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The town of Middleton's good witch Cassandra 'Cassie' Nightingale (Catherine Bell) is looking forward to her birthday on 24 October and wants nothing more than a party where the entire family -- husband Jake (Chris Potter), son Brandon (Matthew Knight), daughter Lori (Hannah Endicott-Douglas), baby Grace, grandpa George (Peter MacNeill), and George's new wife Gwen (Elizabeth Lennie) -- can be together one last time before everyone's lives start going in separate directions. In the midst of making party arrangements, however, Cassie's knack for her seemingly magical solutions seems to collapse, events around her and her family go poorly, and portents of doom surround her. When Gwen's estranged son Drew Harrison (Robin Dunne) pops up in Middleton with his fiance Helen (Kate Todd), old wounds are reopened.

The Good Witch's Destiny is the sixth movie in the Hallmark Channel's The Good Witch series, created by screenwriter Rod Spence. It was preceded by The Good Witch (2008), The Good Witch's Garden (2009), The Good Witch's Gift (2010), The Good Witch's Family (2011), and The Good Witch's Charm (2012). The screenplay for The Good Witch's Destiny was written by Annie Young Frisbee. It was followed by The Good Witch's Wonder (2014).

The Grey Lady is Cassie's great aunt Elizabeth Merowick from whom Cassie inherited Grey House and remodeled it into the Bed & Breakfast in which George and Gwen now live. The Grey Lady and Grey House got their names, or so the legend goes, because Elizabeth Merowick always wore grey after she was left to languish by her sailor husband, Naval Captain Charles Hamlin. The story goes that Elizabeth kept a light burning in the window for 28 years until it finally went out. The next day, Elizabeth was found dead of a broken heart. However, it was revealed in The Good Witch's Garden that Elizabeth was actually a writer and that Captain Hamlin was merely a fictional character in her book of stories. In The Good Witch's Destiny, Lori discovers that Elizabeth disappeared on her birthday, also 24 October, and was never heard from again, causing the Russell family to fear that the same fate is going to befall Cassie.

A year would be a good guess. The Good Witch's Charm takes place during the fall semester of Brandon's first year in college. He is unable to come home because of midterms, which usually fall about six weeks into the semester. Lori is still in high school, and Baby Grace is about eight months old. In The Good Witch's Destiny, which opens in mid-October, Lori is in her first year of college (on scholarship) and planning to study abroad next year, and Baby Grace looks to be about 18 months old, all leading to a good guess that about a year has passed.

Thinking that someone may have broken into Grey House, Jake checks it out, only to see Cassie come walking down the stairs dressed as a flapper. She leads him and the family out to the backyard, which has been lavishly decorated for her Halloween-themed birthday party. Later, after all the guests have donned costumes, Drew performs a magic trick in which he makes the stolen portrait of Elizabeth Merowick appear. He explains that he had Mia's (Dani Kind) restoration evaluated by the museum and that they were so impressed they want to hire her. Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) assures Cassie that she had her husband, the mayor of Middleton, works things sout with Cassie's landlord because the cause of the fire at the Bell, Book & Candle was actually the painter leaving a turpentine-soaked rag in the trash. George informs Drew that the alwyer was able to get his contract nullified and work out an even better deal. Lori presents Cassie was an old book written by Edward Whymark and explains that 'Edward Whymark' is a pseudonym used by Elizabeth Merowick, who ran away with her lover Andrew Whymark to escape her father who didn't feel it appropriate that a woman whould waste her time writing. Brandon and Tara (Ashley Leggat) announce that they set a date for their wedding on June 22nd...two years in the future. In the final scene, Jake tells Cassie that life with her is 'magic', and Cassie says that this is her 'perfect moment' and that she doesn't need magic to know that it will never end.


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