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26 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Well... it could have been worse

Author: Wizard-8 from Victoria, BC
8 November 2012

When I saw the Blu-ray for this movie at my local video rental store, my first reaction was, "Whaaaa?!?!?" I mean, they had years earlier tried another sequel to the classic "A Christmas Story", which was titled "It Runs In The Family" (a.k.a. "My Summer Story") And that movie was pretty bad despite bringing back the original director and writers. And looking at the credit list for "A Christmas Story 2", it was clear NO ONE from the original movie was returning! My hopes weren't that high, but my curiosity won out and I rented the movie and brought it home.

To be fair, this sequel does try to a degree to be different, moving up several years and having the main character of Ralphie to now being a teenager - which does bring up some new situations for him that couldn't have been done in the original movie. And there are some comic and/or tender moments here and there that did make me smile a little, moments that at times do come close to capturing the warm and hilarious feeling that came from the original movie.

However, for the most part the movie is a disappointment. Most of the gags aren't that funny, not just for the fact that many of them are simply recycled from the original movie. The main problem is that despite everyone involved in this sequel (in front of and behind the camera) is working VERY hard, the movie always seems to feel like a low rent imitation instead of the real thing.

Still, as I indicated in my summary line above, the movie could have been worse than it presently is. But I do hope they won't make "A Christmas Story 3".

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33 out of 47 people found the following review useful:

You can't go home again

Author: jamesmccormack from United States
6 November 2012

Here's proof that you can not go home again . This film is totally heartless and pale in comparison to the original which has evolved into a modern day classic. There is good reason this film went straight to video. Please do not waste your money on it. I had a cheap rent from I thought it might cheer me up ...having the flu and all.

Back is our Ralphie now at 15 and he wants a car for Christmas. The old man will not spend 40 cents per pound for a turkey so he is involved in some subplot to catch a fish for Christmas dinner. Part of the problem with this video is the incredible number of subplots...each more uninteresting as the others; including a candy cane fight at Higbee's, a Santa who walks out on the job, poor Randy getting dressed up in tons of layers to go outside, and a love interest for Ralphie. Even the "leg lamp" shows up for an encore.

A Christmas Story 2 looks like one of those made for TV films on SYFY or Lifetime. The sets are cardboard...but then again so is the acting. It makes "The Santa Clause 3 and 4 look like art films. Costumes are barely period. I dare you...I double dog dare watch the preview. You will see exactly what I mean.

Someone was out to make a buck. But then, that is what Christmas is all about.

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20 out of 27 people found the following review useful:

Direct To Video For A Reason

Author: OX_Bigly from United States
2 December 2012

It's a direct to video sequel of a famous well established film that was released 29 years after the original. If any of that sounds like a good idea I have a bridge to sell you.

This should be warning enough that this movie will suck big time.

The only reason this film was made is because you can get the first film for under $10 and newer DVD/Blu-Rays cost more. They are trying to cash in on the first film by giving you similar scenes in this "new" film. Personally I would like to see more stories from the book it was based on.

This movie deserves to have a bar of Life Buoy taped in it's mouth and forced to wear pink bunny footie pajamas for the rest of it's life.

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12 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Christmas Story 2 Doesn't Exist

Author: Fields201 from United States
6 January 2013

There's never been a sequel to The Christmas Story. You may have seen a movie you THOUGHT was Christmas Story 2, but there never was a Christmas Story 2. Daniel Stern never tried to replace Darren McGavin. There's never been a Christmas Story sequel that shovels every memorable moment into the sequel just because. There's never been a Jean Shepard soundalike that would fit right at home with a video game version of the film.

I know the filmmakers were trying hard but let's be honest, was this film really necessary? I mean, I'm sure there was a love and devotion to the film because they were huge fans of the original but if that's the case, everyone should just make their own spin on Christmas Story 2. That's what it seems like anyway.

