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Fire and Rain

Juliette helps Maddie navigate the wave of attention she receives after her performance at the CMT Music Awards, and Zach demands the masters from Rayna and Deacon's unfinished album.


9 Jan. 2013
Be Careful of the Stones You Throw
Juliette and Sean elope. Sean wants them to tell Juliette's mom on family day at rehab, but Juliette talks him into letting her go alone. Juliette and her mom continue to argue. Lamar uses Rayna's daughter to threaten her, and Teddy tells him to back off. Deacon is on the road with the new band and avoiding an interview, but not the attractive reporter. Avery tells his band that he made a solo deal. Scarlett agrees to be their lead singer in Avery's absence.
16 Jan. 2013
I'm Sorry for You, My Friend
Scarlett tells Gunnar she has two passes to Deacon's concert in Austin, but Gunnar says he's making the trip because of family obligations. She convinces him to take her along saying they can work during the long drive. Cy (band leader) is jealous of the attention Deacon is getting with the press and the women, which prompts him to make a bad move and Deacon quits the band. Juliette files divorce papers, Sean files annulment papers. Rayna isn't happy with any guitarist playing in Deacon's place. The election results come in.
23 Jan. 2013
You Win Again
The label throws a party to celebrate the success of "Wrong Song" and Rayna is courted by another label. Juliette is unhappy with her mother's attendance and behavior at the party. Deacon holes up at home and battles his addiction. When Juliette finds him, he asks how she can have so much concern for him and none for her mother when they are fighting the same battle. Scarlett asks Gunnar to consider playing with Avery's old band. Avery ignores Marilyn's advice on negotiating his contract for a better deal and signs the first offer.
6 Feb. 2013
I've Been Down That Road Before
Deacon finally accepts Juliette's offer to tour with her, and Rayna's not happy about it. Liam wants Rayna to change labels, neglecting to mention he has a side deal. Rayna fires him and hires a woman guitar player. Rayna gets her own label and wants to sign Scarlett and Gunnar. Rayna struggles with being on the road with Deacon, and finally texts him to come up to her room. When she opens the door, it's Teddy who came to tell Rayna he wants a divorce. Juliette slips a ballad that she and Deacon wrote into the show and the crowd response is OK, but Glen has a fit. The...
13 Feb. 2013
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
Rayna and Teddy disagree about how to handle the divorce right before Rayna steps on stage. Rayna is overwhelmed and for the first time in 20 years, she misses her cue. Scarlett gets a call that Rayna wants to sign her and Gunnar to her own label. Scarlett finds out Gunnar's brother is in town in violation of his parole. She refuses to let him stay with them pointing out it's harboring a fugitive, but later changes her mind. Avery is not happy with the way Dominic is changing his music. Glenn is not happy with the way Juliette is changing her music. Glenn tells the ...
27 Feb. 2013
Dear Brother
Deacon hates parties and watches Old Yeller every birthday, so naturally Juliette plans a surprise party for him. Rayna tells Teddy their daughter knows about Peggy, and Rayna will not cover for him like she did with the press. Despite filing in another county, the divorce is all over the tabloids and the paparazzi are all over Rayna and her girls. A crisis manager tells Rayna not to be seen in public with any man but her dad, but Rayna defiantly has Watty take her to Deacon's party. Rayna wrote a special song and Juliette says cattily that she's going to sing for ...
27 Mar. 2013
When You're Tired of Breaking Other Hearts
Gunnar is blaming himself for his brother's death, and sleeping with Scarlett didn't help. Scarlett turns to Deacon when Gunnar goes after the killers. When Gunnar doesn't show for their label audition, Scarlett has to play solo. Deacon is at his wit's end dealing with the puppy, so he takes it to the vet (Stacy) and promptly starts dating her. Dominic tells Avery that he owns him, and Avery will play what and how Dominic wants. Avery torches all the master tapes of the music, signs a publishing contract, and gives Dominic a cheque telling him to take a hike. Rayna's ...
3 Apr. 2013
I Saw the Light
Everyone is in New York for the concert. Maddie tells Rayna she wants to be a singer and Rayna's not happy. Juliette invites Daphne and Maddie to party with her after the show, but Rayna says no. Juliette asks her mother's therapist (Dante) for business advice and lands a multi-million dollar deal with a company. Juliette and Dante sleep together. Avery loses his publishing contract and gets a job as a roadie for Juliette's band. Stacy asks Deacon if he is trying to sabotage them by bringing her on tour with two of his ex-girlfriends. Scarlett's new upstairs neighbor,...
