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5 Things to Know About the Murder of Lauri Waterman Tied to Her Teen Daughter

Everyone pretty much knows everyone else in Craig, Alaska, a town of about 1,400 on a picturesque island accessible only by boat or plane.

But even if its residents didn’t know everybody in the fall of 2004, they likely knew the Watermans.

Dad Carl “Doc” Waterman was a real estate agent who served as president of the local school board. Mom Lauri was a well-liked civic volunteer with the Girl Scouts and Little League and a special education teacher’s aide. Daughter Rachelle was a 16-year-old high school honors student who played volleyball and sang in the school choir.

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Movie Review – Almost Holy (2015)

Almost Holy, 2015.

Directed by Steve Hoover.

Starring Gennadiy Mokhnenko.


The real-life account of a Ukrainian Pastor and moral enforcer, Gennadiy Mokhnenko, who takes it upon himself to single-handedly rehabilitate child drug users in Mariupol where violence and poverty is rife.

Almost Holy is a documentary that follows Gennadiy Mokhnenko, who calls himself Pastor Crocodile after Cheburashka, the 60’s Russian animation film by Soviet writer Eduard Uspensky. Clips from the animation plays throughout Almost Holy as we follow Gennadiy backwards and forwards from the early 2000’s to 2014 in a time of political, societal and economic volatility and uncertainty in Ukraine, more specifically Mariupol – the tenth largest city.

Gennadiy is a mountain of a man. Strong-willed, passionate about the youth of his city and authoritative, he has decided to focus all of his powers into the rehabilitation of children affected by the symptoms of poverty, for the large part this is drug addiction.
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Five Questions for Almost Holy Director Steve Hoover

In the early 2000s, amid political turmoil in the Ukraine, a pastor named Gennadiy Mokhnenko battled child homelessness and drug addiction using unorthodox methods. The controversial pastor abducted homeless children, many of whom suffered drug addiction, and forcibly brought them to Pilgrim Republic, a rehabilitation center he founded in the city of Mariupol. Relying on a mix of interviews and footage which tracks the self-appointed savior’s mission over fifteen years, Almost Holy is a complex portrait of a complex person. The film was directed by Steve Hoover, who directed the Sundance Grand Jury and Audience prize-winning Blood Brother, which also focused on a self-appointed savior […]
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[Review] Almost Holy

The most fascinating part of Steve Hoover‘s latest documentary Almost Holy is how its subject Gennadiy Mokhnenko parallels the life of well-known Russian cartoon Krokodil Gena. The latter deals with a lonely crocodile zoo worker named Gena and his friend Cheburashka: a young, abandoned creature rejected by the establishment employing him. The two therefore construct a home for the lonely as a result so nobody will feel their pain again. This show is the only thing to come out of the former Soviet Union that Mokhnenko remembers fondly, his drive to clean Ukraine’s streets of drugs aligning with the promise of a European Union membership in direct opposition of everything the Ussr was. The kids he shelters call him Pastor Crocodile, the savior of Pilgrim House.

Hoover uses this parallel by interspersing his profile of Mokhnenko with relevant clips from the cartoon to soften the man’s edges.
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15 Films to See in May

The summer has arrived — at least if you’re going by Hollywood’s calendar. Our comprehensive preview for all four months will give you a hint as to what we most anticipate — but, for a more in-depth look, today we have our first monthly feature of the season. It should be noted that theatrical re-releases of the Jean-Luc Godard classic Band of Outsiders and Eiichi Yamamoto‘s animation, Belladonna of Sadness, both arriving on May 6th, as well as Fritz Lang‘s Destiny (on May 20th), are essential.

