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New all time low for Sci-Fi

Author: netczar1 from United States
14 October 2012

Up till now, the accepted gold standard for the worst film ever made has been Plan Nine from Outer Space, directed by the incomparable Ed Wood.

But I'm here to tell you all that Neil Johnson has surpassed Mr. Wood with his Sci-Fi epic, Alien Dawn.

I've never posted anything on IMDb before, but I felt that the magnitude of the awfulness of this film had to be addressed.

Oh, and the reviewers who gave it 4 and 5 stars?

Really? Seriously?

One guy even said, "I've seen a LOT worse in the 'War of the Worlds' genre than this."

Please! Be serious! Some people rely on this site for guidance when renting movies. I downloaded the thing off the net for free and I STILL feel robbed.

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War of the Worlds rip-off

Author: MadRotaryOne_DDCgod from Cape coral, FL USA
13 October 2012

what can I say, right in the beginning of this movie seems to start of as if they were in the same movie War of the Worlds (2005), possibly following tom cruise around. I wouldn't be surprised if they just stole the computers and script from the production team of WotW. There is no redeemable quality of this stink fest. Worse than even the worst made for TV Scify Original movie. Stay Away, Far away................

P.S. On another note, I doubt that this movie will ever even see the light of day. I just had the misfortune to get a screener.

P.P.S. I don't even wont to waste anymore time on such a horrible movie, but I have to add 2 more lines of text, just to submit this

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OK El-Cheapo Sci Fi movie

Author: mike-ryan455 from United States
14 October 2012

I've seen a LOT worse in the "War of the Worlds" genre than this, but just because there's worse out there doesn't make it good.

The aliens come. Of course their technology is far advanced of ours. We don't know why but we can guess. They hit the whole planet with weapons we can't begin to fight back against. Yet somehow a rag-tag bunch do fight, and even achieve a victory.

Is that this movie? Well actually that's "Independence Day" - but they are much the same overall plot. Just don't expect so much from here. The acting is stiff but tolerable. There are glaring plot holes but then there always are. The special effects were adequate but then these days you can make amazingly good special effects on your home computer if you know how.

If it's a cheap enough rental and you're bored, try it.

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Alien Star War of the Worlds Dawn

Author: Reaper-of-Souls from United States
15 October 2012

I'm only 7 minutes into this War of the Worlds and Star Wars ripoff and my eyes and ears can't take much more. The flashbang, choppy editing or whatever it is that is causing my screen to flicker with every explosion and the jumbled together Star Wars sound effects has me on the verge of cutting myself to make it through. The acting is horrendous. If the makers would have put half as much money into the plot and some decent actors instead of CGI-ing the hell out of everything, then maybe I would have rated it a 4. I only gave it a 2 (instead of a 1) because I applaud anyone who can go out and get a movie produced and marketed (no matter how crappy it may be). This one is to be avoided like the plague. If the CGI, plot, acting and editing would have been better, then I would recommend it...but alas, I cannot. Better luck next time guys (if there is a next time).

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Avoid at all cost - low cost nonsense

Author: atr-501-925093 from United States
13 October 2012

If you want to make your worse enemy suffer, make him (her) watch this piece of cinematographic "art" from start till end. Guaranteed to achieve the wanted result. I still have to understand why somebody will finance (even with a miserable amount) such a nonsense? I am not an old, grumpy purist, I do enjoy digestible science fiction - been a fan of easy-minded St..-Tr.. all my life, but this is unwatchable, seriously. The evil alien machine theme is with us for over a hundred years now but this has to be the worst implementation yet and I've seen a lot of recycle bin stuff in my life due to my editing work. 1) Beaten up theme = no plot whatsoever 2) Awful CGI = Painful to watch in a conscious state 3) Appalling acting = Actually no acting as such AVOID, life is short!

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wooo...what a stinker !

Author: dmuel from downtown, Michigan
23 October 2012

So...ever hear of Neil Johnson? Me neither. He's the producer and director of this film, and one day he thought "You know, I think I can make the movie, War of the Worlds, that Steven Spielberg made. Yeah! That's the ticket!" And so he did. Of course, his budget was not quite as big as Spielberg's, so he had to cut corners here and there, like in script writing, actors' salaries, special effects, etc. No Tom Cruise in this flick. Oh, and yeah, he kind of likes some TV shows too, like Walking Dead, or even Lost. So he thought an aliens-invade-earth-to-eat- mankind kind of movie might be better with some video-shot footage of people, you know, kind of talking about how they feel about, well, being invaded and devoured. But, I think Mr. Johnson needs more practice and he should try again in, say, 50 years.

