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Author: janet-reilly-1969 from UK
25 June 2013

What a rubbish, rubbish film.

I am furious because the DVD cover looked good (depicting a city in flames and a bridge being blown up) when in actual fact that never happened in the film.

It was just a load of blokes running around a woods pretending to be soldiers. If you swapped the guns for a paint balling gun, it would have been the same (but perhaps funnier!)

I wish I had read some reviews before I bought the movie.

Very disappointing - a 13 year old could have made a better film that this one.

Can I have my money back?

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Save your self from this film.

Author: rsimm from Canada
2 June 2013

I am Canadian and I found this movie beyond laudable. This movie was so bad I feel I dropped IQ points just for watching it. The acting was terrible and rigid, wholly unbelievable. The Costumes department made some terrible errors in the Canadian Combat Infantryman's uniform and gear. The Aliens were unbelievable. Even the props used in the film were a joke. If you are Canadian and reading this you should feel embarrassed and start apologizing for this film being release by your country. I really was hoping for more from the studios that made this low budget film. This film was definitely the worst thing I have seen in the last 20 years, and I have seen a lot of crap movies in my day.

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Why make a film like this?

Author: Bezenby from United Kingdom
3 May 2016

Basic premise: Aliens invade Earth and your people on the street are roped in to fight them.

Bottom line: A bunch of actors running about the wilderness shouting at each other and being fired on by actors wearing dodgy squid masks.

Enjoyment: Very little. It really is just a bunch of guys in someone's back garden. Even the muzzle flashes are poor, poor, CGI.

The Bad: When your film is low budget, at least try and inject some sort of content that'll make the viewer remember the film ten minutes after they've watched it. Like gore. Or a story. Or an ending that isn't crap.

This is a very poor excuse for a film, even for a low budget film. I had a camcorder once and about ten pounds and still made something better than this. What were they thinking? How could the filmmakers have thought anyone could get any enjoyment out of this? That's two crap films in a row I've watched that were made recently - I'm going back to the eighties for my next film (after I'm finished watched Carnival of Fear (also crap)).

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3 stars (for 3 different reasons)

Author: Stuart Fisher from Dundee, Scotland
18 May 2016

This film is bad and I'd give the movie itself 1 star. It appears that they spent most of the budget on the DVD cover. The cover shows a big city under attack from aliens. It looks good.

Unfortunately, the film is completely different from what is shown on the DVD cover. Almost all of the film is shot in one location: somewhere in the middle of nowhere. There's a lot of grass, a few bushes and a few trees. There is lots and lots of shooting but both the aliens and the soldiers don't ever seem to hit anything. The dialog is so bad that I honestly can't remember any of it.

Battle Earth also gets one star for the story. It's not that bad really. The story isn't very different from other alien invasion stories, of course, but that's OK. If you can ignore what your eyes are seeing then it's possible to imagine what the film would have been like had it been made completely differently!

It was the story that kept me watching until the end. I'm glad I did though because Battle Earth gets another star for the song at the end. That song is called Lonely by Shaela Miller. I've felt lonely from time to time in my life, so I could relate to it. I like the music and the lyrics to the song too. Finding this song hidden away at the end was definitely the highlight of the whole experience for me!

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A disgrace

Author: rlange-3 from United States
7 June 2015

Why is one of the leaders of a Canadian infantry squad wearing an Arafat kifaya scarf? He even pulls it over his face every time combat starts, as if he is afraid the aliens might take his picture and put it on the internet.

The squad actually decides to just abandon a moderately wounded sergeant because "ya can't save everyone" and he "might slow us down". Worse, despite the script, they don't seem to be in much of a hurry.

Others have commented on the misleading cover, poor acting, and shallow plot. This movie stinks.

That's a shame because I love the "Earth invaded" genre, and there are some potentially creative plot elements including a mysterious alien pod. But that's not enough to overcome the shallowness and boredom.

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Absolutely dire

Author: Boristhemoggy from United Kingdom
17 October 2013

I hate giving up on movies, I feel it like a failure. But I was glad to give up on this tripe and throw the DVD in the bin. There are no saving graces....not one. I feel quite misled for a start because the cover depicted a cityscape battle scene that suggested a sprawling global fight with aliens including everyone, military, police, civilians. This is misrepresentation because almost the entire movie is shot by the river and there are no city scapes. The acting is nothing more than dire. Seriously, the director must have made no attempt to get anything from the actors, they're all so bad I felt embarrassed for them. The story? Well, it wasn't really a story at all. It was boy scouts playing in the woods and their antics filmed badly by an inexperienced and unskilled video camera user. I so vehemently wish I could get a refund on this garbage.

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This was a battle alright...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
20 July 2013

Well, given the production value and the budget for this movie, nothing much can be expected from it, and truth be told, the movie doesn't really deliver.

Despite this fact, then I have to say that the effort and force behind the movie was well-meant and wholeheartedly. And credit should be due for the effort that was put into this movie, at least. Sure, this isn't a major Hollywood blockbuster, nor is it a multi-million dollar budget movie. But for an amateur movie-maker project, then "The Medic" (aka "Battle Earth") was a good attempt, and it did seem that the people had fun making it and participating in it.

The story in the movie was really tame and weak, and it was basically a no-brainer from start to end. It was really a challenge to keep focus on the movie, as it just had nothing to offer at all.

Don't expect to see award-winning performances here in this movie. This is a low-budget movie, and the people hired for the movie weren't seasoned actors, and it showed through the performances on the screen. But still, I bet they had fun running around in uniforms fighting aliens in hilarious costumes.

Bring coffee with you if you plan to sit down and make it through this movie. Because keeping focus all throughout the movie is somewhat of a battle!

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