10 Apr. 2013
My Heart Would Know
Juliette and Dante are still in bed when Rayna knocks on the door to say she has to go back to Nashville for a family emergency, and may have to cancel that night. Later Avery is searching for equipment, sees Dante in bed with Juliette, and Dante fires him. Deacon gives Stacy a key to his place and plans to quit the road, then hears about Lamar. Deacon challenges Juliette about Dante and she storms off. Deacon confronts Dante and says until he hears from Juliette, Dante can't fire Avery. Jolene accuses Juliette of stealing Dante from her and realizes they're sleeping ...
1 May 2013
Take These Chains from My Heart
Juliette and Dante go house hunting. Jolene says she saw Dante kissing the realtor (Esme) who tells Juliette they're just old friends. Dante "finds" Jolene's pills, but Juliette later realizes they're not hers. Deacon and Juliette butt heads and when Dante gives him instructions, Deacon gives notice he's leaving after this leg of the tour. Deacon tells Stacy he quit, but then they go to Rayna's concert where Stacy calls him on his feelings and walks out. Rayna and Liam kiss, he asks her to go away with him. Rayna tells Lamar she never knew about her mother's affair ...
8 May 2013
Why Don't You Love Me
Rayna and Deacon are back together. Juliette finds out Dante's embezzlement was just a start. Rayna and Juliette are both nominated for the same CMA award and the label throws them a party where Juliette gets smashed. Right before stage time Juliette lays into Deacon who quits on the spot, so Avery steps in. Teddy asks Maddie to let him take her to the Father-Daughter dance, and Rayna tells him about her and Deacon. Coleman hears more about Teddy's past and quits. Gunnar records his brother's song, but the producer isn't interested in his own work. Gunnar offers more ...
15 May 2013
A Picture from Life's Other Side
Dante sends Juliette a blackmail demand. Juliette asks Avery to help with her new song. Gunnar goes on a radio show; Scarlett doesn't like what he says and gives him a piece of her mind. Will uses information from Scarlett to crash Rayna's auditions. Will and Gunnar get in a bar fight and Gunnar misses Scarlett's debut at the Grand Ol' Opry, but Avery makes it. Scarlett tells Gunnar she can't be with him the way he is now. Rayna has Deacon over for dinner with the girls and Teddy objects. He serves Rayna a restraining order and Rayna seeks Lamar's advice. Tandy goes ...
22 May 2013
I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive
Rayna tells the girls she's dating Deacon. Deacon gives Juliette his condolences on Jolene's death and she blasts him. Maddie tells Deacon she thinks he may be her father. The US Attorney's office notifies Teddy they're investigating the Cumberland deal. When Teddy contacts Peggy he hears surprising news. Scarlett and Avery meet for a meal. Gunnar brings flowers home and tells Scarlett he came clean about the music to the producer. Scarlett says flowers won't fix what's wrong and leaves to go hear Avery play. At the CMA awards, Juliette lashes out backstage and is ...
25 Sep. 2013
I Fall to Pieces
The accident leaves Rayna in a coma. Deacon takes the blame for the accident and is sent to jail, but a fierce lawyer is set to find out the truth. Juliette decides to make the best out of the situation for herself. Gunnar moves together with Will while Scarlett prepares for her record deal.
2 Oct. 2013
Never No More
Edgehill's new chief is determined to put the label back on top.
9 Oct. 2013
I Don't Wanna Talk About It Now
Rayna and Teddy embark on new paths as their divorce becomes final.
16 Oct. 2013
You're No Angel Yourself
Teddy proposes to Peggy and tries to keep it a secret.
23 Oct. 2013
Don't Open That Door
Rayna wants to obtain the rights to her music.
30 Oct. 2013
It Must Be You
Rayna sets the record straight during an interview with Robin Roberts; Juliette runs into Charlie Wentworth; Scarlett turns to Avery for advice on the changes to her life.
13 Nov. 2013
She's Got You
Maddie feels lost as Teddy and Peggy's wedding day approaches; Juliette angers a lecherous but influential DJ; Deacon discovers an unexpected ally as he tries to find his way back to music.
20 Nov. 2013
Hanky Panky Woman
Deacon confronts Rayna about putting too much pressure on Scarlett; Jeff battles Rayna for control of the album she made with Liam; Gunnar struggles as he attempts to write a song for a major artist.
4 Dec. 2013
I'm Tired of Pretending
When Maddie wants to spend time with Deacon, Teddy starts to feel he's being replaced; Lamar asks Rayna to get Tandy to commit to being a character witness; Juliette worries about Layla's career stealing her spotlight.
11 Dec. 2013
Tomorrow Never Comes
Fan blowback against Juliette brings down her performance at the Music City Festival; Rayna wants to buy herself out of the Edgehill contract; Deacon and Gunnar decide to put on an unauthorized show.

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