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A real lesson in life!
willpryoractor15 November 2014
Wow this flick has caused a lot of negative responses and i cant quite figure out why, sure it was never going to be everybody's cup of tea but it's actually quite deep! What we have here is a film that shows the importance of letting ones inner demons out and not letting stress get the better of you. Some moments were very touching dare i even say sweet. Much of the humour was pretty crude and slightly childish but very funny the gore is fairly nasty and Milo himself is an amazing looking cute lil guy that is a great psychical effect rather than CGI this made me feel extremely nostalgic towards the fun 80's creature features such as Gremlins and Critters. This is for anyone who has ever let stress effect their everyday lives or anyone who wants to see a really cool 80's style creature.
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Bad "Ass" Monster equals funny horror done right
ms-omen7316 July 2014
Bad Milo is another great example of what is right in horror comedy the last few years! Its a perfect blend of bad one liners, potty humor, heart and gore. Who would have thought that a film that teaches us about Anus Mythology, could be so awesome?! And I can't believe I am saying this about something that is borne out of a mans ass, but damn Milo is adorable. I swear by the end of the film you're going to want a Milo all of your own, poor misunderstood lil guy!

Duncan is an average good guy, living the average good guy life. He has a decent job, a good woman, and what looks like a okay life. He struggles with some tummy trouble, mom offers remedies, doctors try to help, and eventually he ends up unhappily in therapy where we can get to root of his problems. Pretty quickly this film pulls you in with a great opening scene, and then it keeps pace through the entire film, rotating between great blood soaked moments and humor sometimes mixing the two perfectly in such a disgustingly delicious way that you may feel both grossed out and ashamed for laughing at such wretchedness. You will also find yourself shocked by how much you want to hug this little ass borne, doe eyed, killing machine, i swear I even got teary at one point for the lil fellow! It was awful!, but it goes to show the amount of emotion that is in this film, not what you would expect from a story like this one.

If you haven't watched this film yet definitely add it to the list, it is a gem! The cast is made up of comedy veterans who bring this film to a whole new level of funny, and the gore is very effective with some scenes really looking incredibly good. I will definitely be pulling this one out again for years to come. It just goes to prove stress kills, but sometimes its kills the other guy!!!
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All in all more touching than you would think, a true black comedy
Robert Brewster1 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start with this movie. When I first started watching it I wasn't blown away, the acting was good (I'm looking at you Patrick Warburton) but the main guy, Duncan, just struck me as an unlikable mook. Then the ass demon appeared and the whole thing changed. I suddenly found myself not only laughing at the absurdity of it all but also taken aback by the feels and not the feels that one would imagine having from an ass demon crawling his way back into your ass but more as if he had crawled his way into my heart.

The whole shebang really takes a turn when Milo, the brown town demon, crawls its way from Duncan's ruined sphincter to kill the people who hurt him and you start to understand what makes this anxious dork tick. As revealed during a therapy session with a kooky hypnotist, Duncan's father had abandoned him as a child and with Duncan's wife wanting a baby he is faced with something that people with abandonment issues often face. An issue I myself faced and that is the fear that we will end up like our fathers. This point is driven home even more when it is revealed that Duncan's father also has an ass demon and that Duncan's wife is finally pregnant. Upon hearing the news Duncan does exactly what his father did, he turns and runs, unable to process. Did I just find an emotional connection to a guy who spends part of the movie trying to feed cat food to a wide eyed demon that crawled out of his butt? Damn

Duncan shows the classic signs of someone who had an absent parent. He feels anxious in supervisory rolls, feels helpless, unimportant, as if what he wants and what he feels doesn't matter. Milo embodies his internal and his external stresses, his desires and his rages, the things he won't let himself address. As he tries to bond with Milo, at the behest of that nutty therapist, it symbolizes not just coming to terms with those parts of himself ("I know you were only dong that for me.") but also coming to terms with the fact that he is not his father. Milo and him take on an almost father/son dynamic toward the end of the film, with Milo calling him "papa" after he had chopped off the poor little guys arm and legs with an ax. That scene itself is one of the most moving parts of the film for a lot of reasons. Not only does Duncan gain control of his darker desires but he accepts Milo back into his ass with the help of his pregnant wife, essentially showing the act of becoming a responsible father helped him accept his own worth. In the end we find Duncan the head of his own company, getting ready for the baby and even taking care of his now invalid father.

