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Plot Summary

  • At the prison, Rick is nearly catatonic in his grief and heads off on his own inside the prison. Daryl and Maggie go off to find formula for the newborn. In Woodbury, the residents celebrate their survival with a town picnic. A suspicious Michonne takes the opportunity to look around and finds some walkers locked away. She kills them only to find she has interfered with a research project. Unable to convince Andrea that they are really prisoners, Michonne leaves on her own. Andrea is not too keen on the evening festivities. One of the Governor's secrets is revealed.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • There is a big party in Woodbury and the Governor combs the hair of his daughter Penny that is a walker in his house. When he leaves the place, Michonne breaks in the house to retrieve her sword and then she kills seven imprisoned walkers. Merle brings her to the Governor and she threatens him with her blade pointed to his throat. Michonne leaves Woodbury but Andrea prefers to stay. Meanwhile in prison, Rick is absolutely disturbed and takes an ax to kill walkers inside the cell block. Daryl and Maggie seek powdered milk for the starved baby, otherwise she will die. The exhausted Rick rests and is awakened by a long time forgotten sound.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Rick struggles to cope. Andrea and Michonne part ways. Daryl and Maggie head out to find food and clothes for the baby.

    - Written by Chris Green


It's another idyllic afternoon in Woodbury. Milton brings Andrea a cool drink during what appears to be a neighborhood block party. Michonne, meanwhile, cooly surveys the scene. Inside, the Governor lovingly combs a little girl's hair ...

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