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Vegas is one hell of a great TV show
afijamesy2k26 September 2012
I Disagree with this person from IMDb who called this show inept, this is not only the best of the show of the season, it is also one of the best shows of 2012, Michael Chiklis and Dennis Quaid deliver brilliant performances and especially an emmy nomination for quaid as a 1960's rancher trying to find the killer of a governor's daughter and clashed with a mobster in las vegas, the story and the teleplay is wonderful, the chemistry is there, the writing is magnificent, the musical score is great, this is a very good show, in an era of bad television, from reality TV to bad TV remakes, this is a standout from the rest.

This is one of the best shows of the year and I Give it an A.
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Great New Drama
hufnagelocsi9 October 2012
Wow! I've watched both shows and really like it. Dennis and his TV family are awesome. True Grit portrayals. Michael is great as the owner of the casino who is nice on the outside but so nasty inside although he has a softness with there needs to be some. I hope this series makes it and continues to be great. Next to NCIS, I have another great show to watch. Keep up the good work and I hope more people feel the way I do. I also enjoy the old Vegas backdrop and everything else related to the 1960 times! It sure doesn't look that way today. I wish I could have seen the way it looked back then but thanks to this show, I can. I also can't think of anyone who could replace Dennis in this series. He is so dynamic and I'm sure darn realistic. He portrays this character with lots of power which I'm sure being a rancher, he had to have a lot of. Can't wait for the next episode!
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Hope the Show Makes It!
ShelbyTMItchell14 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
CBS should be ashamed of themselves for putting the show on Friday nights from Tuesday nights. As really what in the world are they thinking by putting it on Fridays as that is a dead night of TV.

Anyway, Dennis Quaid makes his first TV regular gig as no-nonsense Sheriff Ralph Lamb based on the real life sheriff in Vegas in the 1960s-1970s. As he wants to clean up Vegas and deputizes two men, including his own son.

A great antagonist is "The Shield's" Michael Chiklis as Savino. Who comes from Chicago to Vegas to run a mob run casino. As both characters collide as they try to outwit one another week in and week out.

Lamb always outsmarts Savino but Savino is down but definitely not out regardless. Great writing and acting. As Quaid settles down in a regular TV gig. Chiklis an old TV pro, is nasty in a good kind of way as the main antagonist.
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VEGAS Provides Real Entertainment
bdp-571-8824982 January 2013
Vegas is real entertainment. Not the typical TV show that airs most of the time, it has a real story and real characters set in a real place and time. It escapes the foul locker room humor of the so called comedy. It doesn't follow the CBS worn out cop show procedural plot lines. What it does do is present a place and time that are different from every other New York grimy modern day cop show loaded with violence. While it deals with the mob and with law and order it does so in a way that is artfully crafted by the writers. It weaves it's plot in and around the Vegas that was just beginning to grow and not the neon metropolis that exists now. The writers touch on bits and pieces of Vegas history that are nicely blended with the storyline. But most of all Vegas presents a cast of characters played by excellent talent that the viewers are just now beginning to build a relationship with as the season progresses. Interrupted by debates, the election, Hurricane Sandy, and other events, this show is just beginning to get in the saddle. Given a fair shot this is a great show just beginning to emerge from the rest of the worn out fare of nighttime television.
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Wow, this show looks like pictures right out of my childhood!
Irishise26 September 2012
The sets and costuming really made me feel like I was looking at photos from my childhood. And Ralph Lamb had been a personal hero of mine. I look forward to some interesting, if fictionalized stories of the early days when the test site was bombing above ground and most of the Las Vegas Vally was ranch land. I have hopes for this show, providing the writers are as good as the actors they've acquired for it.

