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Season 1

17 Dec. 2012
Putting Out Fires
In the Gilchrist administration, there is never a dull moment in the white house.
10 Jan. 2013
The Skiplantic Ocean
President Dale Gilchrist can't concentrate on a national security meeting because he's worried more about the press finding out his 'good' daughter got pregnant. Skip takes it on himself to distract her, but ends up in the press room. Stepmother agreed to distract the twins until Becca can tell them herself, but they catch on fast.
17 Jan. 2013
So You Don't Want to Dance
The presidential couple aspires a crucial education bill. She's hoping to take credit, but the press only questions her about fashion and similar girlish futility. To swing the Capitol vote, they must work on rude, wheelchair-ridden senator Frohm Thoroughgood, a Dixie war hero and unadulterated racist. Skip meanwhile goes all the way to publicly court the white mail-room supervisor's Asian ward Stacey Kim.
24 Jan. 2013
Meet the Parent
The presidential couple may focus on a visit from the Austrian federal chancellor and spouse, the press only cares for rumors about daughter Becca's baby's speculative father. Actually he secret service traced down and drags to the White House Old Navy store clerk DB, who had no clue but proves a true gentleman, only she doesn't care. Protocol chief Winslow's warning about Habsburg china is neglected by the first lady at their peril.
7 Feb. 2013
Protesters are fed up with President Gilchrist's transportation policies and Skip attempts to come to the rescue.
21 Feb. 2013
Skip the Tour
Skip thinks he can make White House visits more interesting the 'boring' official tour guide, so he hijacks a group for his ludicrous version, which one knowledgeable visitor keeps pointing out to be nonsensical. D.B.'s natural charm works at a joint interview he gives with Becca on their pregnancy, unlike her ex the press attaché's instructions, or her 'revenge' for his perfectly OK date. The president can't keep up taking the non-stop implied criticism from his brother, a successful Vegas entrepreneur, on his first White House visit, as the first lady steers for a ...
28 Feb. 2013
To the Ranch
Unable to decide which of three candidates to nominate for the Supreme Court, the president delays it and takes an 'inspirational' family weekend holiday on the ranch. While clumsy Skip keeps him unpleasantly entertained, his wife proves a stepmother from hell by dragging the unwilling city kids and stoic Secret Service escort 'into nature'. D.B. sweetly comes to the unnecessary rescue of Becca.
7 Mar. 2013
Live from the Lincoln Bedroom
Skip, assisted by 'technician' Xander, has sneakily transformed the Lincoln bedroom into his podcast studio. The press found out first, so embarrassed White House spokesman Marshall Malloy hastens to go shut him down, but gets tied down in a promise to star in the 'last broadcast' about his own career. That reveals then congressman Dale even had his intern write personal letters, including the treasured one Gil considered his father's only expression of paternal pride, so he's on the war path. Malloy is called in to referee a bitter, stupidly public row between first ...
14 Mar. 2013
Game Theory
Skip prepares for a date.
21 Mar. 2013
The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury
Despite presidential influence, Skip's bid for a NASA career aiming at astronaut status is cut very short by the lack of a college degree. Stepmother swears she can help him finish the sole lacking paper, although Skip's distraction modus seems insurmountable. Becca is on senator Faxler's environmental policy task group solely thanks to daddy but wants to prove herself worthy. She abuses the fictitious identity Reba Cadbury, which the White House spokesman uses for long just to get a quiet second office, but now everybody butts in.
21 Mar. 2013
Dinner, Bath, Puzzle
The smug French presidential couple Bernard Milbert and wife inspires the Gilchrists urgent lust to try their 'sercret formula', including shared bath and puzzling. Skip is supposed to babysit his junior siblings, but can't control theme anymore.
28 Mar. 2013
Bursting the Bubble
Only D.B. knows how to handle Becca when instead of 'curing' the twins' gaming addiction, she gets hooked, even making the kids see sense. The Andorran princess Abigail visits and demands to be hosted by fellow nut-case and party animal Skip, whose contradictory help cries drive Marshal crazy. The president discovers his wife's poker gang, masqueraded as think tank, and that all staffers just pretend to laugh at his jokes.
28 Mar. 2013
Marry Me, Baby
To compensate a denigrating presidential sneer about marriage, followed by doubts if the first couple is even legally wed, PR dictates a ceremony, presented as vows renewal. Meanwhile the chase for the license, which Skip might have lost, is on. Differences about the ceremony are forgotten as Becca has to give birth early. D.B. hurries to step up and prevent last-minute his son being born illegitimately.

 Season 1 

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