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When the concierges are pulled away from their important duties, one concierge is administering modern CPR, which was invented in the 1960s. Promotion for non-medical professionals started in the 1970s.
The large kitchen in the castle of Lady D is lit by fluorescent lamps. Though invented in the early-'30s fluorescent lamps were not commercially available until after WW2.


When Agatha and Zero are talking, Agatha's straps lay loosely on her arms in one shot, then tight on her shoulders in the next shot.
When Serge X. is serving the guests at the reading of Madame D.'s will, he is standing still in one shot, serving ice in the next and then again standing still as he was prior to serving the ice.
In one scene in the elevator, the operator holds the control handle in its mid position and the elevator is rising. That position is "Stop." The next scene in the elevator shows the control all the way forward, which is "Up" and is correct.
When Jopling breaks the ice by stamping, cracks are quite close to M. Gustave's hands. In the next shot, the cracks disappear.
When Zero and M. Gustave are talking after the prison break, Zero's satchel strap is hanging over his shoulder in some shots and across his chest in other shots.
On the train, Henckles gives M. Gustave a permit with a folded corner, but in the close-up the permit is free from any folds.

Factual errors 

When Jopling throws the companion Persian cat of Deputy Kovacs from a second floor window, the chances of the cat walking away unscathed (or with only minor injuries) from its landing tend strongly towards 100%. In what urban veterinarians have characterized as Feline High-Rise Syndrome, cats are now known to orient themselves four-paws-downwards within the first metre of falling (using their feline righting reflex), to spread out their legs mid-fall to maximize aerodynamic drag and thereby minimize falling velocity, and to arch their flexible spines just before landing, the better to absorb and harmlessly dissipate their kinetic energy on landing through muscles and skeletal joints.
When Jopling was in the gas station, the calendar on the wall showed "October 1932". The calendar was wrong since it showed October 5, 12, 19, and 26 were Sundays. In 1932 these dates all fell on Wednesdays.

Revealing mistakes 

When deputy Kovacs is trying to escape Jopling, he boards a bus and draws the shade down. This reveals the reflection of Jopling on his motorcycle. When Kovacs raises the shade, you can still see the reflection of the bike, but when the bus begins to move forward, the reflection of the parked bike moves along at the same speed of the bus. It should in fact remain in one place while the bus moves out of the frame (ie: POV of camera is stationary).


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


It is not possible for all of the events attributed to "October 19" to have happened on the same day. We hear that Madame D was murdered in the early hours of Oct 19, but that M. Gustave arrived "24 hours later". Then it is still Oct 19 after quite a bit happens, and he leaves.

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