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Another batch of tripods attempting to take over the Earth...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
24 October 2012

I have seen a lot of questionable movies throughout my 37 years, and "Alien Dawn" is definitely among the top of the pile of questionable movies.

"Alien Dawn" shamelessly steals from movie such as "War of the Worlds" and "Skyline" without even trying to cover it up. The alien invaders tripods and how they pick up people for processing. It was painful to watch.

The effects in the movie were laughable and not pleasant on the eyes. The explosions were hilariously fake and bad. And the CGI effects were dubious and questionable, most of the time looking quite fake. However, I will say that in defense of the movie, that there were times that the tripod beings looked nice enough. The sounds of the alien weapons sounded like something I remember a toy gun I had when I was a kid used to make, it was bad. And apparently alien weapons is just randomly flashing an array of colors on the screen. It made absolutely no sense.

As for the acting, well I have seen worse, but it wasn't really anywhere near being interesting. There was a lot of acting fully devoid of emotion and enthusiasm. And that made the movie quite difficult to suffer through, as if the bad effects and sounds weren't doing their part to bring it down.

The story? Well just think of "War of the Worlds" mixed with "Skyline", and you basically have the plot of "Alien Dawn". If you have seen either of those two movies, you essentially have seen "Alien Dawn" as well. And it was just so ridiculous that the small band of 'survivors' could bring down tripods with homemade bombs, when military air planes couldn't do the same job.

If you enjoy Sci-Fi movies, then there are far better movies available than "Alien Dawn". However, if you like super campy and cheesy Sci-Fi movies, then you will probably get a kick out of "Alien Dawn".

This movie will definitely test your talent for managing to stay focused for about an hour and twenty minutes.

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Better than rated

Author: Joel Waite ( from United States
17 October 2012

Expecting a crappy movie to watch - as mindless background noise - I was happily surprised. Think 'made for Sy-Fy' and you'll know what to expect. The CGI is cheap, but not as bad as expected.

It seemed to me be a cheap knock-off of 'Cloverfield' mixed with 'War of the Worlds'.

I think the big gripe people have with this was the lack of big-battle drama. Instead we have a small group of people just trying to survive. The acting and dialog unfortunately is so real that it's annoying - lots of frantic yelling at each other in confusion and desperation.

Actually, other than the obvious low budget, this was not that bad - give it a chance.

I rate it at least 4.0

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Just not worth your time, also avoid this to avoid a nasty headache.

Author: atmadarkwolf from Canada
20 October 2012

I gave it a score of twice what it deserves simply because IMDb discounts any and all 1's in its weighted scores(Which would explain how some serious stinkers get 6-8 ratings) This movie is just.. bad. No other way to explain, but lets forget the horrible acting, silly CGI effects, ridiculous (Stolen from starwars) sound effects, and plain stupid 'story' for a moment. The flashing lights(think strobe light) to 'hide' the shitty effects, will give you one NASTY headache inside 2-3 minutes of the start of the film... if you manage to suffer though that, the just 'dumb' events and story of the movie will make you feel like puking.

No this is not even one of those 'so bad its good' movies. Its not worth your time to watch(Your prob better off watching jersey shore reruns) its not worth your money to get it(even if u got it free) and its REALLY not worth your intelligence (Which will drain away if you focus too much on this pos) Really, just avoid this one.

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A very bad attempt to copy war of the worlds

Author: docgspot302 from Dudley
28 February 2014

You cant put into words how terrible this film is. I cant believe the fact that its just trying to be war of the worlds. The original 50's film had more worth credit then this. The acting was poor the effects terrible and the sound effects stolen straight from war of the worlds. I cant understand in this day and age how a company can make this when its just a rip off copyrighted movie.

In fact i laughed really hard when i read at the end of the credits that no infringements were meant to have been caused. really!!?? It really is so bad i wished i hadn't wasted my time watching it!

Sorry but i wanted to pull my eyes out and put them in my ears

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