If anyone is interested in old Las Vegas and how it was, I also recommend watching DESERT BLOOM with JoBeth Williams and Jon Voigt. The emergency drill scene in this movie made my mom cry because she remembered doing the sane drills growing up here.
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Fantastic Show - More please!
haggar327 March 2013
This show has it all and best of all it appeals to me at 40yrs young which is a rare thing for a TV series to do these days. Most of the garbage they churn out now is aimed at young folk but Vegas is a treat for someone who loves the old westerns, classic movies and a good thick plot. Quaid is a great actor and he has great supporting actors around him in this series, the characters are very well written and they all play a big part with no sub plots that waste your time and don't progress things. For once I can see scope for several seasons to come as Vegas grows,the casinos get bigger and the Mob wanting a bigger slice of the action. There seems plenty to go at without getting repetitive. Here's hoping those seasons materialise and who knows, a few cameos for Joe Pesci and co...
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This was awesome
Brownsbros31 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I thoroughly enjoyed this series. Dennis Quaid made a nice transition from the big screen to the small screen. He is perfect in the role of Ralph Lamb. Being from Texas, just like Quaid, I can't help but like a throwback to classic TV Western good guys like Cheyenne Bodie, Matt Dillon, Dan Troop, and others.

Michael Chiklis was also outstanding as the new Mob Boss in town. He's not over-the-top evil like his former rogue cop persona on The Shield. He will do well in this role as the series progresses. It also helps that they have that glitzy Vegas strip background to provide extra eye candy.

The key to a good TV show is making you want to come back the next week and see what happens, and CBS has that with Vegas. I also like seeing the good guys ultimately win, and apparently so do others. CBS seems to have found that formula with shows like this, Hawaii Five-O, and Blue Bloods.
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Good old-fashioned sheriff show
kis-aleksandar27 September 2012
"Vegas" has everything you need for a good, old police story. Based on true events that follow the life and work of the sheriff of Las Vegas. All the characters in the series are clearly defined, without unnecessary drama nonsense. It is a Lamb sheriff, who was for many years the sheriff in Las Vegas since the first casino to mid seventies. Dennis Quaid portrays a rancher who became a sheriff and who catches the first time in the fight against organized crime, sexual predators and maniacs at the time far, far from that described in the CSI: Las Vegas. No microscope, DNA laboratories. There are only a fist, shotgun and boot in the butt.
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Vegas is a winner
john-h196121 February 2013
Vegas is the only major network show I anticipate watching. It is nice to see some entertainment aimed at more adult viewers. I love Las Vegas and I enjoy watching a show about the 'early' days of Vegas. Dennis Quaid is one one of my favorite actors and Michael Chiklis does a great job also. One of the nice features of the theme is the fact that there are so many potential stories and plot possibilities. CBS - please do not cancel this show. It deserves a good run. One of the features I enjoy is the on-going theme of plot line and character continuity (soap opera style) and the sub story theme of a separate crime that occurs and is solved within one show.
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Vegas, love it!
ozfan-112 November 2012
I am very impressed with this show. From the opening moments in the pilot there was action and drama. The characters are based on real people who ran Las Vegas in the 60's when the town was emerging from the desert to become the mecca it is today. I enjoy Quaid's portrayal of Sheriff Lamb. I sure wouldn't want to tick him off. I like the balance that Jack Lamb (brother to Ralph) brings to the sheriff's department. There is minor sexual tension between Ralph/Katherine and Jack/Mia. One of my favorite vacation spots is Vegas (the other is Disney World), I am fascinated by the way this amazing town started. It isn't a surprise with the mafia connections but me being 47, Vegas was just getting started when I was born so all I know of that town is the colossal casino/resorts and attraction/shows. I am really enjoying this portrayal of how it started and am especially happy that the writers are using real life people on which to base the story. I highly recommend this show to my readers.