The film takes place with Ralphie in his teen years. I will say one good thing that they did pick a decent Ralphie. Heck, I even liked Flick and Schwartz in this. Ralphie wants a car for Christmas as opposed to the Red Rider BB Gun. There's a miss opportunity here where instead of "You'll shoot your eye out" it could be something like, "You can't drive, kid" or something to that effect. Then Ralphie ends up damaging the car and the car owner wants him to pay for it so he and his friends go get demeaning jobs.

The problem with this movie is that it's not nearly as fun as Christmas Story. It tries hard, but it doesn't succeed. Ralphie even has these imagination sequences that seem too juvenile for someone at his age. They refer to Christmas Story like it was last year when it's supposed to be years later. Wouldn't they be talking about a different Christmas by now? It's just not very good. Oh, and Daniel Stern (as good as an actor he is) just comes off as annoying and I can't see The Old Man anywhere in him.

I'll end this review on a good note though. The love interest is insanely hot. I see Ralphie has good tastes. Unfortunately how he talks to her at the end is shoehorned in and-- OK I'm trying to end on a good note here. The girl is gorgeous. That is all.

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7 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Not what I wanted for Christmas.

Author: JoshSpurling from Greenfield, IN USA
9 March 2013

Ralphie obsesses over what he wants for Christmas, doesn't get it, then gets it after all. He says, "Oh Fudge!", wears an embarrassing animal costume, isn't able to have turkey for Christmas, and eats at the Chop Suey Palace. Mrs. Parker overdresses Randy for the cold weather. The Old Man yells 'It's a clinker!' fights the furnace, and gets a leg lamp. And, of course, Flick gets his tongue stuck to something.

You may think I'm talking about A Christmas Story, but sadly this is also the description for the completely unnecessary sequel, A Christmas Story 2. Clearly, there is no attempt made here to capture the magic of the original, only a blatant attempt to cash in on its success by recycling all its funny moments and adding tired family movie formulas. At one point, Ralphie blurts out what I'm sure the entire audience is already thinking, "Oh no! Not again!" It could easily have been the tag line for the movie posters.

Despite all this, A Christmas Story 2 is certainly not as bad as it could have been, considering the current family movie genre's obsession with vomit and flatulence. If you're just feeling a bit nostalgic for A Christmas Story, A Summer Story and Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss are far better sequels with fresh material, though they, too, pale in comparison to the original classic.

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15 out of 23 people found the following review useful:

Actually better then I expected but still not all that good. Tried to redo gags from original but not as funny. I say C

Author: Tony Heck ( from United States
20 November 2012

"When I was 9 I pulled the wrapping off the present of my dreams and knew right then that no Christmas would ever be the same and none were, until today." Ralphie (Lemasters) is a few years older and it's Christmas time again. This year instead of a gun he wants a car. When he is testing out how it feels behind the wheel an accident happens and he owes the dealer $85. When his dad (Stern) refuses to help him and his friends get jobs, which turns out to be a huge adventure. I have to admit I was very skeptical going in to this movie. I loved the first one but after seeing "Christmas Vacation 2 : Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure" I am a little leery about sequels to classic movies. This was better then that one but this is still nothing to rush out and see. Stern is a little over the top and every other scene is him yelling at the furnace. They try to just re-hash the funny gags from the original but they aren't funny in this one. Pretty much the movie is what you would expect and most people will watch it out of curiosity, like I did. Overall, I was expecting worse but this is still forgettable and not really worth seeing. I give it a C.

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

You can't re-imagine a classic!!

Author: brimcq5477 from United States
22 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can i say.. a sequel that should never have been.. The acting was horrible. Look, when i know i could do a better job acting you need to find better actors. Daniel Stern...what happened to you? The house was totally different..maybe they moved..into a house with a "clinker" of a furnace? I remember the classic Ralphie had those piercing blue eyes.. Hell even when you see Peter Billingsley, grown up in his cameo in Elf, you are like "I know that guy". Just a horrible movie.. so many bad parts..the worst has to be where it looks like Ralphie is having a orgasm as he plays the cymbals as he thinks about some chicks hair.. pass on this crap-fest at all cost.. a local Christmas play will be more enjoyable..

