopher Robert Thompson ... Detective Sy Ray (uncredited)

Season 3, Episode 9: Slave for Love

1 March 2014
Suburban husband and father Bob Bashara has a secret life...as 'Master Bob,' a devotee of the underground BDSM community. When Bob's wife is found murdered in a Detroit alley, Bob is caught up in his own web of lies, and his secrets are revealed.

Ben Gougeon ... Bob Bashara

Elisa Pupko ... Janet

David Schifter ... Detective Harris
Rekaliu Valon ... Joe Gentz

Season 3, Episode 10: Lover's Roulette

8 March 2014
Unhappily married Jim Durgan starts an affair behind his wife Kristin's back. But Kristin is a compulsive gambling addict - and when Jim reconciles with her, her addiction plunges them into a terrifying downward spiral which ends in murder.

William Andrew Brewer ... Detective
Travis Orrin Hunter ... Andy

Chelsea Maclaren ... Tara

Kristen Seavey ... Kristin Durgan

Season 4

Season 4, Episode 1: Sergeant Swinger

4 October 2014

Stefanie Bloom ... Swinger

Jonathan Gregg ... John Diamond

Pete Maddocks ... Ted Ammon

Paul Moon ... Marty Theer

Matt Nagin ... Police Officer

Season 4, Episode 2: Funeral Homewrecker

4 October 2014
Mortician Michael Roseboro begins an intense affair with a neighbor named Angela behind his wife Jan's back. When Angela's obsession and Michael's libido spiral out of control, it sets all three of them all on a collision course with murder.

Tom Ashton ... Michael
Erin Marsz ... Jan

Kristin Michelle Taylor ... Angela (as Kristin Taylor)
Rachel Kaplove ... Heather

Rafael A. Pacheco ... Randy

Timothy J. Cox ... Detective G.
Patti Ann Van Dyke ... Officer Gail

Season 4, Episode 3: The Doctor Will See You Now

11 October 2014
Dr. Dirk Greineder's perfect world comes crumbling down when his wife Mabel cuts off intimacy completely. Dirk's life is back on track when he meets beautiful escort Elizabeth. Things change when the steamy affair takes a fatal turn for the worst.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Courtney Cavanagh ... Deborah

Sarah Grace Sanders ... Mabel Greineder
Kevin Taddei ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 4: Sex on the Beach

18 October 2014

Season 4, Episode 5: The Virgin and the Bacherlorette

25 October 2014
Rebecca has hooked quite a catch with shy, wealthy software engineer Bruce. But when she begins a tawdry affair with a sultry stripper named Steve, Rebecca's deadly dance will bend this love triangle out of shape and lead to cold-blooded murder.

Sharinna Allan ... Rebecca

Dean Conroy ... Detective
James Oblak ... Alvaro

Season 4, Episode 6: Disco Queen

1 November 2014
Night club star John Delia begins a torrid romance with wealthy heiress, Robyn. She falls hard for him, becoming his sugar mama. A former lover from their past appears, triggering a sex change operation, a marriage and a collision course with murder.

Galla Borowski ... Diane

Chris Edwards ... Bobby

Kaitlin Thomas ... Robyn
Luljeta Trupi ... Laura

Eric R. Williams ... Diane's Friend

Season 4, Episode 7: I'll Have What She's Having

8 November 2014
Charming Michel is living a cozy family life with loyal girlfriend Yolanda. When he starts classes at beauty school, he also launches into a steamy relationship with a younger woman. It's a three way love affair that will have fatal consequences.

Megan Gaber ... Female Swinger (as Megan Elizabeth Gaber)

Ian Niles ... Male Swinger
Kevin Pettei ... Male Swinger
Douglas Robbs ... Detective

Monica Vallero ... Detective

Season 4, Episode 8: Stripper Cam

15 November 2014
Marissa loves the thrill of stripping under the spotlight, but she's leaving her husband Dale in the dark. The dangers only escalate when Allen, a wealthy businessman, offers Marissa top dollar for her sexual prowess, setting the stage for disaster.

Daniela Mastropietro ... Marissa

Monica Vallero ... Detective

Benz Veal ... Stan

Season 4, Episode 9: Swing and a Missus

22 November 2014
Merchant marine Lee Sehorne's long stints at sea leave his young wife, Cristie, lonely. Cristie floats the idea of going to a swinger's club while Lee's away and he agrees to it. But her torrid affair with the club bouncer leads to tragedy for all.

