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Send In The *Demon* Clowns

Author: ladymidath ( from Australia
26 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have watched all the Killjoy movies mostly because I have to admit I have a fondness for Charles Band films, my favourite being the Puppet Master Series.

I decided to watch Killjoy but luckily I started with the third film, Killjoy 3 as it took me awhile to find the first two. I am glad I did as I really did not like the first movie that much and I might not have watched the rest.

I liked it so I decided to watch Killjoy Goes To Hell as well. I was so glad I did. I have to say, it's the funniest of the entire series. I found the first movie a little slow and I have to say in all honesty, Angel Vargas was not really great in the role of the Demon Clown. Trent Haaga was so much better in the role. I thought he brought real energy to it as well as humour.

Killjoy Goes To Hell is the last and the best of this series. Following on from the third film, Killjoy ends up in hell jail for not being evil enough, he ends up with an incompetent lawyer call Skidmark and a D.A (Devil's Advocate) who is out to nail him.

After a disastrous session in court and one of the funniest moments in the movie, *Does anyone speak carny? Does anyone speak mime or play charades really well?* Batty Boop goes to the Mortal Realm to get Sandie, the mortal that got away.

Sandie has been incarcerated in an institution for the insane since the events of the third film. She can't stop laughing and she is under suspicion for the murders of her boyfriend, her friends and the Professor. Batty finds her and pushes her through a mirror and into the courtroom so she can testify as too how evil Killjoy really is.

I have to say, the courtroom scenes were the funniest with real laugh out loud moments. The exchanges between Killjoy and Batty were funny and the Devil had a dry humour that was perfect for the role as the judge. No real splatter gore here, it was not that kind of movie. The only real bloody scenes were the chaotic fight at the end when the demon clowns raided the courtroom.

The scenes between the Old Hag and Freakshow were hilarious as well, the expressions on the poor mime's face at times were priceless.

All in all a brilliant B horror movie the way B horror movies should be, funny, creepy and filled with brilliant lines.

I do hope they make another Killjoy movie now that they finally hit their stride with this series.

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Full Moon Rises

Author: dwarfplumbago from United States
15 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this at Redbox and thought this would be like Killjoy 1-3. It definitely is a lot better. I am a fan of Killjoy 1-3 but this surpassed my expectations. It's simple, this is by far the best Killjoy out of the whole franchise. The story is there, the plot is there. I love it. It's funny because in this film, Killjoy is almost dehumanized, because he "had a heart." I love that they play off of this. It reminds me of Dexter almost. I love Trent Hagga's acting. Who else could pull of scary that well?! If horror was a genre at the Oscars, this would win best film! It's not only a horror it's actually a comedy as well! With characters like Batty Boop, Freakshow and Punchy, and Skid Mark, Full Moon has risen to the occasion.

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Yay for Killjoy (and Batty Boop).

Author: Greenzombidog from United Kingdom
7 February 2013

Killjoy goes to hell follows almost directly on from the last Killjoy movie, With Killjoy being put on trial for not being evil enough and letting his last victim escape. All the new Clown characters from the last movie make a return and each gets a little more fleshed out. So we get to see more of Punchy, Freakshow and my favourite Batty Boop. While Killjoy stands trial it's a race against time for his gang to pull together a scheme to help rescue him.

If you enjoyed Killjoy 3 you're going to like this one because in my opinion it's even better. The humour this time round is much better implemented. The production value is leaps and bounds ahead of most full moon productions nowadays, with make up and prosthetic effects looking great. There is a little bit of dodgy looking cg but nothing that ruined my enjoyment of the film.

The final battle is pure chaos and although it only lasts a couple of minutes it's worth watching the film for this scene alone.

I just hope there will be more Killjoy (and Batty Boop) after this one as the series is getting stronger with each instalment.

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Full Moon at it's very finest!

Author: theHouse ofHaunt from Toronto
26 January 2013

A bargain bin film you'll actually be glad you saw, Killjoy Goes to Hell is full of imagination, creepy costumes, and big laughs. With this installment it's clear that Charles Band and Full Moon Features is tired of being a laughing stock. They've completely upped their game to compete in the new world of films. Trent Haaga (Killjoy) and Victoria De Mare (Batty Boop) deliver outstanding performances, they're funny, creepy, and have excellent dialogue. The fact that Killjoy's whole gang is back is another good sign too, lots of interesting characters to help you lose yourself in the B movie goodness. The settings were masterfully done, both crazy and creepy. Yup, all in all a fun watch whether it's a late night private viewing, or surrounded by friends. Takes me back to the early days of the Twisty Metal franchise. ~Fang

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Delightfully Full Moon

Author: Loki Laufeyson
16 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie reminded me a lot of the glory days of Full Moon. First off, it's obvious that they had more of a budget. It's a full length, dare I say, quality production. There are actual special effects that make you smile instead of cringe. The practical make-up is very well done. The script/plot is coherent and often (R-rated) funny. (Trent Haaga especially has some damn fine comedic timing)It's all silly fun ala Beetlejuice but it IS fun. As in part 3, if you're looking for a bloody slasher horror movie you won't find much of it here. This is a fantasy horror piece that takes you to the bowels of Hell (in an elevator)and gives you some funny insight into Killjoy and his "posse". I was, however, glad to see that they all retained their threat level despite events. These clowns would still serve you for dinner in a hot minute! Can't wait to see Killjoy's Psycho Circus!

