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Season 1

Nov. 2008
Colossal Tales
A new student spells competitive trouble for Carlos and Sluggy and catapults our hero into a tangled web of deception and lies.
Nov. 2008
Topsy Turvy
The town's residents slack off their responsibilities to pursue music careers, professional leapfrogging and martial arts, leaving Carlos alone to face a near disaster.
Nov. 2008
No Prize Surprise
Carlos has a gleam in his eye for a cool gadget just like Sluggy's. A blunder of the mouth boomerangs back to Carlos, bringing him to his senses as to the real treasures he possesses.
Nov. 2008
While the rest of their schoolmates participate in cleaning their school grounds, Carlos and Antonio give everyone the slip and head out for a day of fun in the sun at the local beach.
Dec. 2008
Buggy Bigbucks
When Carlos finds a lottery ticket and wins what he thinks is a large fortune, his life suddenly takes a new twist!
Dec. 2008
The peaceful town of Mogan is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a costumed duo of super-heroes.
Dec. 2008
A school camping trip takes a twist as a dare to watch a series of "scary movies" sets the imagination of the student bugs awhirl.
Dec. 2008
Batter Chatter
During a pie competition, Carlos jumps to a far-fetched conclusion which spreads like wildfire
Dec. 2008
Buggy Breakup
When the bug students work together on a school float to collect food for a charity event, they lose sight of the goal and begin to compete against each other.
Sep. 2009
Cheater Critters
When Carlos decides to cheat his way to good grades, his deceit is exposed and he learns that dishonesty doesn't pay.
Sep. 2009
Royal Trouble
When Carlos and Sluggy compete for a role in the school play, they learn a lesson in humility.
Sep. 2009
Hocus Bogus
Carlos and Sluggy try rather dubious means to earn money to attend the state fair and learn a lesson in diligence and hard work.

 Season 1 

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