Jeffrey Brewer ... Detective Morgan
Tim Gauntt ... Jerry Bottorff

Liz Logan ... Interrogation Detective
Andrew Mauney ... Lee
Melissa Sherk ... Christie

Nicolette Violet Sweeney ... Lana Garcia

Season 4, Episode 10: The Teacher's Pet

29 November 2014
Professor Bill Douglas falls for high-end call girl Robin after his marriage to Nancy grows stale. But when Bill struggles to pay Robin and Nancy learns about the affair, the Professor is caught in a situation he can't lecture his way out of.

Christian Barber ... Sam

Cory Boughton ... Bartender

Mark O'Neal ... Dr. Bill Douglas

Melissa Saint-Amand ... Robin Benedict
Judy Wilson ... Detective

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 1: Mischief of Staff

7 March 2015
Scott and Lisa are a happy couple, living the idyllic life in Indiana. But when Scott is reunited with his old flame Stacy, their steamy affair will rock their small town, anger their respective spouses and lead to someone paying the ultimate price.

Casey Jordan ... Herself - Criminologist

Peter Argento ... Scott

Amy Bursor ... Lisa Pattison

Haleigh Ciel ... Stacy

Melissa Jalali ... Jennifer

Michael Lewis Smith ... Detective

Season 5, Episode 2: Love Is a Battlefield

14 March 2015
When Fort Bragg soldier Sgt. Edgar Patino is forced to choose between his wife and his pregnant lover, Spc. Megan Touma, someone will be left brokenhearted, and someone will be left dead.

Kiersten Armstrong ... Teacher

Lina Carollo ... Teacher

Kam Perez ... El-Sayed

Audra Van Hees ... Megan

Season 5, Episode 3: Fatal Prophet

21 March 2015
Pastor Tracy and Pauletta look like the perfect baptist power couple until Tracy for a close friend of his son. Their sinful, not so secret affair sends shockwaves through the congregation and ends in murder.

Geri-Nikole Love ... Mistress

Damiyr Shuford ... Pastor Tracy
Ian Tyler ... Ty's Son

Season 5, Episode 4: The Doctor and the Beauty Queen

4 April 2015
Rich doctor and devoted Mormon, Martin MacNeill begins a torrid affair with fiery vixen, Gypsy Willis while his wife Michele tends to their children. But when Michele finds out and demands Martin end the affair, someone is bound to get burned.

Drew Allen ... Detective

Justine Beirne ... Ana

Brandon Goins ... Dr. Pearle

Robert Kabakoff ... Detective 2

Season 5, Episode 5: Sex, Secrets and Sergeants

10 April 2015
While Kathy Lipscomb spends late nights at the hospital with the handsome Dr. Pearle, her husband's career in the Air Force is taking off, but so is his relationship with a hot young officer. When the affairs are exposed the consequences are fatal.
Kevin Taddei ... Soldier

Season 5, Episode 6: Prisoner of Lust

18 April 2015

Elan Even ... Jason

Greg Mills ... Drew

Justin L. Wilson ... Sheriff

Al Mottram ... Brian (uncredited)

Season 5, Episode 7: Sex Lies and Hi-Fis

25 April 2015
Debra is living a real fairytale with the Car Stereo King of Chicago, Werner Hartmann. No price is too high to keep his queen happy, but when her expensive taste includes a hot new boy toy, it will cost more than Werner could have ever imagined.

Emelia Brawn ... Debra

Jeffrey Brewer ... Detective

Art Daudelin ... Detective #2

Morgan Hammel ... Daughter

Chuck Hustmyre ... Himself - Author of 'The Axman of New Orleans'
Mariel King ... Dancer
Vincent Loretta ... John

Philip Schaefer ... Harvey

Nicholas Thomas ... Ken

Season 5, Episode 8: Married to the Mob

2 May 2015
Lee Ann discovers the dark side of her husband, gym-owner Paul, and runs for help. Alex offers a shoulder to cry on; Rocco takes her to bed. But then, Paul and she seem to work things out-until late one night, when shots ring out behind the gym.

Ralph Bracco ... Investigating detective

Jenni Halina ... Lee Ann

Elizabeth Mateer ... Club Dancer
James Mauldin ... Rocco

Brian Patrick Murphy ... Paul

Lawrence J Murphy ... Scott
Steven Rinaldi ... Alex
Denise Scilabra ... Bartender / Herself

Chris Slone ... Detective Williams

Season 5, Episode 9: Handcuff for Three

9 May 2015
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. George Arthur and his wife have an open marriage that mixes business with pleasure; their lives are forever changed by a cold-hearted murder that will take police more than a decade to solve.

