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Reba Gallagher gave up her own singing/songwriting career in order to bring up her children and take care of her Country and Western star husband. When he makes an extramarital affair public with her standing at his side, she publicly debases him. She then gathers up her two teenage children and her mother and moves from Nashville into a house that her cheating husband kept secret from her in Malibu. That's when the adventure begins. Her son (Justin Prentice) loves Malibu because the house is on the beach with bikini clad women. He immediately claims the beach side bedroom. Her daughter (Juliette Angelo) doesn't like Malibu because she has no friends. Her mother (Lily Tomlin) is just there for the moral support. Very shortly after that everything changes. Her son finds people in Malibu are self absorbed unlike him with his good lucks and popularity. However, he find that even the ugly people in Malibu are good looking and he wants to go back to Tennessee. Her daughter makes her first ...

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