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sam2424202 .21 December 2013
I was always interested in politics at a young and i always wondered about the cold war. My parents told me that it was just like to guys flexing there muscles. Although this gave me a general idea i still wanted to learn more. Then i discovered love hate and propaganda the cold war. I watched doc zone programs before like meltdown witch showed me about how our economy crashed in a way that showed that the days of CEO's with high pay checks and company's getting away with everything where over (and at the time i thought so). So naturally i went to doc zone again and this series taught me 1 thing, that the soviets where bad and America was good. So i went on believing that for a while until i done more digging on what actually happened during this war and i discovered (thanks to many documentary's including Oliver stone's untold history of the united states)that the united states was more bad then good and intimidated the soviets. So don't wast your time with this show it leaves out all the facts except for the ones that paint a bad picture the soviets. If you really want to learn about the cold war check Oliver stones documentary untold history of the united states it is significantly better
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Biased as h***
egedal4512 March 2014
This show is nothing but propaganda. It has en immaculate number of historical fallacies and inaccuracies that I take are deliberate when they exist in such vast numbers. Not only does it paint the monstrous picture of the Soviet Union. It glorifies the United States so much that it feels the need to bend history. I threw up a little in my mouth. It hurts to see that people in this day and age still feel anger and hate towards each other that they have pt make propaganda about historical events that are long passed.

I do not recommend anyone watching this show. It has no historical value and can only make you dumber.

I wonder why it has been given 7 Stars.

That's all Jørgen
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