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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

22 June 2011

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 2: Hell 'n' Back

19 February 2012
Four teams of fearless rattlesnake hunters find their livelihood at risk as record breaking temperatures and a devastating drought across the Lone Star State sends the elusive Western Diamondbacks into hiding. The wranglers put their lives on the line, taking extreme new measures in search of a prey revered for it's value, and dreaded for it's deadly bite. With their patience wearing thin, the dare-devil duo of Robert and Shawn voyage to an island rumored to be swimming with snakes, while legendary wrangler Jackie Bibby pushes his luck in an unexplored cave. Across the Snake Diamond, maverick Riley Sawyers takes on an amateur team member, while father-son Team Timaeus rushes to save a pool party in distress.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 3: Deadly Surprise

26 February 2012
Jackie Bibby finds his reputation as The Texas Snakeman on the line when rival wranglers Robert and Shawn steal his starring role at a local festival. Jackie vows to strike back and crash the parade with a stunt that will bury the competition. Robert's inspired to take his own act to the next level, but when dealing with deadly diamondbacks, Robert learns anything can happen. In South Texas, Father-son team Eric and Rick Timaeus are on the hunt for a mysterious creature wreaking havoc on a ranch. While up in the Panhandle Plains, Riley Sawyers tests the limits of Daltin, a cocky new crew member, who struggles to keep up.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 4: Mutiny

4 March 2012
When new teammate Daltin loses patience following Riley's instincts, Riley finds his entire season at risk. If he doesn't lead Daltin to a jackpot soon, he could lose his last remaining partner. Jackie Bibby convinces his team to follow 95-year-old snake hunting legend, Edna McDonald, to her secret den, but the boys fear the worst might happen. As the sun sets, survival skills are put to the test when Eric and Rick Timaeus are stranded overnight in a desert crawling with deadly diamondbacks. With a 12 hour pass to hunt on a horse farm, Robert and Shawn decide to hunt through the night to make the most of their time, but quickly learn that when darkness falls, rattlesnakes have the upper hand.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 5: The Albino

11 March 2012
Kingpin snake dealer LeRoy Higginbottom puts out a $2000 bounty on an exotic Albino Western Diamondback...and the race is on! The four best hunting teams in Texas are on the prowl, but an albino rattler is as rare as they come. Jackie and the boys saddle up on horseback and head for an old, forgotten hunting ground. With an ear to the ground, Team Timaeus gets hot on the albino trail near an old Indian reservation, but when a distress call comes in from a nearby farm, Eric must decide just how valuable this albino is. When Robert and Shawn discover they have more enemies than friends in town, an attempt at a shortcut goes awry. And Riley's frustration with Old Man Higginbottom reaches a boiling point.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 6: The Ultimate Snake Show

18 March 2012
The hunters become desperate as one of the toughest seasons on record begins to chip away at their wallets. With temperatures soaring on the surface, the Timeaus' follow the snakes to an underground cave and quickly discover that sometimes just getting to the diamondbacks is the most dangerous step. After days of coming up empty, Riley turns to Old Man Higginbottom for a tip, but wonders if following his own instincts might be his best bet. Jackie Bibby worries he's lost his mojo and puts his life at risk trying to prove to the crowds he's still the snake king. When a foxy fan joins Robert and Shawn on a snake hunt, she proves to be a deadly distraction.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 7: The Final Rattle

18 March 2012
As the season winds down, the hunters go all-in on a last ditch effort to bag as many snakes as possible. For Jackie Bibby and his boys, that means moving into new territory, but when Riley Sawyers catches Bibby on his turf, tempers flare - and these wranglers are armed and dangerous. Robert and Shawn spare no expense with a do-or-die game plan, renting out heavy machinery to dig in to a big catch. But when the shovels come up empty, Shawn thinks it's time for this partnership to call it quits. The Timaeus' are hired by visiting city slickers to take them on a trophy hunt, but snake hunting is no vacation.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Diamondbacks Are Forever

18 November 2012
Hunting season has kicked off in the Rattlesnake Republic, but with the Texas Snake Man hospitalized with a severe snakebite, the delicate balance of big egos and bigger money is tipped.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 2: A Snake in the Hand

25 November 2012
Huntin' season's in full swing in the Texas snake diamond, and hunters are taking big risks for big profits. Team leaders Riley Sawyers and Jackie Bibby are no exception - when they venture places no other hunter would dare.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 3: Time to Pay the Viper

2 December 2012
It's mid-season in the Rattlesnake Republic, and these fearless snake hunters know that when you're dealing in deadly vipers, you can only bet on one thing: that your day will never go as planned.
Diamantina Casiano ... Herself - Assistant Interviewee

Tracey Ely ... Herself

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 4: The Third Wheels

9 December 2012
Texas rattlesnake hunters don't always take kindly to newcomers - so when each team ends up with an uninvited guest, things get dicey.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 5: Diamondback Gold Rush

16 December 2012
With prices at $10 a pound, snake hunters in Texas is getting creative to haul in as many diamondbacks as possible - whether that means lifting a house or hopping in a giant rock crawler, but sometimes love will distract even the most determined hunter.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 2, Episode 6: Venom Is Thicker Than Blood

23 December 2012
Jackie decides to break his own world record for holding rattlesnakes in his mouth - the same stunt that nearly killed him a few months prior, and Vickie and Higginbottom duke it out for the position of top snake dealer.

Tom Spackman ... Narrator

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: Rattle Royale


Season 3, Episode 2: Snakes on a Stage

12 October 2014
Robert and Shawn are on their dream nuisance call, catching snakes at a sorority house. Team Bibby has the stinky assignment of snake catching in a genuine junkyard. Leroy Higginbottom has taken it upon himself to play Cupid for his pet snake, Lil Higgy.

Season 3, Episode 3: Snakes on a Stage


Season 3, Episode 4: Showdown


Season 3, Episode 5: The Fly

The boys of Rattlers Unlimited are put through snake-handling safety training and endure an on-the-job safety inspection to satisfy the insurance company so their insurance rates don't skyrocket and put them out of business.

Season 3, Episode 6: Hot Crossed Snakes


Season 3, Episode 7: Ghost Snake

A hunt on a millionaire's ranch has Dougie dreaming big, and Jackie and Mikey fixated on the amenities. Leroy decides to hold interviews for an intern position, and Robert, Shawn and Riley get duped into hunting one of the deadliest snakes on the planet.

Season 3, Episode 8: Best of Fang-Tastic Special

Encompassing a three seasons, this hour-long special highlights the cast's funniest moments and pulls back the curtain on tons of hilarious crew outtakes and never-before-seen-content. This is one you won't want to miss.

Unknown Season

The Love Snake

Leroy and Nici locate a copperhead snake for a valued client as Dougie and Jackie track down a prized commodity; Jackie's World Champio Snake Sacking Trophy. Mike is forced outside of his comfort zone as a speech therapist puts him through diction camp.

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