The gore was a little cheesy and some of the acting was a little ham-fisted but in the end there are a ton of laughs to be found here and enough comically gruesome scenes for any danger dog to scratch his bone.
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Good Black Comedy
Travis9 October 2013
I have to say one thing first: To anyone saying there are too many poop jokes - First of all there are barely any. And secondly, did you expect there to be zero poop jokes when you saw in the trailer where Milo came from? I wouldn't classify this as a horror/comedy, it's a good and inventive black comedy with a great cast. If you thought Gremlins was a horror then maybe you will think this is one too. Gremlins comparisons are vaguely accurate, although since Gremlins has nostalgia attached to it, Bad Milo won't be the same, although it's definitely funnier than Gremlins and with a better cast. If you want a different and creative comedy then see this, otherwise see another one of the usual contrived and redundant tales.
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A great old-school "creature" comedy/horror.
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was quite well done. It had great old-school effects and creature effects which I loved, as it was a throwback to movies like CRITTERS and GREMLINS - except more "Adult" orientated. I was happy watching this film from start to finish and I laughed out loud at some parts. Milo (the creature) is kind of cute in some parts of the film, and you kind of grow to like him, even though you know he is going to kill people. Ken Marino plays the part of 'Ken' very well, for me he keeps this movie rolling along nicely. And with people like Peter Stormare and Patrick Warburton in it, this film is a very good comedy/horror. I give it a good 7.5 out of 10.
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An oddly heartfelt gross-out horror/comedy.
jffphllps8631 August 2013
When presented with the plot of "Bad Milo" one can't help be a little cautious. A movie about a "butt monster" doesn't seem like the most palatable of premises. But in spite of initial misgivings, this movie was a pleasant surprise.

I really thought this movie was going to be more in line with some of Lloyd Kaufman's Troma flicks after seeing the trailer online. I was prepared for a plethora of poop and penis jokes with little emphasis on story or characters. But what I ended up witnessing was an oddly charming blend of "Basket Case", "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Gremlins."

Ken Marino is a perfectly affable bumbling lead. His development and internal struggle (in more ways than one) with fatherhood are the centerpiece of the movie. I was quite impressed with all the supporting cast as well(Peter Stormare was exceptionally funny.)

After all the blood-splattering and crude jokes you're left with one oddly sentimental story that may even bring a tear to your eye.
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Full of 'critter flick metaphors'!
Hellmant30 December 2013
'BAD MILO!': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Indie horror-comedy film about a little monster, living inside an anxiety-ridden man's intestine, that breaks out (through the guy's ass) and starts attacking all the people causing him stress. The movie was co-written (with Benjamin Hayes) and directed by Jacob Vaughan. It stars Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Peter Stormare, Stephen Root, Mary Kay Place and Patrick Warburton. The film was executive produced by the Duplass brothers (who have written and directed such popular indie comedy flicks as 'CYRUS' and 'JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME'). I found the movie to be really funny and an awesome metaphor for not letting emotional problems eat you up inside. It's also a cool and creepy little critter flick (in the tradition of 80's cult classics like 'GREMLINS', 'GHOULIES' and 'CRITTERS')!

