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108 out of 171 people found the following review useful:

Finding Dory Boring

Author: ApeLieUproar from United States
17 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What can I say? Maybe I'm just becoming a curmudgeon but I just don't find the fact that Dory lost her parents as a child and has been looking for them ever since very (read: at all) interesting. The movie opens with Dory as a small child, who features in several flashbacks thereafter. The cuteness factor of young Dory has been dialed up to 11 in a rather obvious attempt to invest the audience in Dory's plight that much more. But, to me, it just came off as saccharine.

The movie wasn't very plausible either. Yes, I am fully aware this is a cartoon aimed at kids. But we're expected to believe Dory, having severe (and entirely plot-driven) memory loss somehow found her way as a small child from California all the way to Australia all by herself.

Anyway, if I'd been able to find the basic plot interesting, I might have forgiven the movie's list of other other implausibilities and errors but, as it is, they just come off as irritating, and in service of a dull story. Some example:

- An octopus (actually, a "septapus", as it's missing a tentacle; more on that later) that can not only stay out of water indefinitely and disguise itself as anything, but can also learn to drive a car within seconds and drive it blind with only Dory to guide him.

- A fish tank in the kiddie section of an aquarium, where the kids are allowed to grab the creatures within the tank. This, incidentally, is where the octopus lost a tentacle because a kid pulled it off. And the aquarium was totally okay with this and let the kids go on grabbing fish. GTFOOH Pixar.

- The octopus finds himself back in the tank where kids can freely grab them. Conveniently, he forgets he can essentially become invisible, to force tension into the plot

- The octopus steers a stroller past milling throngs of people, none of whom think it very remarkable.

- Whale sharks are not whales and do not eat fish. This is the most egregious, or at least most irritating, error committed by this film. Did Pixar not do research or did they just not care? Honestly, I find this error shocking coming from Pixar.

- Several fish-eating animals are seen throughout this movie that are only to happy to forget their dietary requirements: sea lions, loons, otters, it doesn't matter. The otters are even willing to risk their lives for this fish they don't know to help her do something about which they have no way of knowing anything. At least in the fIrst movie, there was some explanation given as to why pelicans and sharks would not eat fish. Here, it's just whatever serves the plot. It just feels lazy and cheap.

- I have a feeling echolocation doesn't work anything like it's portrayed here, but I won't make too much of it. But, wow, did that "whale speak" get REALLY annoying REALLY fast.

I have usually considered Pixar to feature strong characters, but after THE GOOD DINOSAUR and this movie, I'm disappointed in how dull and/or annoying the characters are. Dory was fine as a supporting player (and in a better movie) but as the star, she's simply insufferable.

Overall, I have always considered Pixar as synonymous with quality. But no longer. It will no longer be a given that a Pixar movie is going to be a winner.

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98 out of 160 people found the following review useful:

Boring and disappointing

Author: francyxave from USA
11 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Anticipated for this movie long time ago with high hope since I love Finding Nemo but this is such a huge disappointment. The 'short-term memory (remember-y here and there) lost' joke is getting old and at some point become annoying. Not until half way through the movie I got bored and wondered when the movie end. Couldn't laugh or at least chuckle at jokes thrown in the movie and the story seems to be put in a rush. Marlin and Nemo were also featured all the way in the movie and they were just fine. The dynamic between three of them were still there too however the adventures portrayed didn't really exciting and the thrill of the journey helping Dory on her quest finding her parents couldn't evoke emotions at all. I remembered myself laughed a lot watching Finding Nemo and at some point in tears too but not on this one. It's certainly not easy to be on par with a great movie with great visual effects and story line like Finding Nemo in the first place but at least this should have come close to it which sadly that is not the case. Definitely disappointed

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47 out of 75 people found the following review useful:

A big, hectic chunk of cinematic nonsense

Author: eternities22 from United Kingdom
23 August 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Finding Dory wins just one miserable star, for one reason: The animation throughout is astonishingly realistic.

However, almost everything else about the film is a train wreck of ocean-sized proportions. Take no notice of the reviews of the critics, who seem to be doing everything to try and defend this horribly misguided mess.

But how is it a mess? Here's why. The whole film just fails to give you a reason to want to sit through all of it again. It doesn't feel like a proper story, instead more like a series of antics and ideas thrown into an overflowing, ugly mix. It's chaotic, too long and so stupid at times that it has to be seen to be believed. This is easily one of Pixar's worst.

Finding Dory's most egregious flaw as its shockingly incompetent pacing. The film is frantic, mindless and over-concerned with shoving in jokes and sight gags. Scenes are so rushed and so needlessly silly that they just aren't believable. Introduced characters get little development and are just forgettable. Will anyone really remember or care about Hank the octopus, Destiny the whale shark or those argumentative sea-lions in the future?