Check out my blog at talesoftelevision
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Above Average Fun Look at the Sixties
auctionmaestra13 March 2014
I binge watched Vegas and really enjoyed the blast from the Sixties. The plot was suspenseful, most episodes were taut and compelling. A few weak spots. Quaid, physically perfect for the Sheriff role, was very hammy in that role. He's a solid, charismatic actor; needed to be reined in (can't avoid the pun) here. The character of his youngest son was irritating--basically a hormonal nincompoop totally wrong as a sheriff's deputy. Not the fault of the actor who played it with energy and soul, just the writing. The mobster characters and story lines were just great, the working of the casino fascinating and true to life. Carrie Ann Moss, Michael Chiklis, and Sarah Jones were wonderful in their roles. I enjoyed this season, could have happily watched more, too bad.
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when is TV show "Vegas" episode 18 going to be on?
honolulu-hawaii21 April 2013
When is this episode 18 of TV show "Vegas" going to be shown? The local TV schedule for CBS on this Bright House cable did not show it on Friday, because the coverage of what was happening in Boston. Then it said it was going to be on Saturday, April 20, at 8 pm. Then it did not show then, because of some sporting event. Then it said it would be on Sunday morning at 2:05 am. Once again, another show, "Extra" was on instead. How can CBS expect a high rating for a show if this keeps happening? How can we, the viewing public, know when a show is on, if CBS or Bright House keep telling people to watch at a certain time, but keep showing a different program instead?
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count the anachronisms!
jbacks31 October 2012
1960? Whoa! Someone needs to study what 1960 looked like. I saw 1962 Ford Galaxy police cars... a '63 Plymouth and in the scene where Quaid knocks the biker off his bike... a 1967 Pontiac Le Mans! What year is it supposed to be? News flash to the producers and set designer: motorcycles in 1960 didn't have disc brakes. You also have the mayor's flunkie driving around in a 1963 Pontiac. I just don't understand how a production can be this sloppy. Go back and watch CRIME STORY... that series got it right. Why do they bother with a period drama if they don't even try to make it look right? Aiiiigh. I realize this may seem trivial but I believe set design matters. For me watching people drive '63 T-Birds in 1960 is like watching a super tanker float by in a viking movie (see Lee Majors' epic The Norseman) or spying William Shatner wearing a Seiko watch in The Barbary Coast.
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Nobody smokes in Las Vegas in 1960
michaelwill-126 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What a triumph of period detail. Of course none of these characters, local rednecks and arriving mob thugs from the east, would be lighting up, halfway through a butt, or looking for a place to put one out, fifty years ago when the majority of the adult population smoked. And that casino, where nobody gestures with a lighted cig as she or he talks, was as clear aired as a mountaintop. Such realism.

Lovely cars throughout, but a good many were from 1962 and 1963.

Who in the hell was the killer? I saw someone behind the wheel of that blue Cadillac, after Sheriff Quaid faced him down in some strange arrangement of confrontation, but damned if I could make out who it was. There was some revelation a scene earlier, but I wasn't fast enough to catch it. I'm embarrassed to say I'd somehow lost track as the mystery was cunningly laid out.

Who is that Carrie Ann Moss character, looks like a future love interest? One minute the cold establishment enemy and the next laughing with knowing, flirtatious respect. Mob Boss Michael Chiklis has no personality beyond being threatening, or at other times toughly sympathetic. The sheriff's youngest son looks like a wild loose cannon, irresponsible but there when he's needed. Everyone else seems to be holding off till next week or ones beyond, when we learn the cliché they fill.

What a friggin' BOMB! Stupid, phony and inept. Exactly which makers of "Goodfellas" etc. were behind this new dimension of television crime entertainment? It is a gangster show that has no swearing, and no violence beyond what you might've seen in "Murder, She Wrote."
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Cars and props used incorrect for 1960
Patrick Fitzhenry26 September 2012
Whomever was in charge of securing the cars and other props for this show, indicated at the beginning as 1960, really failed, embarrassingly. For starters,at the airport, a 1961 Lincoln Continental arrives to pick up Michael Chiklis. Maybe this was supposed to be September 1960? There was also a 1963 Mopar car at the airport. 1963 Ford police cars? A 1967 Dodge Power Wagon pick-up. A 1961-66 Ford pick-up? About the only car that could have been around in 1960 that was in the show was the 1956 Buick that the old Sheriff who was murdered, arrived in. A quick glimpse inside the casino showed slot machines much newer than 1960. The sad thing is that the production company could have rounded up enough cars and trucks of the 1960 model year and earlier, within a day or two. There are also plenty of slot machines of the correct era out there and I could have rounded up enough to fill a small casino in a couple of hours. It looks like CBS cheaped out again like they did back in the 60's for Gilligan's Island. Maybe they built a 1960 Las Vegas Fremont Street on the back lot at CBS in Studio City. If they show a cove of Lake Mead, maybe it's the old lagoon from Gilligan's Island. Oops! I forgot, that's where the Big Brother house is now.
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Typical Big 4 style show. Thin and cheaply done.
bobtis27 September 2012
First episode did not do much for me. I watched this show with great anticipation and was left feeling empty.

1. Photography is just awful, compare to Breaking Bad in the desert or Mad Men setting up in the 1960's 2. What year is this anyway 1960, 1963???? What period in Las Vegas History 3. Sets are so cheap looking.