Getting to the new features, perhaps our most-anticipated studio release of the entire summer arrives, along with some of our festival favorites from the last year. To those lamenting the lack of superhero films: we figured it was best not to waste the space, as they are certainly already on your radar if you’re planning to buy a ticket. Check out
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Watch: Trailer For Terrence Malick Produced Documentary 'Almost Holy' Introduces Pastor Crocodile

Terrence Malick may not have made any new friends with this year’s "Knight Of Cups," but the fact remains that he is still a filmmaker whose name holds weight. If a deserving film reaches eyeballs solely on the strength of his name recognition, then we couldn’t be happier. Read More: The Curious Case Of Terrence Malick & The Worrying Cost Of Diminishing Returns Such is the case with "Almost Holy," for which Malick is on board as executive producer. Directed by Steve Hoover ("Blood Brother"), "Almost Holy" is the story about Gennadiy Mokhnenko, a Ukrainian pastor who has dedicated his life to rehabilitating drug-addicted children. Nicknamed “Pastor Crocodile,” he is also known on the streets of Mariupol as a vigilante who will do whatever it takes to carry out his mission. You can check out the trailer for the film below. Featuring original music co-performed by Atticus Ross ("The Social Network,
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Trailer for Terrence Malick-Produced Documentary ‘Almost Holy’

Unless there’s a surprise announcement, it looks like Cannes will once again be Terrence Malick-less, despite rumors that one of his upcoming features was going to premiere there. However, this summer, one of his executive-producing efforts, Almost Holy, a new documentary from Steve Hoover (Blood Brother), will see a release, and today the first trailer has landed.

Previously titled Crocodile Gennadiy, it follows a Ukrainian pastor, Gennadiy Mohknenko, who has stirred controversy in his attempt to fight child homelessness by abducting street kids to bring to his private rehabilitation center. As quoted on the poster, The Village Voice‘s Aaron Hillis called it “the best superhero vigilante movie of the year,” and Hoover’s picture — also produced by Nicolas Gonda and featuring a score from Atticus Ross — looks like a compelling watch.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The fall of The Soviet Union left Ukraine in
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Exclusive Poster for Terrence Malick-Produced Documentary ‘Almost Holy’

With a number of features in various states of production, 2016 may indeed be the year of Terrence Malick, but his directorial efforts aren’t the only projects that will soon see the light of day. This summer, one of his executive-producing efforts, Almost Holy, a new documentary from Steve Hoover (Blood Brother), will see a release, and we’re pleased to exclusively premiere the first poster.

Previously titled Crocodile Gennadiy, it follows a Ukrainian pastor, Gennadiy Mohknenko, who has stirred controversy in his attempt to fight child homelessness by abducting street kids to bring to his private rehabilitation center. As quoted on the poster, The Village Voice‘s Aaron Hillis called it “the best superhero vigilante movie of the year,” and Hoover’s picture — also produced by Nicolas Gonda and featuring a score from Atticus Ross — is certainly one we can’t wait to see.

Check out the poster and synopsis below,
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Check Out These Crazed 10 Cloverfield Lane IMAX TV Spots!

Blood Brother” sequel to hit film releases pair of TV spot trailers. Director Dan Trachtenberg’s J.J. Abrams produced 10 Cloverfield Lane will hit theaters on March 11t and man…it looks crazy good. We loved Matt Reeves’ first Cloverfield film but this is not a direct sequel. Rather it serves as a kind of “blood brother”…

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Watch Star Wars Fan Film Rebel Scum

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Turning back the Star Wars clock and bringing us back to the opening of The Empire Strikes Back, fan film Rebel Scum tells the story of Echo 12, a rebel pilot whose snowspeeder crashed on Hoth during the epic battle we all know and love, who must survive the frozen wasteland after the Rebellion evacuated the planet. A loving tribute to the original trilogy from Blood Brother Cinema, the movie was shot on location in Alberta, Canada, and nearly all the visual effects were created without the use of CGI, instead favouring more old school techniques like stop motion animation. Check it out below.
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ABC Gives Pilot Production Order to Legendary TV Comedy ‘Downward Dog’

ABC Gives Pilot Production Order to Legendary TV Comedy ‘Downward Dog’
Legendary TV has nabbed a pilot production order from ABC for comedy “Downward Dog.”

