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Person of Interest (2011)Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest (2011)Person of Interest (2011)Vincent Curatola in Person of Interest (2011)Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest (2011)
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The machine dispenses five numbers belonging to the five biggest Italian mafia bosses in the city, including Moretti's son and Elias' half brother, Gianni Moretti, Jr. Reese and Finch surmise that their numbers can only mean that Elias is targeting the five, he planning to consolidate their operations under his leadership. Because Elias is involved, they want to inform Carter, but she still is not taking their calls. Meanwhile, Carter learns that a bank account they are tracking that is believed to belong to Elias has just been drained of all its money - $4 million - with the transfers made to several unknown sources. She too surmises that the five mafia kingpins are being targeted by Elias, with the money going to Elias' associates for their parts in taking out the kingpins. Carter plans on taking the five into protective custody whether they like it or not. The race becomes who can get to the five first. Through the process, Carter learns that her job is made all the more difficult ...

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