Maria de Jesus Castellon ... Linda

Sara Cicilian ... Mistress

Whitney Rae Grandell ... Jennifer

Kurt Grube ... Det Shaun McCarthy

Michael Herbert ... Ted

Season 5, Episode 10: Teacher, Teacher

16 May 2015

John Crann ... Detective #1

Season 6

Season 6, Episode 1: Northern Exposure

2 April 2016
Ruby and John Ruffolo's marriage is threatened when John's legal troubles drive him to multiple infidelities. Leaving a streak of scorned women in his wake, John mysteriously disappears. And the hunt for him reveals a deprave reality no one saw coming.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Ignacio Sean Borderes ... Mark Ruffalo (as Sean Borderes)

Mariana Cardenas ... Dilek

Season 6, Episode 2: Blunt Force Drama

9 April 2016
Vickie Cushman is looking for love in all the wrong places... until she falls for married cop, Scott Hornoff. Everything's going great, or so she thinks. Not long after meeting him, she's found brutally murdered and police are sent on a wild goose chase.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Ian McQuillan-Grace ... Bartender

David Millstone ... Captain Miller

Eric S. Robertson ... State Cop

Season 6, Episode 3: Shot for Teacher

16 April 2016
Wisconsin carpenter Ruben Borchardt falls hard and fast for mysterious newcomer, Dianne. When they marry- just a few months after his first wife's death- Ruben finds himself on a disturbing path to the ultimate betrayal.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Stephan Amenta ... Student 1

Thomas Cambridge ... Detective Lee

Zack Ryan ... Chuck

Season 6, Episode 4: Kentucky Thrill Ride

23 April 2016
Mike and Elizabeth Turpin are the perfect couple until Elizabeth meets a mysterious woman who plunges her into a world of sex and drugs that leads to a shocking murder.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Ignacyo Matynia ... Mike Turpin

Lindsay Milligan ... Elizabeth Turpin

Andrew Pagliara ... Keith Bouchard

Sara Parcesepe ... Karen Brown

Tom Schmitt ... Joey

Malone Thomas ... Ruby Rufollo

Season 6, Episode 5: Bear Down

30 April 2016
Shaun and Rhoni have been together for a very long time. But Shaun isn't exclusive with Rhoni. When he begins seeing a series of other women things begin spiraling out of control. Soon the stage is set for a horrific and tragic murder.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Adam Lindo ... Shaun Gayle

Tom Schmitt ... Joey

Lindsay Mushett ... Mary Louise

Sarah Grace Sanders ... Rhoni

Madison Yanofsky ... Monika

Derek Zuzunaga ... Bartender

Season 6, Episode 6: Naughty Not Nice

7 May 2016
Yamisha Thomas is a married woman who hasn't given up her party-girl lifestyle. Her husband's efforts to control her only have the opposite effect, pushing her into the arms of someone else. Will Yamisha's reckless decisions come back to haunt her?
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Traciy Curry-Reyes ... Herself
James Darnell ... Rashad

James Feuer ... Detective Patrick Keith

Akintola Jiboyewa ... Ricky

Maria Lawson ... Maria

Season 6, Episode 7: Manhattan Murder Mystery

14 May 2016
Barbara Kogan is spending her fortune while her husband George scrambles to dig them out of debt by way of his mafia connections. Making matters worse, Barbara hires a hot, young publicist. It's the final straw for their marriage... and their lives.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Laura Royce ... Barbara Kogan
Cathy Scott ... Herself - Author (The Millionaire's Wife)
Tony Spitz ... George Kogan

Season 6, Episode 8: Heavy Betting

28 May 2016
Brett and Tammy are living the ideal suburban life in an affluent South Carolina community. But when Brett's underground gambling business takes on a life of its own, their marriage suffers extreme debt and infidelity that comes to a deadly end.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Josh Ford ... Brett Parker

Thoeger Hansen ... Detective Jack Morrison

Denise J. Reed ... Lindsay Mullins

Christian Thom ... Ben Staples

Season 6, Episode 9: A Playbook for Murder

4 June 2016
In 2008, Sam and Mirinda Boob are the toast of the tiny town of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania. But the former cheerleader has a taste for betrayal and it sends her right into the arms of a cold-blooded killer.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator
Brett Marcus Coady ... Sam Boob

Rory Duffy ... Brian
Keith Rodriguez ... Detective #1

Season 6, Episode 10: Marathon Lover

11 June 2016
Remy and Jennifer Ramsaran are living the American dream in Upstate New York. When Remy begins an affair with Jennifer's best friend he's unaware that his wife has become engrossed in a virtual affair. The only plausible outcome is a deadly one.
Nicole Blackman ... Herself - Narrator

Rory Duffy ... Detective Steve O'Reilly

David James ... Pat

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