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Decent plot but overall, kind of a letdown.

Author: Kunal Roy
28 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, this was THE episode castle fans were eagerly waiting for after Marlowe mentioned that secrets will be tumbling out in the episode and the Castle - Beckett relationship is finally going to progress! At this point, I must admit that I am NOT a Caskett 'shipper' as such and I sometimes get annoyed by the fandom who seem to only care about Castle and Beckett getting together and nothing else! But then again the main reason that the show is what it is, is the incredible chemistry between the two lead characters of the show brilliantly portrayed by two fabulous actors. So a lot of fans, including me, were eagerly waiting to see their relationship finally progress. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. The episode has a good story line but with its share of flaws. The plot of this episode is centered around a bombing at an Occupy Wall Street protest rally and how reconstructing the "47 seconds" prior to the bombing is crucial to solve the case. Our favourite crime fighting duo obviously manages to solve the whole case!(I sometimes wonder about the number of cases that went unsolved in the 12th precinct before a certain 'ruggedly handsome' man came in to do his 'research' ).

The plot was interesting and was made more intense with Beckett blurting her secret(that she remembers everything from the shootout) out during interrogation while trying to break a suspect. And Castle who somehow was not present at the precinct when the suspect was brought in for questioning, hears all this from outside the interrogation room and is obviously, SHOCKED! And all of a sudden he realises that the person with whom he is in love with, never cared about his feelings at all! (Although we, the viewers, know that that's not true) He starts questioning his reasons to continue as Beckett's partner. But he manages to break the case eventually, and the real culprit is caught.

Now the episode had some pretty good moments. We saw the return of Captain Victoria 'Iron' Gates in a much improved and likable avatar. The plot seemed real and the twists were good. The suspects were a little different and I couldn't have guessed the real culprit! All the lead characters were great as usual. But there were some disappointing moments too. Like, Beckett blurting out her secret, a secret she has told no one except her therapist, to a suspect all of a sudden in the interrogation room? And as it turns out the suspect wasn't even the real culprit! I mean I like the fact that the secrets are finally coming out but not the way it was done. I mean didn't Beckett think of the possibility of Castle listening to the whole conversation? Seemed a bit odd to me. And then the way castle acts after knowing the secret is a little annoying. And the fact that Beckett doesn't know that castle knows..ugh! and then there are just three episodes left for the season! As promised by Marlowe at the Paley fest, they are going to touch upon Beckett's mother's case, Castle's dad's identity and then supposedly Castle's secret(the one that he has been hiding from Beckett about her mother's case)is going to come out and then their relationship is going to progress and all this in the next four episodes??!! How are they gonna manage that? Well, I just hope that they don't disappoint us and give us some MINDBLOWING episodes before season 4 ends! Can't wait for 'The Limey'!

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Proof of a terrible season, so far

Author: nickshane62 from United States
2 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of Castle. I own the first three seasons on DVD, I've seen all the episodes of Season 4 so far, so I'm in no way saying that it's a bad show. What I am saying is that the writing has just simply turned crappy and this episode is living proof for a few reasons:

1. It isn't fun anymore. Remember when it was a show about a lovable boyish man who, thanks to some string pulling, got to ride along with a cop and solve crimes? That was Castle Seasons 1-3. Now, there are no jokes, no lightheartedness, nothing to balance out the seriousness of it.

2. It's no longer centered around crime. Early episodes of Castle were all about catching the killer and restoring justice for the victim and their family, with the really personal stuff being shown as a sub-plot. Now all you get is Castle pining for Beckett who may or may not love Castle back and Castle having to deal with the fact that he won't tell Beckett that he loves her, with the actual crime taking a back seat.

3. The murderer is a total surprise, just not in a good way. Originally, I liked Castle because it was a show that helped you figure out who the culprit really was. They built up evidence, slowly leading you to the conclusion of who the murderer was, but that's all changed. Remember this episode? The reporter was the accomplice? You mean the one who appeared for the first thirty seconds and then disappeared until her interrogation? Yep. No longer is this the show that made you feel smart for slowly but surely discovering the killer, but rather it's the one with the last minute twists put in place for shock value. This episode is a perfect example. As far as we know, the reporter had no motive, and no opportunity to set off the bomb. Then we discover both at the very end. Motive: wanting to advance her career which is stagnant. Opportunity: she just so happened to have gone to the same college as the recruiter of the protest (the college that has around 20,000 students) and they just so happened to be friends who met for drinks. The only real clue we get of any connection between the two is that the victim made a phone call right before the bomb went off and our lovely reporter received a call before she started filming. That wasn't the only episode either. Remember last week, when the killer was the financial adviser, who we only discovered was the murderer toward the very end? Or the one before that when we didn't even meet the murder suspect until the episode was half over with? Hopefully, in the future, the writers will go back to the old way of solving crimes on TV.

4. Castle is a writer, or at least he *was* a writer. One of the fun things about the show was that whenever a new piece of information popped up, Castle had some wild, crazy, awesome theory that, while usually never true, added an air of fun and let you remember who Castle is. He's not some tough cop who's been hardened by the dirty world of crime, he's this youthful, immature, optimistic writer with a huge imagination and a boyish charm that could melt a heart of ice. It was wonderful because it provided a wonderful contrast of Beckett's "evidence is everything" attitude. The victim wasn't killed by his wife, it was super Nazi secret spies wanting a computer chip in the victim's brain. Now, there's no real fun theory about spies, aliens, conspiracy theorists, or anything. It's just three cops and their rich friend who provides no unique insight. Castle is no longer a writer, he's just a guy who's been there for a while and gets to stay for some reason. There hasn't been any mention of a new Nikki Heat book in a long time and, aside from a real quick favor for Martha's "friend," there's been no real mention of Castle being a professional novelist.

So, that's it. Those are my reasons. Hopefully, though, this is just the dark before the dawn. Next episode looks to be promising (it's already aired, but I haven't had a chance to see it) and the episode after looks to be even better, featuring Nathan Fillion's (Castle's) old acting buddy, Adam Baldwin, who played Jayne Cobb in Firefly, a show starring Fillion as Capt Malcolm Reynolds. So, maybe we're looking at a dark past with a bright future ahead of us. One can only hope.

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I really like it very very good

Author: ubisofespam from Italy
14 January 2013

I saw the frist episode of Castle two years ago.I think it's very brilliant because the protagonist nice and all the story are very interesting and well done.I also think the character of Beckett is very good.Tey are very funny,there isn't too much violence and there are some funny scenes with jokes and comic sketch's.I think is also good the relationship between Castle and his daughter.He tries to be a good father, but He also worries for his daughter and the relationship is very funny.I also think that the story between Castle and Beckett is realistic.I really liked this series i think is the best i've ever seen.I didn't liked some episodes but just a few.I very like Castle and I don't forget one episode of it.Only thing that i don't like is that there isn't enough action.

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