Marino stars as Duncan, an average guy who's been too afraid to stand up to the people, and situations, causing him stress in his life. He's recently been under an enormous amount of pressure at work, from a crooked boss (Warburton), and is having a lot of trouble at home with his loving but domineering wife (Jacobs). Duncan's crazy, sex obsessed, mother (Place) is also always bothering him about wanting grandchildren and he's still tormented by the abandonment of his father (Root), when he was just a young boy. All Duncan's anxieties finally become too much for him when they manifest themselves as a monster (living inside his intestine). The creature really becomes a burden when it breaks out and starts killing everyone causing Duncan stress. Through the advice of his therapist (Stormare) Duncan tries to befriend the critter (naming it Milo), in order to try to prevent it from killing more people.

The movie is really well made; Vaughan's directing is great (from his clever screenplay) and Marino is fantastic in the lead! The supporting cast is all more than adequate as well (especially Stormare, who is hilarious in it) but Marino has never been more relatable or sympathetic (which is surprising given the annoying and antagonistic characters he usually plays). What I really liked about the film is how much it reminded me of the monster movies I loved growing up as kid (in the 1980s). So for me it was really nostalgic but even more impressive than that is how it uses 'critter flick metaphors' to express how important it is not to let inner demons get the better of you. It's also hilarious (in surprising and unexpected ways, and places). I really loved this movie!

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Boring and irrelevant.
Voyou Nobodysbusiness14 August 2013
I watched that due to IMDb reviews comparing it to Gremlins or Killer Clowns from Outer Space. My bad.

I gave up after half an hour of poop humour. And not a single smile. I can only take so much anus-centred jokes in so short a time span.

Comparing that dumb script to some of the most imaginative movies I have ever seen doesn't make any sense to me. Apart for the lack of ideas and surprises, the direction and acting are also largely inferior, albeit decent. Either that, or the cast does a good job portraying unbelievable characters as requested by their director, I wonder. Nobody seems real, instead they feel like people from a dream. In short, I didn't feel involved at all, and at the same time I was put off by the monomaniacal childish scatology.

At least, it's technically good enough to avoid the lowest note.
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Very Bad Milo!
interstellar88881 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately, I could not give this movie 0 stars, but awful does sum it up. The appearance of so many glowing reviews here and the fact that the rating is only 5.7 must be the result of production staff artificially raising the appeal factor of the movie by entering these ridiculous reviews online. One reviewer stated that most of the people viewing the movie "are intellectuals." If you read that review, I guess, compared to the reviewer, that statement would be correct. Of course, he could also be referring the the other members of his kindergarten class. There just is nothing good to say about this movie. A cult classic? Never. I doubt more that 10 people will ever read these reviews anyway.
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Awesome Movie! Just as psychopathic as i want them
DrMovieKMDB9 August 2013
Now i have to say movies like this are all to rare. This is a movie that you can compare to "Troll" and"Killer Klowns From Outer Space". i just LOVED this movie, but i am truly sick in the head :D The story was perfectly psychopathic and twisted.. kinda like me :D

When i saw this i was amazed by how they actually are able to make a movie to look like it was a B Movie from the eighties, I really want to see more movies like this but as stated the most of them where made in the eighties :/

I recommend this movie to everyone liking Really SICK B Movies

This movie gets 8.5/10 Stars!!!
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Sick movie
shwaloff27 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Started as kinda funny the movie turns out into a sick story telling about a guy who has a monster living in his stomach. When the guy is stressed out the monster comes out of his butt and kills people. Later the guy looses a control over the monster. To make long story short, this movie is good for copro-lovers. It is hard to tell something more about this storyline. It is not very interesting as a nova day movie, more like Gremlins from 80s, but contains adult scenes and lots of poop humor. My wife gave up watching this movie within first 30min. I watched till the end and regret of wasted time. Gave it 3 out of 10 just to support struggling actor's play
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some minor laughs
SnoopyStyle4 February 2015
Duncan (Ken Marino) is chased by some mysterious horror. Then it flashes back 123 hours. He is in the doctor's office with his wife Sarah (Gillian Jacobs) with a polyp in his colon. He hates his job and his boss Phil (Patrick Warburton) is making him fire people. He has a new therapist Highsmith (Peter Stormare). His mother Beatrice (Mary Kay Place) brings her boyfriend Bobbi (Kumail Nanjiani) and a fertility doctor to dinner. He poops out a monster which kills everyone who causes him stress. He bonds with it naming it Milo.