The film's strict adherence to sequel clichés also seriously crosses the line. Returning plot elements, rehashed scenarios, character cameos and overblown action scenes are all here and are never justified. In fact, by the end of it, the entire film hasn't even justified its existence. Furthermore, the characters suffer so much bad luck that it eventually turns into "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" with fish. Everything starts going wrong. Detours are constantly taken. Death is cheated over and over. And yet, the characters constantly escape via methods so contrived and convenient that it's impossible to take seriously. Admittedly, it's kind of creative in places, but it's also as predictable as you can imagine.

The climax, however, is where the film finally crashes into the ground. It's astoundingly awful. Picture this - an octopus driving a lorry extremely poorly and not crashing into any oncoming cars. A large group of otters hugging each other in the middle of the road in order to stop these cars. And finally, the same lorry being driven over a hill and into the sea. This is the climax simplified - except that it's way, way worse than that. It can't even describe how bad it is. It's a horribly written climax and is jaw-droppingly nonsensical.

Why stop there? The film fails in so many other ways that you can play bingo with its flaws. There are way too many flashbacks to Dory's cutesy childhood. "Emotional" scenes are dull and stretched thin. Marlin and Nemo are in it, but mean little to the plot. A scene where a bunch of kids are touching some sea life, who are shown feeling the constant pain, is not at all funny but uncomfortable. Several scenes, like one with a talking clam, just feel shoved in for no reason. Many jokes fall flat. The dialogue is stale and charmless. I could go on and on.

The whole thing is an embarrassing atrocity. As much as I'd love to give more stars to this movie, I feel it deserves just one. Because the bad aspects of this movie are so bad, they essentially undo the good ones. Yes, it's well-animated. Yes, it has some very minor charming parts. Yes, it can be creative at times. But everything else about the film is brainless to a damning extreme. Finding Nemo worked because it was melancholic, tear-jerking and uplifting. It resonated with everyone. Its sequel has almost none of what made the original a masterpiece.

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27 out of 46 people found the following review useful:


Author: wkhan-35155 from London, England
14 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I did not enjoy this film at all. First of all, the title makes no sense. Dory is looking for her parents, whilst Marlin and Nemo are just chasing after her. That part is not interesting. The new characters seemed like generic movie side characters and didn't impress me. It does seem like Dory was faking her short term memory loss. The fact she was looking for her family and then first met Marlin, does not work for me. I do not recommend this film as it was disappointing and wasn't as entertaining and appealing as Finding Nemo was. I wouldn't watch it again and once again do not recommend this disappointing film. This is all just my opinion.

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104 out of 200 people found the following review useful:

Adoptive / Foster parents be warned, this is not for every child!

Author: mjssmith-12876 from Arkansas
23 June 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am still a kid at heart and never miss out on a Disney or Pixar film, ever. But this one establishes two problems for children who have been adopted or are in foster care.

First - Dory is, as we all know, forgetful, and that is why she was separated from her parents, thus - it is HER FAULT.

Second - Dory has loving, friendly parents who are emotionally and mentally stable and have been actively looking for her for years, therefor perpetuating most adopted / fostered children's fantasies regarding their birth parents, but is most often NOT the case. This is grossly unfair to any child not anticipating this theme in the film, did Pixar forget how literal children are?

So be thoughtful and take the time to see this insensitive film before taking your children. Even birth children need to have a talk with their parents about NOT making adoptive friends / classmates feel that this could be the outcome if they are adopted. Our adopted daughter years for a relationship with her birth mother, and we are actively looking for her and praying for a good end result. Many times birth parents want nothing to do with their birth children.

Again, Pixar really dropped the ball on this one, for all the screaming this industry does to be sensitive to most groups of people, I guess they didn't bother to give a second thought to this particular group.

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10 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

One Big Cliché

Author: declankearns-24728 from Northampon, England
10 December 2016

One huge problem about Pixar is that they have been releasing too many long awaited sequels (and a prequel) like Toy Story 3 (which was even better than One and Two),Monsters University and recently this one.

PLOT:The plot is too similar to Finding Nemo.Firstly,our protagonist (Dory) gets lost,her friends (Marlin and Nemo) go on a long journey to find her,at the aquarium she makes new friends,including an octopus who wants to escape and her old friend a whaleshark,she is briefly reunited with her friends and family,she is rescued and the gang returns home with new friends.The only differences are she gets lost while looking for her lost parents,it takes place in an aquarium in California,the new friends are the octopus,the whaleshark and the orca,and in the climax she is saved from a truck.

CHARACTERS:Film makers will never learn that giving the comic relief character his/her own story is not a good idea.

HUMOUR:Nearly half the jokes in this film fall flat,like Sigourney Weaver is the host of the aquarium.COME ON PIXAR YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!! In conclusion,Finding Dory robs the audiences worth $1.056 billion worldwide and felt like remake,not a sequel.

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143 out of 280 people found the following review useful:


Author: philrealdeal from Texas
21 June 2016

I watched this movie with very high hopes. I was a kid when Finding Nemo came out and it defined kids movies at the time. Finding Dory was significantly less impressive. The good: The move was very cute and the characters were fun. Ed O'Neill as a cranky octopus was especially nice.

