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"Desperate Housewives" - "People Will Hear" - May 6, 2012

The ladies are prepping for Bree's trial with her lawyer Trip and Gaby lets slip Alejandro's name by accident but covers it up. The girls' see the chemistry between them. Bree says she is totally focused on the case and so is he. But then admits that she totally digs him and he digs her. Then she realizes he has a hot, young girlfriend, or thinks he does since a hot, young blonde picks him up outside her house.

Later, she calls to talk to him and he's at lunch with his girlfriend. She is at the department store trying to pick out a trial outfit. Gaby promises her it will be okay and reminds her that she's innocent. Bree is worried that Trip is distracted from her case by his girlfriend. Gaby reassures her again.

At the courthouse Bree runs into Trip's girlfriend. Bree asks how Trip knows her. She says he hires her. Bree assumes she's a whore and basically says that to her face. And with that Lindsey, quits the case. She was a private investigator Trip hired and she had a big lead in Bree's case. He wants to talk to her but Bree dissuades him.

Bree catches up to Lindsey on a surveillance gig. She ruins her surveillance and apologizes for insulting her bosoms. Lindsey calls her out for being jealous of her and Trip even though they're not together. She says female clients are always getting the wrong idea since he's such a good lawyer, listener, and shepherd. Bree says he really is into her though. Lindsey says nope, he's just into Bree's case not Bree. But she signs back on.

The night before Bree's trial no one can sleep. Susan, Lynette, and Gaby meet up on the street. Susan and Lynette are worried, Gaby says it will be fine. Susan and Lynette muse about going to the judge and telling the truth and Gaby freaks out at the thought.

Bree also can't sleep and Trip shows up, figuring she couldn't sleep. He brought donuts and "Casablanca." She's worried that since her trial is in six hours that maybe they should be doing something more productive. Trip says it's like sports: you practice all you can and then the night before the big game you just forget about it. They settle in for the movie, which he's never seen.

The trial begins with opening statements. The prosecutor paints the picture of Bree as a drunken whore who didn't even remember bringing Alejandro/Ramon home and killing him. Trip counters that she is a pillar of the community and her friends will testify to that.

Two women in the checkout line at the supermarket read a tabloid story about Bree the "black widow." Gaby overhears them and tries to school them that she's innocent and she defends her and the women tell Gaby to tell Bree to suck it up because everyone thinks she's guilty.

Back at the trial the defense calls its first witness, Susan Delfino, then Lynette, and then Gaby. Their testimony is interspersed describing the night and providing her with an alibi. Gaby goes so far as to say as God as my witness Bree didn't kill him.

Bree takes the stand and admits her transgressions including sleeping with all those men, she did not, however, kill Ramon Sanchez. The prosecutor wants to enter a new piece of evidence, it's a surprise to Trip, it's her suicide note. The prosecutor brings up the fact that the suicide note is dated the same day as Chuck's death. Basically inferring that Bree killed him too. She has Bree read the note. Outside of court Trip wants to know what that note was about. She says she was in a dark place with the drinking and the men but didn't kill anyone. He believes her but worries the jury won't.

At Gaby's house she overhears the girls arguing and they break something. Gaby yells at Juanita for letting Celia take the blame for something she broke and as she yells at her about how not owning up to your own mistakes is bad she finally realizes the gravity of what Bree is facing and starts feeling badly.

Back at the trial Trip asks for a recess when Lindsey brings Trip a file. He's found out who Alejandro really is, Gaby's stepfather Bree tries to explain about the pact with her friends. He wonders if she's willing to commit perjury or even go to jail for these friends she's protecting? She asks if that could happen. He says after the suicide note all bets may be off since the jury probably feels like she's hiding something and now he knows she is. She says this info about Alejandro being Gaby's stepfather can exonerate her but not without betraying her friends. Trip says she's facing 20-to-life and this could be her only way out and it's time to tell the truth about Gaby.