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

Time I'll never get back

Author: jscrafty from Canada
28 December 2012

This movie was awful. Over acting, horrible script, and it did a great dis-service to the original movie. The only worse than this was the Star Wars Holiday Special.

I recommend NEVER watching this. If you own a copy, burn it. With any hope it will only have mention of it on and people will wonder if it was any good. I hope that the actors can successfully ignore the fact that they were in this film. It must have been directed at 7 year old kids. Funny thing is that you can make a movie for kids and not have it suck so bad that parents burn it.

DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. Your life will be better having never seen it.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

NOT terrible

Author: scottshogs from United States
24 December 2014

One of my favorite (and certainly my favorite Christmas movie) movies is A Christmas Story. I watched this "squeal" expecting a Trolls 2 (of which there is no Trolls 1). However, while the movie does not deliver on that Jean Shepherd voice over or short stories is actually not a terrible film. It honors Shepherds characters, but does NOT convey his short story presentation. The movie is good by our low modern standards, but OH how we miss great minds like Shepherd's. While a cat can be entertained by transformers 14 "things blow up and this movie has no point other and the writers have the IQs of a 3 year old" (working title), we are so missing minds like Shepards'.

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18 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

No, really, this is good...

Author: N D ( from United States
3 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here is the problem. You like Christmas Story, and this comes along and insults you immediately - even the cover is a tasteless rip-off of the original. How could this be any good?

Well. It is. You do have to take some things into account first.

1) A Christmas Story may be one of the most watched films ever. It plays all Christmas Day and makes everyone nostalgic for the season. Even if this were a perfect followup, it would take 30 years for it to establish the following of the original. You cannot expect the same feeling.

2) Jean Shepherd is dead. Surprise, he didn't narrate this film. He also didn't write the script - but his book is still used for some parts of the story. Expect a voice actor trying to sound like him, expect a writer trying to write like him... the key word is try. It is so clear that the people involved with this film really do love the original as well as the material.

3) Don't expect to like Ralphie as much as you did. It isn't even the actor - it is the age. A young boy is almost unisexual in his wishes and schemes, it could very well be a young girl. Everyone likes young Ralphie because he IS everyone. Teen Ralphie is a boy becoming a man. He is attracted to girls now, and wants a car. You shouldn't like him as much and you won't.

4) Expect re-use of plots. It is a given. Is there a Harry Potter that doesn't mention Voldemort? Then get over the fact Aunt Clara is still sending gifts, or that Ralphie still says Fudge, or that an over protective mom is still trying to bundle her last child. In fact, if you don't let yourself be turned off by these things you realize that they are a part of the essence of this story. It is referenced several times, but things don't change. It is the foundation for the beautiful story of forgiveness between the fighting parents, it is part of the definition of Ralphie as a stubborn person, it is the very basis of ritualizing Christmas and accepting nostalgia. It is almost the theme of the film, and to understand that is critical.

If you accept these things before you watch the movie, I assure you that you will like it - mostly because you know that you aren't expecting another gem.

There are some details worth mentioning. I really did not like somethings about the film. I don't like the digital filter to appear old. The first movie got it right, this one looks digital and that harms the film. It actively removes the nostalgia. I also hate the title. The correct answer was "Another Christmas Story" - why are we obsessed with putting a 2 after everything? And did they really need to say B*tch so much??

In the pros side, the Chinese Dinner in this film actually made me tear up a little - which also happens to be the subject of the best monologue voice-over in either film, in my opinion. There are plenty of new stories to build on the recycled gags - and they are funny. I find that this movie actually has more heart. The first was so biographical that it was a love story by an author to his family and childhood. This is a love story to all families, and that is a very different thing.

The bottom line is that no one involved in this move was perfection, but they were all expressing some love of the original - it shows, and in its own way, I think it is worth pulling out once a year.

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