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Season: 1 | 2 | unknown
Year: 2012 | 2015

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: La prima indagine di Montalbano

23 February 2012
College-graduate Salvo Montalbano is a rising star in the Sicilian police, the youngest-ever appointed deputy commissioner. He's determined to solve his last case in his mountain town precinct, presumed gang murder where World War II-period mountaineering boots provide a crucial clue, while already promoted back to his native coastal village, to his fiancée's delight. Taking her there for a visit, he already walks into a web of dirty business involving the mob family's shamelessly 'mischievous' prince and a lawyer-fixer.

Season 1, Episode 2: Capodanno

1 March 2012
Salvo Montalbano declines any New Near('s Eve) invitation and distributes his father's gift, wine from the family vineyard, among his officers. In a room in the hotel where he sleeps, hotel manager Rosina Liotta Locastro's co-owning husband is found fatally shot. Neighbours are questioned in view of arrest for deadly carelessness at festive salvos, a national epidemic. Salvo however isn't convinced and digs in the Locastros business and romantic past. A priest also begs him to hear the deathbed confession of a woman who expires before she can elaborate on a story about poison not provided to a deceased husband's wife. Salvo's old schoolteacher's equally ancient buddy provides inspiration for the last case, but also convinces his fiancée that a cop's wife isn't for her.

Season 1, Episode 3: Ritorno alle origini

8 March 2012
Salvo doesn't see eye to eye with is very different new deputy commissioner Domenico 'Mimì' Augello, a slick, somewhat lazy womanizer, and keeps him cruelly short. Their first case is the kidnapping but quick unharmed return of a young girl during the local festival, so when the father denies filing a complaint, Salvo's focus is on the firm he runs with his brother, Mimi's on nurse Livia, but hers turns to Salvo. A crazy retired hoarder reports the theft of his years collection of beer bottle caps, which Salvo suspects to be about drugs. Finally there's a multiple twist in the local Mafia clan war.

Season 1, Episode 4: Ferito a morte

15 March 2012
A widower loan-shark was slaughtered, naked in is bed. His in-living niece Grazia shot the fleeing killer. One of Domenico's lovers, Elena Briguccio, is exposed as a slut by means of an illegally posted 'referendum', which mainly embarrassed her husband, a politician and the mayor's electoral challenger. Salvo's half-wit groceries delivery boy 'Dindo' is missing, but not long.

Season 1, Episode 5: Il terzo segreto

22 March 2012

Season 1, Episode 6: Sette lunedì

29 March 2012

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: L'uomo che andava appresso ai funerali

14 September 2015
The young inspector Montalbano investigates a murder case where the victims is a man who used to attend all funerals in the area.
Serena Iansiti ... Stella Parente
Andrea Tidona ... Carmine Fazio
Claudio Vitturini ... Rocco Pirrotta (as Claudio Vittorini)

Season 2, Episode 2: La stanza numero 2

21 September 2015

Michele Riondino ... Salvo Montalbano
Alessio Vassallo ... Mimì Augello
Andrea Tidona ... Carmine Fazio
Beniamino Marcone ... Giuseppe Fazio
Fabrizio Pizzuto ... Catarella
Sarah Felberbaum ... Livia Burlando
Nicola Rignanese ... Saverio Custunaci

Enrico Lo Verso ... Ettore Manganaro
Antonio Alveario ... Aurelio Ciulla
Aglaia Mora ... Corinna Scibelli
Alessio Piazza ... Paternó
Maurilio Leto ... Gallo
Rosario Terranova ... Annibale Padalino
Roberta Procida ... Serena Peritore
Francesco Sciacca ... Don Luigi Barbera
Serena Lupo ... Carmela Pulvireti
Federico Rosati ... Peppe Pulvireti

Bruno Crucitti ... Ingeniere Zappulla
Gigi Borruso ... Pippo Lo Verde

Season 2, Episode 3: Morte in mare aperto

28 September 2015
Inspector Montalbano investigates an apparently accidental shooting aboard a fishing-vessel, and becomes involved in a complicated plot involving the Sicilian mafia, infidelity and drug-smuggling.

Season 2, Episode 4: La transazione

5 October 2015

Marco Gambino ... Beniamino Dimeli
Marco Iannitello ... Angelo Curreli
Serena Iansiti ... Stella Parente

Season 2, Episode 5: Doppio errore

12 October 2015

Serena Iansiti ... Stella Parente

Season 2, Episode 6: Un'albicocca

19 October 2015
When a car is discovered upside-down, having crashed over a cliff onto the rocks below, Montalbano finds the driver is a model from Vigatamoda. Meanwhile, his own relocation to Genoa with Livia is postponed while he investigates the case.

Mariela Garriga ... Annarosa

Unknown Season

Il Ladro onesto

7 October 2015

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