The single-camera half-hour project revolves around a woman and her dog. The concept originated as a web series created by Samm Hodges and Michael Killen for Animal Media Group. Hodges and Killen will exec produce the series for Legendary and ABC Studios, along with Mosaic Media Group’s Jimmy Miller and Sam Hansen and Animal Media’s Kathy Dziubek.

“Very rarely have I ever seen something so well-conceived, and then well-executed. Michael and Samm have imagined a perfect blend of comedy, observation, and heart. I couldn’t be more excited about this,” said Miller. Mosaic Media Group set a first-look development pact with Legendary TV late last year.

Animal Media Group is entertainment arm of Pittsburgh-based commercial production house Animal, Inc. The company has also produced feature films including “Blood Brother,” which took the Sundance Grand Jury Award in 2013, and “Gennadiy,
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The Orchard Acquires Tribeca Documentary 'Crocodile Gennadiy'

The Orchard Acquires Tribeca Documentary 'Crocodile Gennadiy'
Read More: Exclusive: The Orchard Acquires North American Rights to Sebastian Silva's 'Nasty Baby,' Starring Kristen Wiig Following its recent premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Orchard has acquired the North American rights to director Steve Hoover's critically acclaimed documentary "Crocodile Gennadiy." Terrence Malick and Nicholas Gonda serve as executive producers while Atticus Ross, Academy Award winner for his score for "The Social Network," composed the film.  "I could not be more excited to be teaming up with The Orchard. Their passion and vision for this film felt like the perfect strategy to bring it to audiences," said Hoover. "It's been an amazing ride so far with such a great and supportive team on board; I'm thrilled to be moving forward." Hoover's first film, "Blood Brother," won Sundance's Audience and Grand Jury Awards for Best Documentary in 2013.  "Crocodile Gennadiy" follows the...
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Pins & Needles: The Orchard Take “Crocodile Gennadiy” into Their Own Hands

Despite the Tribeca Film Fest only being at the halfway mark it would appear that we have already have a critical darling and front-runner among the doc selections with Steve Hoover’s sophomore doc leading the charge. Much like how they looted Sundance, and walked away with the top doc of that fest in Cartel Land, The Orchard folks now have the much buzzed about Crocodile Gennadiy in their future line-up. Offering back to back heart-warming and heart-wrenching portraits, Hoover (who we met less than two years back) who saw his Blood Brother win both the Audience and Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at the 2013 edition of the Sundance Film Festival looks poised to make a mark on the docu film world yet again.

Gist: Gennadiy Mokhnenko has made a name for himself by forcibly abducting homeless drug-addicted kids from the streets of Mariupol, Ukraine. As his country leans towards a European Union inclusion,
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Crocodile Gennadiy | 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Review

Soviet Nostalgia: Hoover’s Complex Portrait of a Ukrainian Vigilante Pastor Opens Cultural Can of Worms

Steve Hoover’s sophomore feature opens on a Ukrainian industrial landscape overlayed with the following quote from My First Fee by Isaac Babel, a Russian author whose futile death came at the hands of the Soviet secret police: “A well thought out story doesn’t need to resemble real life. Life itself tries with all its might to resemble a well-crafted story.” Out of context, it merely foreshadows the high tension tale to follow, yet knowing Babel’s fate – which isn’t mentioned in the film – brings greater depth to the Ukrainian/Russian situation that snowballs throughout. In Crocodile Gennadiy, what begins as an astounding, morally murky portrait of a man subverting inert government organizations to rescue abused children morphs into a something more akin to a unraveling sketch of a man clutching his overflowing family,
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Meet the 2015 Tribeca Filmmakers #43: Man Takes Homeless Kids Under His Wing in 'Crocodile Gennadiy'