The bad: The whole movie feels as if Pixar was pressed to come out with a solid movie and just threw this one together really fast. It felt very rushed and therefore the story line, which had a little potential, was hard to really get into and appreciate. 3/4 of the way through, though it felt rushed, the movie became very redundant and predictable. I was pretty over it personally and could have stopped the movie then and been a happy camper.

One of Pixar's lazier films and it's disappointing considering the astounding work they have done before it. If you want to enjoy a movie like this, just watch Finding Nemo instead. If you want to see the sequel to they aforementioned and terrific film, your imagination of how the movie should play out is probably better than the real thing.

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Looks good but lacks everything else

Author: KiwisBurntToast
24 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

(There aren't many spoilers in this review)

I've seen Finding Nemo again just recently; I wouldn't say I liked it now but I could see why a kid would. It has action, adventure, likable characters, colorful animation, and a good plot. Unfortunately the sequel hasn't got much of these.

A kid probably wouldn't like this film, it has mostly dialogue throughout. When it does have action, it doesn't have any consequence like I said earlier, so that's boring. Sure - you meet a few funny characters along the film's journey, but they have little purpose but to say a wise-crack joke and then offer the main character help for no reason. The film relies on your nostalgia of Finding Nemo to like it, the entire beginning of the movie shoves reference-after-reference into the audiences face. The movie is very colorful, though. The music was very underwhelming for a Pixar movie; they usually have really good scores even if they're bad movies, not this one. The character designs are just as cartoony as the first film, with an exception of the humans which all look like the copy-paste designs from Inside-Out.

Whoever they got to do Nemo's voice was not a good actor, every time he was on screen he said something overly-dramatic and bad. Albert Brooks (Marlin) sounded like he didn't want to be in the voice- booth. Ellen DeGeneres (Dory) did fine, but that doesn't make the character any less annoying and repetitive. The line, "I have short- term memory loss," was probably said 100 times.

Finding Dory suffers what Pixar has been suffering for years now, a badly written story. Everything that happens in the movie happens because of coincidence, the characters actions rarely have consequences. Pixar has been doing this in all of their recent films and I don't know how people are still intrigued by them. The film also has the clichéd Pixar plot-line of having 2 unlikely companions going on an adventure. The only Pixar movies that don't do this include: The Incredibles, Brave, and maybe Bug's Life.

I wouldn't recommend Finding Dory; I would recommend Finding Nemo, though.

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18 out of 32 people found the following review useful:

It's just like Finding Nemo except with Dory

Author: Adfault from United States
12 November 2016

Do you really truly want to watch over an hour of Dory getting lost and then somehow finding her way back AGAIN and her short term memory problem? Because that's why this movie is all about.

In the previous film Dory was cute and quirky because she had few lines and was along for the ride in the search for Nemo. And all of the characters from the first film are involved this time around. Nemo, his dad, the stingray and sea turtles are there. But in this movie, not even Nemo or his father want to babysit Dory anymore. They have their own lives to live. And while Dory searching for her lost family in this one, she finds herself getting lost and being taken advantage of by all the new characters.

The Disney Pixar's animation is superb as to be expected. The story is seriously lacking. I found myself dozing off. My children lost interest about halfway through the film. It's still a good movie though if you're a fan of Dory.

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21 out of 39 people found the following review useful:

Another hit from Pixar that uses CGI to assist in telling a story...

Author: calvinnme from United States
21 October 2016

... rather than using a story to demonstrate dazzling CGI. This film was just as good as its predecessor, Finding Nemo. In this film (which takes place one year after 'Nemo'), Dory, who suffers from short term memory loss, makes it a mission to find her parents. She helped Marlon find Nemo in the first film and now she wants help locating her parents. She became separated from them when she was young and until now, has relied on others to help her find her way. She also gets by with her unique brand of impulsiveness and quick action. Throughout the film, Dory uses other "people's" (fishes'?) words and objects to trigger memories that assist her in finding her way. It was very clever how Pixar incorporated these triggers to help move the story along and flesh out Dory's background. I also liked how they treated short term memory loss with sensitivity and did not make it a joke. The marine center that Dory & co. end up at is based on the excellent Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The funniest new character added to the Nemo franchise is Hank the octopus (except he only has seven legs as Dory points out and refers to him as a "septapus."). Hank is cynical, but you know he's a softy deep inside. He can also camouflage himself into his settings which is quite comical. There are other funny characters like Becky the buzzard and Gerald the seal with a uni-brow.

It seems that Pixar thrives on adding emotional scenes to their films that pull at their audience's heartstrings. Finding Dory is no exception. There is a very dramatic scene near the end of the film where Dory is separated from her party and is lost in an unfamiliar, dark ocean, alone. She has to rely on herself to figure out how to find her way out and find her friends. This was a very heart wrenching scene. I won't lie, it made me tear up and I could hear other people sniffling in the theater. Another emotional scene is the beginning of the film showing a baby Dory with her parents. It's not as sad though as the beginning of Up, though.

I'd recommend this one.

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