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Very inspired and enjoyable fourth entry in the series

Author: Woodyanders ( from The Last New Jersey Drive-In on the Left
12 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Diabolical demon clown Killjoy (marvelously played with lip-smacking zeal by Trent Haaga) gets put on trial in hell because of his failure to claim his last victim's soul. Killjoy enlists the assistance of his fellow wicked harlequin minions Batty Boop (the delectable Victoria De Mare, who camps and vamps it up with saucy'n'sizzling aplomb), Punchy (hulking Al Burke), and Freakshow (a nicely expressive pantomime portrayal by Tai Chan Ngo) to get him out of this predicament. Writer/director John Lechago relates the delightfully off the wall story at a snappy pace, milks the loopy courtroom drama premise for a wealth of amusing and imaginative quirky humor (the heated arguments between Killjoy and Batty Boop are hilarious!), pulls out all the wacky stops for the wild and gory climactic clown fight, and even tosses in a few neat twists along the way. Moreover, Lechago warrants extra praise for ensuring that this sequel is a logical continuation of rather than a tired rehash of the previous outing. The zesty acting by the enthusiastic cast keeps the film buzzing: John Karyus smarms it up uproariously as eager and obsequious aspiring demon clown Skid Mark, Stephen Cardwell impresses as a supremely smooth and shrewd Beezlebub, the gorgeous Aqueela Zoll provides a hefty dose of sexy spark as Killjoy's cunning and relentless nemesis Jezabeth, Jessica Whitaker contributes a solid and sympathetic turn as unhinged heroine Sandy, and Lisa Goodman has a ball as the grotesque Old Hag. Terrance Ryker's glossy cinematography, the funky special effects, and Michael Sean Colin's jaunty score are all up to speed. A whole lot of kooky fun.

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this is the fourth movie in the series and its the best one yet

Author: johuasim
11 January 2013

this movie series has improved dramatically though these last 2 and full moon should keep it going, the concept of a demon clown is great. while some would say that its not i have to say that it plays with the greats like in "it" in Stephen kings movie. The whole movie had great flow and they timed the kills just right they didn't force it though the whole movie like some horror movies. While batty boop did make you want to kill her with that voice but at the same time tied in perfectly with killjoy. In my opinion killjoy 3 and 4 are a must see horror movie for those that feel the horror movies have become to much about the blood and guts that it takes away from plot line and the characters "Killjoy goes to hell" is a flashback to what we all used to love about horror movies. Before you do make sure to watch the third one. I hope they make a 5 movie because this series has surpassed itself every time and it left off with perfect jump off into the next one.

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Outstanding full moon effort

Author: Freebirda from United States
10 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A fan of the killjoy series, I was incredibly impressed with this fourth installment in the series. It had almost A list acting, compared to most full moon movies, and the special effects were more impressive than in previous installments. Killjoy is as evil and hilarious as ever, and they give him just a tad bit of humanity in this, which was something lacking in the other movies. That doesn't mean it tones down on the mayhem tho. The only real complaint that I have, is that somehow everybody believes in killjoy. But the beginning nicely ties all the previous movies to this. Killjoy also has a whole new entertaining posse to join in in his carnage. All in all an excellent movie and a good way to kill a little over an hour and a half.

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... And takes the audience with him.

Author: Rich Wright
1 February 2014

Part 1 of how NOT to do a horror/comedy. See also 'Smash Cut'.

Known as 'Killjoy Goes To Hell' in the USA, here in good ol' Blighty it was rechristened 'Killer Clown'. I watched it blissfully (and I do mean BLISSFULLY) unaware of the fact it's the 4th in a series about a John Wayne Gacy lookalike with supernatural powers, and penchant for murdering people with his weird friends and a box of tricks. This entry is basically him being on trial in hell for being too 'nice' and failing to capture the souls of all his victims in the last movie. If it was up to me, the ACTUAL film would be for the makers to be put on trial for crimes against cinema... Well, I can dream...

What can I possibly say about it? It all boils down to a bunch of hammy actors in daft costumes mugging off each other and exchanging terrible jokes. One is dressed as a mime. Another as a she-devil. It's like attending a Halloween party with some insufferable jerks who won't leave you alone. The only laugh I got was when some carny started talking gobbledegook. I bet he would still make more sense than the director explaining how this mess ever came into being.

Apparently in number 3, seven people died... leaving just one survivor. Here, the film is so enraptured by it's 'hilarious' (translation: not at all) courtroom scenes it neglects to kill anyone for nearly an hour... and when the deaths do come, they are so quick and dull they come across as an afterthought. There's also a climatic fight where loads of these heavily made up freaks duke it out. By this point, if you haven't lost the will to live... can I borrow some of your pills?

At one point, almost the entirety of Part 3 is shown in super fast forward during one witness's testimony. That would be the only way you could tolerate this crap without developing a brain aneurysm. But, hey Richie... don't die yet. You still have another funny funny horror to go... and it's even WORSE than this one.

Whoopee. 2/10

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not awful, but not good

Author: c_alejandro_bm from los angeles
13 October 2012

This isn't really a horror film, it has it's good parts, and some awful ones as well as some ridiculous ones, the dialog isn't very good in some parts and the characters get a bit annoying at times , in general i think it's watchable movie. The movie feels like more of a comedy but i honestly can't say it is since it probably wasn't meant to be one, You can tell what the movie is supposed to be but it just didn't get there, the characters are kind of a weird thing to judge sine visually i liked what I saw, the makeup and effects weren't perfect but for the most part they had the right idea, my main problem was the story and dialog, it kind of gets ridiculous towards the end. If You want a creepy horror film like The exorcist or Texas chain saw massacre you probably won't enjoy it, this won't scare You in any way, there's nothing creepy about it, i guess the way i would describe the movie is "so bad that you can't stop watching". if You like clown movies or bad horror films You probably want to watch it.

This is just my point of view based on the impression I got from the movie, don't let me stop you from watching the movie that's certainly not the purpose of this review.

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