It has some minor funny moments. Milo himself generates very few laughs. It's a little gross and very perplexing monster. I think the scene coming out in front of the therapist needs to show their connectivity more. Milo can get hurt and Duncan can get hurt in sympathy in that scene. The horror part of the movie isn't that scary. The comedy has a few good scenes. It's a B-movie that is slightly better than a butt monster ought to be.
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Satire done to perfection!
RevRonster5 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I really, really, really, really, (one more) really liked this film! It's just brilliant and it did its satire of the horror genre unbelievably perfect! It's easy to not be able to look past that this film is about a monster living where the sun doesn't shine in an overworked and under-appreciated man but this film is so much more than bottom of the barrel poop jokes. Everything about this film--the tone, the story's build-up and scare gags--all harken back to monster/puppet horror/dark comedy movies of old like "Basket Case" and "Gremlins." This movie is a loving representation of such works and the production did it so well.

Ken Marino--established funnyman and leading man in this film--showed he has the ability to headline a film and carry it to epic proportions as he was just amazing to watch and was hysterical without having to be silly. Seriously, all it took from him was a single sign of exhaustion over his situation and my sides split open. And then when you add the fantastic cast that had Patrick Warburton, Peter Stormare and Stephen Root (to name a few), you have a movie with a recipe for success!

"Bad Milo" is a dark comedy done incredibly right!
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A Wasted Premise with Minimal Scares/Laughs
brando64731 May 2014
As I was watching BAD MILO again the other night, I thought of what might be the best analogy to describe this low budget horror/comedy: it's an engine that keeps on revving but never kicks into gear. To qualify it as a horror/comedy probably isn't the best description because, in the end, it didn't really have much of either. I suppose it could best be viewed as a drama about one man's father issues and his coming to grips with the idea of his own pending parenthood. But that's not as fun as the premise that baits the audience into sitting down for the movie: Duncan is a man with problems. His job bites. His boss is a douche. His mother's new relationship with a considerably younger man weirds him out. And, to top it off, he's been dealing with intense stomach pains and frequent bathroom visits for as long as he can remember. When a doctor tells him the stomach problems stem from his poor stress management, Duncan begins seeing an eccentric psychiatrist and the truth soon emerges. Literally. From his butt. You see, Duncan is possessed with some sort of ancient mythological creature that dwells in his lower intestine and erupts from his butt whenever someone stresses him out to kill the aggressor. Now, Duncan learns he must make peace with his literal inner demon if he wants to end its murderous rampage before it hurts someone he loves. But mostly, it's the father issues thing. Don't let the butt demon stuff fool you.

I really hoped that a movie about a killer butt demon would be more fun, but BAD MILO actually has quite a few stretches where nothing of interest happens and my attention starts to phase out. When Milo finally arrives, we don't get nearly as much fun with him as I expected. I'm sure it has a lot to do with budget limitations and how much they were capable of doing with the puppet. But the audience knows what to expect going in when the main draw is a rubber puppet monster. This is no time to be self-conscious. Give us the puppet! Instead we get a lot of drama as Duncan struggles to grow a pair and stop letting life stomp all over him. I wanted more chaos, more puppet-on-human violence. By the time it's all over, Milo actually kills less than a handful of people and two of them occur off-screen. We finally get the full-bore puppet attack at the end of the film but by then I was hardly interested in what was happening on screen. BAD MILO, as a retro creature feature, is full of wasted potential. The main attraction doesn't get enough screen time and, when he's there, he's doesn't get much to do other than growl or give puppy-dog eyes to melt Duncan's heart. Violence is mostly limited to bloody messes but we get a little bit of gore when Milo attacks a smug fertility doctor. There just isn't much in the way of scares or gross-outs so marketing this movie as a horror film might've been a mistake.