4. Script is so thin I knew who did it in the first 10 minutes 5. The only thing going for it are the the 3 Class A people staring in it, but they can only do what is presented to them.

I will DVR it and see how it comes along. Maybe well Maybe it will get rolling. I just hope they clean up the horrific casino shots. UGH.
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Odds are not good for Vegas
prosper130 September 2012
From the opening scene, Vegas 1960, things go downhill. Instead of characters, we have caricatures. Chiklis doesn't get off the plane, he stops at the door to look around and survey his domain. If I was behind him, in the hot plane, I'd have pushed him down the stairs. Quaid's character, a fish out of water, contrasts the changing times by riding his horse to the airport and brawling with progress

The writing is terrible, stilted and predictable. The plot is another recycled, hackneyed, Hollywood misfire. I have no idea whom would would watch this show. When you think of the heights TV can scale with The Wire, OZ, Deadwood, The Shield etc, one wonders how a network would put on such a substandard show.

If all the above wasn't bad enough, the art director should be banned from the business. Numerous items, especially the cars date from well after the 1960 setting. I say it is gone by Halloween.
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Suggestions for wardrobe authenticity
blondinis25 January 2013
I respectfully suggest that 3 members of a family, all who live on a ranch together, would not be likely to wear 3 different hat styles in the American West. Rancher-turned-sheriff Ralph, purportedly a former rodeo competitor, wears a pinch front (not a rodeo man's style), his brother, also a rancher, wears a cattleman (spot on for a rancher), and Ralph'S son sports a bull rider crown, but I am not aware of his claiming any rodeo experience.

A hat is not just apparel in the West, it says who you are, what you do and where you are from, so I would expect these fellows to all wear the same style hat. I like the show, but it is distracting in this era of authenticity to see such a mistake in what you call "wardrobe," but I call "gear!" Perhaps it is time to engage an expert on Western customs.
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Technical error burned out car scene, Solid Citizens # 1.5
windywayne31 October 2012
I find the program entertaining and enjoy the effort to provide the flavor of the late 1950s to early 1960s.

I understand the show is placed in early 1960s.

There is a scene where Dennis Quaid brushes the char to read the VIN number located in the left driver side window. This action would not be appropriate or possible for pre-1968 vehicles. The VIN number would be located in the driver side door frame, glove boxes, under the dashboard, on firewalls and other locations.

The engine block casting numbers were often used in place of the VIN numbers.
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Not going to last
joed16672 October 2012
I really wanted to like this show because Dennis Quaid, Jason O'Mara and Michael Chiklis are in it but it's a little too far fetched. A ranger is plucked from his ranch and becomes instant sheriff? I can picture the ACLU and Justice Department being all over someone like this if they existed in real life, the way he walks around with his unlawful use of force, entering property without a warrant etc. I can also imagine what seeing 3 cowboys with rifles entering a casino will do for the tourism.

Then you have the brother and son walking around, asking suspects questions etc., what experience and authority do they have? Has anyone ever heard of the U.S. Constitution that even existed in 1960? It's like I'm watching Walking Tall meets Walker-Texas Ranger. I would say the only difference between these characters and the thugs is that these characters have a badge but I don't even remember seeing any of them wearing one. Maybe it would've worked better had the series been set in 1860 instead when the west was lawless in many of the territories, no ACLU to worry about.

