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Plot Summary

  • Michonne is intent on leaving Woodbury convinced that there is something out of place there. Andrea isn't so sure she wants to leave and on a map shows Merle the location of the farm where she last saw his brother Daryl. Back at the prison, Herschel is hobbling around with the help of crutches. Suddenly, Rick and the others are having to deal with a major attack by walkers. Someone has set off the prison siren and the group is broken up into twos and threes. Lori goes into labor leaving it to Maggie and Carl to help her deliver the baby. T-Dog and Carol have to face an overwhelming number of walkers while Rick, Daryl and Glenn try to get control of the prison yard.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Someone is opening the prison gates and attracting walkers inside. Rick and his group prepare a crutch for Hershel while the two inmates try to negotiate with Rick, Daryl and T-Dog to join their group, but Rick does not accept the offer and they decide to leave the facilities. When Rick, Daryl, and Glenn are outside the prison to burn corpses and clean the place, the rest of the group is attacked by a crowd of walkers and Maggie, Carl and Lori split and head to the interior of the C-Block, while T-Dog is bitten by a walker. Meanwhile Michonne sees the holes of bullets in the National Guard vehicles and she decides to leave the place with Andrea. However, the blonde is reluctant to leave Woodbury, since she believes that the governor is a good man. Back to prison, Lori can not run anymore and Maggie and Carl locks with her in the boiler room. Now is time to the delivery and Lori needs a cesarean, but Maggie does not have skill or medical supplies. A decision has to be made: if Lori has the baby, she dies and will certainly turns into a walker, unless someone helps her.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Lori goes into labour when the prison comes under attack. Michonne tries to convince Andrea to leave Woodbury.

    - Written by Chris Green


Outside the prison, Rick barks orders to T-Dog and Daryl about clearing out walker carcasses. Glenn and Maggie are missing -- and are soon revealed to getting hot and heavy in the guard tower...

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