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One heck of an eye-opener!
TweetyonIMDB18 October 2013
I don't believe I fully understood the appalling conditions confronting asbestos workers until I viewed this film. The scenes in the factory . . . the workers covered from top to toe in asbestos dust . . . laughing it off in typical Aussie style "she'll be right, mate!", made my blood run cold. And the poor aboriginals working the mines - doesn't bear thinking of. The poor innocents! Shame James Hardie! No wonder it hasn't been repeated on Australian television like so many other series.

Similar to Erin Brockovich, this is a story of courage and determination- depicting how a handful of people CAN expose and win against a corrupt giant. A good, solid script, good direction and good performances all round, particularly by Anthony Hayes who won Best Actor for his role as Bernie Banton.
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A true horror story of corporate conspiracy and the resulting human drama
John Doolan12 November 2012
I just finished watching the 2nd part of this mini series and must say that everyone involved in the production and screening is to be applauded. This production was near flawless in terms of the writing, authentic performances and direction. The actor who played Bernie Banton put in a very nuanced performance, balancing melancholy and the larrakin spirit. Nothing about this film felt forced and is one of the few times I have watched an Australian drama that felt authentic. I urge you to view it and read Matt Peacocks book. This truly shameful episode is ongoing as by some estimates asbestos related disease in this country is still yet to peak. There are people who live in this country dedicated to bringing us the truth and for that I am thankful.
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