There's just too many Hollywood clichés. I had expected far better from Dennis Quaid. I told the wife I would give it one more episode but I don't expect any improvements nor this show to last.
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I Like This Show Babee
PartialMovieViewer1 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
What can I say? Great show-babee. This program effectively dials back the time machine to the early 60's and tosses you into the middle of the dust-choking streets of Las-freegin'-Vegas-babee. Like some kind of temptation layer-cake, Vegas-babee is packed with a healthy diet of strippers, hookers, gamblers, bad-guys and bright lights – while the entire corruption cornucopia is topped off with a tasty mouthful of sand lodged in deep your windpipe - - - babee. You find yourself becoming part of the moral struggle between good and bad. Do you feel lucky – I mean – do you? Are you ready to put your chips on the side of the law – oops – I mean Mr. Sheriff Dennis Quad-babee or do you feel like rolling the dice with organized crime, and siding with Mr. Michael Chiklis-babee? In any case, you are stuck. Either road you pick – you will more than likely find yourself either chilling your butt out on some ice cold slab in the Vegas-babee morgue or lost in the desert sand as part of some scorpion's breakfast. I really enjoy how this show is put together and the performances of the entire cast. It is almost like you become part of this fledgling town known as Sin City. You are a witness to the long and bloody war between the city's contagion know as corruption and a few decent police officers, offering the only remedy to this infection. The seemingly impregnable shackles of organized crime are kept in-check by the continued probing and picking by the often out-gunned law. From the beginning you know it is Vegas-babee and Mr. Sheriff Dennis Quaid-babeee ain't battling no stinking gang of one armed bandits either – no way. Mr. Quaid – that's Sheriff Dennis Quade-babee…is the law. And he is up against Mr. Michael Chiklis-babee – who is some kind of bad no-gooder. I recommend the show to anyone who enjoys a good cop show. And if you like 12 gauge pumps and Winchesters (or Henrys or Marlins or whatever lever action they have mounted on that swell looking rack in the back window of their pick-up truck…babee) you may want to check this show out as well.
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This show stinks
iiibyrne-388-60345614 October 2012
This could have been a great series - a cop drama, set in the time of the explosive growth of organized crime and corruption as Vegas established itself as the gambling and money laundering hub of the USA. They had the real original sheriff as a consultant, and even if the stuck to real incidents from that time, they could fill 50 episodes. I had hopes for a series that was like Scorsese's "Casino".

Instead what we get is something lamer than "The Dukes of Hazard" (the show, not the recent movie), where sheriff Lamb (Quaid)and his cohorts (all "good simple rural folk" like the Dukes) have run ins with the evil corrupt mafia types. Savino (Chicklis) is the Boss Hogg character. Sneaky big city ways are outwitted by traditional values, mob enforcers are punched out by the cowpunch sheriff, bad guys in fancy suits fall in the mud or cow dung . . . I could go on, but I want to break the TV just thinking about how woeful episode 1 was.

It is lamer than DoH because there is no General E Lee car or stunts, and there is no Daisy in a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Don't watch this. Ever.
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Quaid and Chiklis, enough said
Maniac-97 December 2012
Randy Quaid who's making his first foray into TV acting of his career and he makes quite a good debut as a cowboy turned Sheriff of a younger booming Las Vegas in the 1960's when the mob still ran most of the big casinos in Vegas.

Michael Chiklis plays one of those mob guys, his character being from the Chicago mob. Chiklis was the star of The Shield which is probably the best TV show of all time. While he was decent on No Ordinary Family this role as a mafia guy is a lot more fun to see Chiklis work with.

Also Carrie-Anne Moss from The Matrix plays an Assistant District Attorney.

Just an overall quality show from top to bottom with a lot of good stories whether if they're episodic story lines or the more serial story lines on the show.
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Bring Vegas back!
mypokkemon10 January 2018
We just finished watching the first season of Vegas and I cannot believe it only had one season. The actors are superb and the plot is captivating. The ending left us wanting more and it is set up so beautifully for another season. Great writing and direction. Bring it back please!
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Good production values
bobbobwhite24 September 2015
Glitzy LV is the center of this series about a dour rancher/sheriff v. the casino mob in 1960. Lots of break-your-face action, but little regard is given to the small details that make or break a cop show. For example, in the pilot, a biker could not identify a man on a dark night in the desert but he could see the color of his car as blue? What? Many other errors were just as bad, as with later model cars than 1960. Watch for them.

Dennis Quaid is his laconic, smirky self in his role as the R/S given the sheriff's job of solving a murder that turns into another murder, etc., etc., on and on, all done by the mob or related types, of course. The main casino mobster is the sheriff's primary antagonist and is played by Michael Chiklis of The Shield fame. Dishy female ADA, mobster daughter, and mobster wife are also featured, of course, two of whom will obviously find love with the rancher and his brother in the end, but the wife will not. Also watch for that.

Not a sophisticated series, with a too predictable formula and too much overt violence along with numerous detail errors, but it is a good showcase with great LV strip production values done by Quaid and Chiklis as the two producers and actors who well know what network TV audiences want to see today.
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