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Meet the 2015 Tribeca Filmmakers #43: Man Takes Homeless Kids Under His Wing in 'Crocodile Gennadiy'
Read More: Meet the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival Filmmakers "Crocodile Gennadiy" is the second film from director Steve Hoover, who won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for his doc "Blood Brother" at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Hoover's second feature tells the story of a man called Crodocile Gennadiy, who works to help homeless, drug-addicted young people on the streets of Mariupol, Ukraine. Bravely, Gennadiy also challenges the city's dealers and abusers, and although he meets with resistance, Gennadiy is steadfast in continuing his work. Although the crew dealt with turbulence while filming in Ukraine, they managed to craft a powerful film about moral ambiguity and civic responsibilities.  What's your film about in 140 characters or less? Gennadiy, a pastor from Mariupol Ukraine, who's known for abducting homeless kids from the streets of his city. Now what's it Really about? Moral ambiguity, vigilantism, drugs, alcohol, systemic...
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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Men in Trees

Among the strangest reveals from Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars: Mike and Mona are apparently the Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton of Rosewood.

RelatedPretty Little Liars Newbie Spills Talia’s ‘Secrets,’ Previews Future With Emily

After Aria’s little brother flipped out — and flipped a table, Teresa Giudice-style — she put Andrew on his trail, eventually discovering that Mike was hiding a vial of Mona’s blood in a tree.

And things didn’t get any less weird when she confronted him about it; Mona apparently plotted to frame Alison for her murder, then gave a vial
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Baby Daddy Sneak Peek: Revenge's Christa B. Allen Calls Dibs on Danny

Revenge‘s Christa B. Allen may be away from the Hamptons (for now), but you’ll be glad to know she hasn’t lost that charming Grayson sense of entitlement.

RelatedBaby Daddy Ep Talks Ben and Riley’s Future in Season 4

TVLine broke the news of Allen’s casting in November, and now we have an exclusive first look at her debut episode of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy (Feb. 25, 8:30/7:30c), in which her legal-eagle character goes for the kill the second she meets Danny.

“Is he single?” she asks Riley. “And if he is, can I make him un-single?
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My Sweet Fat Valentina: ABC Family Developing Series Based on Telenovela

A new primetime soap described as “Revenge meets Ugly Betty“? Ok, ABC Family, you’ve got our attention.

RelatedAwkward Creator, Himym Ep Land Comedy Pilots at ABC Family

The network is developing an American format of the Venezuelan telenovela Mi Gorda Bella Valentina — yes, that translates to My Sweet Fat Valentina — our sister site Deadline reports.

The drama follows Valentina, a young woman who goes into hiding after her mother is murdered. Suspecting that her mom was killed by a relative in order to gain control of the family business, Valentina returns home 10 years later with a new look (pictured
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The Mindy Project Recap: Father Knows Last (Aka the Big Reveal)

The Mindy Project Recap: Father Knows Last (Aka the Big Reveal)
Oh yes, Mindy Project fans, it’s on.

Following the bombshell that ended last week’s episode — Mindy is pregnant! — our histrionic heroine spends this week’s installment trying to tell Danny he’s her baby daddy.

But when Dr. Castellano finally finds out, the news comes from an unexpected source. Grab some ice cream and pickles, and read on for how it all shakes out.

Related Mindy Project Post Mortem: Star Mindy Kaling Reveals How That Big Twist Came About, What’s Next for Drs. L & C

Guess Who’S Coming To Manhattan? | When 30 (!) pregnancy tests turn out positive,
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Supernatural: an episode roadmap for beginners

Been meaning to catch up with Sam and Dean Winchester, but just haven't found the time? Our Supernatural tips for beginners may help...

Maps To TV Shows: Is there a popular show you’d really like to watch but you just don’t have time to wade through years of it all at once? Do you just want to know why that one character keeps turning up on Tumblr? Do the fans all tell you ‘season one is a bit iffy but stick with it, it gets great!’, leaving you with absolutely zero desire ever to watch the boring/silly/just plain weird season one? Then Maps To TV Shows is for you!

In these articles, we’ll outline routes through popular TV shows focusing on particular characters, story arcs or episode types. Are you really into the Klingon episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation? Do you want to
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