As Bree contemplates this, Gaby shows up at the courthouse. She has brought the perfect scarf and she truly thanks her for what she's doing and says Bree is a much better person than Gaby could ever hope to be. They hug. Bree looks distraught.

Susan and Julie are navigating childbirth class and Julie wishes Susan would stop talking about Bree's murder trial. Julie is annoyed because Porter is late to childbirth class and has missed other meetings. He shows up just as they start showing the birthing DVD. Porter turns to the TV and passes out.

Later, Susan tries to reassure Julie that it's going to be okay in the delivery room. She says Mike was shaky in the delivery room with MJ but once he was born Mike was her rock. She gets choked up talking about him and Julie comforts her. Susan says she's okay, there are just so many memories of Mike in the house. She says Porter will be fine and that Julie is wrong that he isn't into being a dad anymore.

Susan goes to the fast food burger joint where he works to speak to Porter. He's working many extra shifts to help make money for the baby. Susan tells him to tell Julie that since she's worried he's losing interest. He admits to Susan that he's starting to realize it was a bad trade for Julie to keep the baby on the promise that he would help so she could go to school since he doesn't feel like he's going to amount to much.

Susan tries to help Julie relax by doing visualization exercises about Julie finishing school. Julie is confused. Susan says she's moving up near Julie's college and will help with the baby. She thinks it will be good for her and MJ since there are memories on Wisteria Lane that are too hard to live with every day. Julie asks if she's sure. Susan says she is and that though Porter will always be part of the baby's life he needs to figure out his own life right now and she wants Julie to go after her dreams.

Tom is breaking the Mumbai news to the kids. Lynette is trying to play it down but the kids are really upset. Tom tries to reassure them. They all go upstairs. Lynette asks how Jane took the news. Tom says not so well since they're in a bad place. Lynette says maybe time apart will be good for them. Tom says it's going to be weird being so far away from Lynette for a year. He's really going to miss her. She apologizes. He asks why since there's nothing she can do about it.

Renee shows Lynette her awful maid of honor dress and she okays it even though Lee thinks it's awful. She's distracted by the Mumbai thing. She tells Renee and Lee that Tom said he was going to miss her. She wants to keep him from going to Mumbai.

Lynette goes to Tom's boss and tries to convince him not to send Tom to Mumbai. He thinks she has an odd sense of foreplay since this is their third date. She says the kids are a wreck. He says he won't since he was only doing it for her. She says she's so grateful. He says that he knows how she can show him. She says she's not sure she's ready for that step and isn't sure when she will be since there may be someone else. He's furious that she used him to get back at her ex and now she's dumping him for some other guy. He calls her unbelievable and storms out. (She never says it's Tom.)

At his office Tom is saying goodbye to the guy who now is being sent to Mumbai in his place. Greg enters and Tom thanks him. Greg says he was doing it for Lynette so to thank her. He then calls Lynette a piece of work and wonders how Tom put up with it for so long saying he's either a saint or a masochist. Tom wants to start the meeting. Greg keeps calling her a ballbuster and a bitch. Tom hauls off and hits him. Greg says he hopes it was worth it because Tom is fired.

Back at their apartment Jane is confused as to why Tom hit his boss. He says he just lost his temper. She thinks its because he still loves Lynette. He admits he does and says she was the woman who was there for him when he was broken and he still cares about her very much. She is, understandably, livid and sad and says "if it matters, I loved you" and walks out.

Trying on the awful purple dress in front of Lee, Lynette admits she feels bad about Tom losing his job especially since this is why they broke up in the first place, her trying to control Tom's life. Lee can't stop laughing at the dress. She admits that the things she did to Tom were probably more about her being unhappy in general and not unhappy with him. Lee goes to unzip Lynette's dress and Tom walks up and only sees the back of his head and Lynette's bare back through the window and walks away thinking this must be the "other guy" she dumped Greg for.


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