The film fares a little better on the comedy end with a funny cast saving this movie from being a total loss. Ken Marino is Duncan, our man with the butt demon. I've not been a huge Marino fan, but I don't exactly have much to go on. He was the most irritating character in WANDERLUST, but he also had some of the funnier bits in WE'RE THE MILLERS in what little time he was on screen. Here, Marino is the straight man and he sort of reminds me of Jason Bateman. Despite being a weaker movie, it's probably one of the better Marino performances I've seen. His wife is the beautiful Gillian Jacobs but she doesn't get much to do other than react to Marino's bathroom antics and provide a crucial bit of plot development late in the game. She's a good sport through it all and she gets to have some fun in the climactic battle. The supporting cast steal the show in BAD MILO with Peter Stormare, Stephen Root, Toby Huss, and Kumail Nanjiani. Huss establishes a hilarious tone in the opening scene as the doctor who misdiagnoses Milo as a polyp in Duncan's colon but the movie fails to maintain the humor, though not for lack of trying from Nanjiani as Duncan's new father-in-law in a great dinner scene. Stormare is Duncan's hippie psychiatrist and Root arrives late in the game as Duncan's estranged biological father, but most scenes that don't involve these characters fizzle out. I really enjoyed Milo as a character, bouncing from vicious killer to precocious toddler, and I dig the retro rod- puppet they used to bring him to life. Part of me wouldn't mind a future low budget sequel to continue the tale of Duncan and his unnatural family heritage because BAD MILO had some promise and I think there's still comedy (or horror) fold to be mined from it but, as it stands, BAD MILO was somewhat of a disappointment with a couple little comedy gems scattered inside.
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Is this a practical joke?????? who made this garbage!!!! ?
blondieonamission1 February 2014
don't know how i ended up watching it.....

wow is it is awful. like the kind of awful that makes you think you just got tricked.

Why does the music playing in the background sound off rhythm and all wrong??

What has the movie business become?

It's like they had a $500 production budget.

seriously, Is this a practical joke?


