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  • Inspired by true events, Guidestones is the story of two journalism students who uncover a global conspiracy while investigating an unsolved murder. Sandy Rai (Supinder Wraich) is an exchange students from India, studying journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. While working on a photojournalism assignment with fellow student Trevor Shale (Dan Fox), she sees a strange apparition that bears a striking resemblance to scientist Harold Glenndenning (David Fox), murdered under puzzling circumstances. Anxious to get to the bottom of the story, Sandy visit Harold's old home where she stumbles upon a strange symbol. Following this clue and others, she learns that Harold had a connection to the builders of the Georgia Guidestones, an enigmatic monument located in a farmer's field in Elbert County, Georgia. Made of granite and 20 feet tall, the structure is inscribed on eight sides with 10 guidelines or principles for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. Baffled, Sandy and Trevor quickly abandon their photojournalism assignment and travel to Georgia where they encounter the cryptic Guidestones. The trip only deepens the mystery around Harold's murder while presenting them with more clues to decipher and follow. Returning to Toronto, Sandy quickly discovers that the next clue in the puzzle leads her back to India. Convinced that she is about to stumble upon something big, she returns home. Little does she know that the story she uncovers will expose a hidden cabal involving some of the world's most powerful people and their plans for the destruction and reconstruction of modern global civilization.


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  • This interactive thriller tells the story off two journalism students who uncover a global conspiracy while investigating an unsolved murder. Shot on location in Canada, the US and India, GUIDESTONES delves into the very real mystery of the Georgia Guidestones. The series is live at the URL above where you can sign up to experience the story in real-time as it unfolds. Follow the clues hidden in each episode to find additional web, multimedia content and other extras.

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