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10 Jul. 2012
A man has surgery to repair a defective mitral valve; A man with liver cancer has surgery; A young mother of two has surgery for a brain tumor; A man with emotional and substance abuse issues complains of back pain; A man with a strange rash is suspected of having measles; A patient has projectile vomited into an ER nurse's face; A patient who had been treated for food poisoning later brings flowers to his ER nurse.
17 Jul. 2012
Episode #1.2
A man comes in who has been found lying on the ground with a knife inside him; A woman comes in with a leaking aortic aneurysm; A man who has fallen and bumped his head at a St. Patrick's celebration is not cooperating; A 25-year-old girl experiences pain in her left abdomen after working out; A frequent flyer shows a nurse his appearance on a 1995 episode of "Taxicap Confessions."
24 Jul. 2012
Episode #1.3
Three gunshot wound victims arrive within 20 minutes; A woman has a defective heart valve; An HIV+ patient with a failing heart awaits news of a transplant; A 24-year-old woman has been in an accident riding in a taxi; A 24-year-old man has been beaten up; A 25-year-old woman has been in a car accident; A bouncer at a club has been beaten up by a customer.
31 Jul. 2012
Episode #1.4
A man has been shot in the leg; A woman has surgery for an ischemic colon; A man who is complaining of stomach pains has an X-ray that shows he has swallowed keys, nails, screws, and other metal objects, and later has to have surgery to remove some of them when they become entangled; A little girl needs surgery to remove a tumor from her heart; Two men have been injured when a scaffold collapses; A woman comes in complaining of pains in her leg; A young mother is treated for an aortic dissection;A man collapses from cardiac arrest in front of the hospital; A stabbing ...
7 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.5
A 47-year-old drunk man falls off a table while dancing; A man needs surgery for a bowel obstruction; A woman complaining of chest pains suffers a pulmonary embolism; A liver transplant patient is going to receive part of a liver from his brother; A ten-year-old boy has a piece of meat caught in his esophagus; A female shooting victim arrives in cardiac arrest; A woman is treated for breast cancer; An intoxicated patient claims to have been beaten up by police; A former actress is complaining of vertigo;
14 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.6
A man is having surgery on a cancerous gall bladder; Staff are unable to save a patient brought in suffering a heart attack; A cystic fibrosis patient awaits a lung transplant; A kidney transplant patient is wincing in pain before his drainage tube is to be removed; A patient is transferred from another hospital after collapsing; A frequent flyer comes in inebriated, then several weeks later comes in in cardiac arrest.
21 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.7
A man has been slashed on his palm; An 87-year-old woman is scheduled to have surgery on a defective valve; An unborn baby is diagnosed with a heart condition that will need surgery as soon as he is born; A 75-year-old woman is scheduled to have surgery on a cancerous stomach tumor; A 28-year-old bicyclist gets caught between a garbage truck and a taxi; An 18-year-old woman suffers a severe arm injury after being ejected from an automobile; A young woman is suspected of having a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.
22 Aug. 2012
Episode #1.8
A 25-year-old man has been shot in the leg; A young woman has surgery for a large sarcoma; A 49-year-old man has facial burns from a previous laser surgery to remove growths; A copy editor for the New York Post has been hit by a taxi; A young man has a slight fracture to the tip of his finger after shutting a hotel window on it; An elderly man with an aortic dissection awaits to see whether or not he will need surgery; A man has a cancerous stomach tumor removed; A man awaits a heart transplant; An 18-year-old has surgery for Crohn's disease.

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