THIS Makes me so angrry

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"horror" and "comedy", my ass…
Coventry2 April 2014
I'm generally quite allergic to horror-comedies… For every "Braindead", "Re-Animator" or "Shaun of the Dead", there exist approximately 300 imbecilic movies that are neither horrific nor funny, just downright embarrassing. With "Bad Milo" I took a – or at least so I presumed – calculated risk because there were several signs indicating this would be a worthwhile comedy effort. For starters it doesn't feature any zombies (there's a massive over-offer of god-awful zombie comedies since too years now) and I read many favorable reviews around here. Also, the synopsis and pictures led me to believe "Bad Milo!" would be a comical version of classic horror films like David Cronenberg's "The Brood" or Frank Hennenlotter's "Basket Case", and I'm a huge fan of both. Well I hate to disagree with the vast majority of reviewers here, but I think "Bad Milo!" is an incredibly disappointing and severely underdeveloped effort. This film defines the term missed opportunity, as the story of a good-hearted man whose inner gastric butt-creature unleashes blood fury in his place is full of wicked horror and black comedy potential, but absolutely nothing is done with it. Instead of exploiting the gonzo-themes and/or the politically incorrect nature of the demon, the screenplay stupidly just brings forward clichéd comical situations and stereotypical characters like the case in any random mainstream screwball comedy. Our protagonist's mother has a relationship with a guy even younger than he is, and of course they share all details of their overactive sex life. Is this "American Pie", or something? He – Duncan – also has a co-worker who looks and acts like Homer Simpson and a corrupt boss who seems to walk straight out of "Arrested Development". To complete the slapstick-factor, Duncan seeks the help of an alternative shrink whose parrot shouts out psychiatric diagnoses! I'm genuinely astounded to see so many fans praise the originality and humor quality of this film, because it's on the verge of infantile and imbecilic. Please don't call it "tongue-in-cheek" because it's absolutely not the case. The horror elements of "Bad Milo!" are utterly negligible There's some blood-splattering on the walls and a bit of munching, but nothing obscene or even remotely provocative. The creature itself, Milo, looks even cuter than E.T. and the Gremlins combined. As stated above, I hoped that "Bad Milo!" would be reminiscent of "Basket Case", but in fact it's more like that other Frank Hennenlotter low-budget classic "Brain Damage". Except of course that "Brain Damage" was original, funny and memorable.
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There's a little trooper in your pooper
The Couchpotatoes18 February 2015
Well this wasn't horror at all even if there was the occasional blood spatter and some biting by a little cute butt-monster. But it was humorous. Well at least to me it was. Call me a child, I don't care at all, but when there are jokes about poop or farts I automatically have to laugh. And apparently I'm not the only one that thinks it's funny. For the people that hated this movie what can I say? Did you expect that this movie was going to be anything else when you knew it was about a monster living in your intestines? You knew before even watching it that it would never win Oscars or whatever price but is that the point of a movie like this? No, it's just a bit of fun for the open minded. Glad I saw it. I certainly had to laugh more in 90 minutes then in 10 seasons of How I met your mother...
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Great Fun !!
Xander Othen11 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well I wasn't expecting much from this movie, maybe a cheap laugh or two. What I got was an enjoyable, highly entertaining, fun movie. The concept is stupid, but of course, that's the point and just adds to the charm. The way in which its done means it never really goes over the top or for the easy laugh. I think this is a well written and very well acted movie. There's a host of familiar faces on show, Peter Stormare (Fargo), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement) to name a few. I felt this movie to be very much from a similar vein as Gremlins even down to Milo himself who reminded of a Shaved Gizmo. Just Fantastic, highly recommend.
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Good Movie
O2D3 October 2017
This site says this movie is comedy and horror but I don't think it's either. It's only funny a few times and there's no horror, but it's still a good movie. Kumail Nanjiani has some very funny lines but Ken Marino only made me laugh once. Toby Huss and Patrick Warburton were great, so was Slippery Pete. With so many funny people I was expecting more comedy but I still liked this movie. You have seen worse.
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What what?
doctorsmoothlove16 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's one thing to make a movie where a man's self-aware hemorrhoid goes on a bloody rampage against his enemies. It's something else to premise that concept on a coming-of-age tale for late 20's hipsters. Bad Milo! opens with Duncan's doctor stating, "If you don't have a baby with your wife, someone else will." He works at a financial services company; a job he despises. A recurring gag results from Duncan's boss asking him to fire people and send them away with care packages containing trashy trinkets. Duncan needs help and is too stubborn to even acknowledge it. He really should. That much stress can tear up your insides.

A monster comes out of his ass. His therapist suggests he bond with it. So, he names it Milo. Milo isn't your typical movie monster. His practical effects design resembles the Mogwai from Gremlins albeit with no fur. We never see Milo properly exit Duncan's body, which is more effective in freaking us out. Unlike other high-concept movies like The Human Centipede and its sequel this film doesn't need excessive gore or brooding dialog. Bad Milo! is too thoughtful for mad scientists, cars that don't start, or Nazi experiments. In fact the movie doesn't explain why Milo exists beyond some pseudoscience. Duncan's efforts to bond with Milo are the focus of the story.

Duncan spends a lot of time talking to his therapist who suggests Milo may be a byproduct of Duncan's non-relationship with his biological father. He goes to meet dad who walked out on the family long ago. Eventually they make it up after a plot twist you could easily predict. That doesn't lessen the amusement of seeing Duncan's id go against his dad's. Duncan wins, so he has to find a way to reach out to Milo in a way he'll understand. He finally stands up for himself by forcibly subduing his little buddy.

