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I was very impressed.
pariscluff14 February 2013
I am the older brother of the director and had a few small cameo's and I helped with several of the scenes.

I know what went into this movie and how it has turned out is simply amazing, with the experience of the crew and the budget that was involved I think what we have here is a fantastic show.

Its not perfect Hollywood but its really good.

I have shared it with several friends who were simply amazed at the quality of the film.

I have seen Hollywood shows that were definitely worse than this show, in fact I watched a show that is a main stream show with well known actors right after I watched this movie and I really compared it and was still impressed with this movie.

It does have a great message of hope and faith and keeping focused on what is important in life.

For a debut movie this is incredible. I look forward to more from my brother and Tremendum Pictures.
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