Milo attacks people off screen except for the doctor who literally gets de-masculinized. This between explicitness and queasy curiosity happens most of its runtime. The movie pads this tension with over the top secondary characters like Duncan's insufferable boss and his mom. Duncan's mom is married to man half her age. Some of these characters' deaths are amusing but the dialog feels forced. These jokes play like the writers just knew they were funny. Maybe they would be in a movie lacking butt monsters. Seriously, Bad Milo! is a movie where the premise is its own over the top character.
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Stress can cause stomach pains, but so can a creature living in your intestines.
The-Plague12 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
'Bad Milo' is a horror comedy starring Ken Marino who plays Duncan, an average man with an average life and a not so average creature living in his intestines. When Duncan begins getting stomach pains he assumes they are caused by the stress in his life, but there is actually a much less rational explanation. He soon finds out that he has a creature inhabiting his body; a fierce little monster who comes out through his butt to take revenge on the stress factors in his life. The creature, who looks like a cross between a demon and the "I'm the baby, gotta love me" dinosaur, and Duncan co-exist but how long can the situation stay under control? One might assume that a movie containing a creature that pops out of a man's butt to kill people would be stupid, but 'Bad Milo' is actually very well put together. Writers Benjamin Hayes and Jacob Vaughan succeed in creating a movie with immature subject matter conveyed in a non repugnant way. Milo, the killer hemorrhoid has his own personality and becomes as crucial to the movie as the other characters. At times you let your guard down thinking "he is kind of cute isn't he?" then you remember he came from a guy's butt.

Ken Marino is perfect fit playing the typical "everything about me is average" guy, but he also manages to step up and wedge himself into the hero role. The movie introduces psychological elements such as accepting your Id and also delves into family relationships. 'Bad Milo' never goes completely over the top to the point of losing the viewer, and although I found it enjoyable I think it would have been more successful as a short film. Certain aspects of the story start to become tedious but then a monster pops out of a butt and grabs your attention yet again.
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Move over Gizmo, Milo here!
atinder1 February 2014
Bad Milo (2013)

The plot may put some people off, this movie is about Duncan Who's got a creature in his A** , who ever cause Duncan stress, it will come out and kill them, then go back into his A** !

This movie was perfect for me , as these are my kind of movie, this movie had me laughing so much, I can not remember last time laughed so much at a movie.

Milo was not that bad looking, it did look scary enough and in someway it looked kind cute as the same time.

There were decent bloody moment in, which I thought were really fun, not too gory.

Soon as the Dad was on screen, I kind of knew were they were they going go with that, the fight scene was awesome, I was almost on floor laughing my head off.

I saw the ending coming, I loved there be a sequel and the acting was perfect!

Move over Gizmo, Milo here!

For me this a Classic! . Going to give a 9 out 10 (Still not as good gremlins but better the Critters)
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Delightfully offbeat and often uproarious horror comedy
Woodyanders1 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Stressed out milquetoast office worker Duncan (an excellent and engaging performance by Ken Marino) discovers that he has an angry little beast named Milo living in his intestines who occasionally comes out of his rear end to kill anyone who causes Duncan to feel either mad or upset.

Director/co-writer Jacob Vaughan relates the enjoyably off-the-wall story at a zippy pace, maintains a likeable quirky tone throughout, gets lots of laughs from the hysterical sense of no-holds-barred outrageous humor, and even manages a few tender and touching moments amid all the jaw-dropping lunacy. The adorably grotesque Milo serves as a strong metaphor for the potentially toxic and destructive consequences wrought by letting one's deeply repressed id and subconscious run amuck as well as the need to face your emotional and psychological demons head on in order to make peace with said demons. Moreover, it's acted with aplomb by an enthusiastic cast: Gillian Jacobs as Duncan's sweet and concerned wife Jillian, Peter Stormare as flaky therapist Highsmith, Mary Kay Place as Duncan's loopy mother Beatrice, and Patrick Warburton as jerky boss Phil. An absolute hoot.
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