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Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: The Bride Wore Blood

21 July 2012
Port Jervis, NY: It's a cool day outside, but the church is full of warmth as Tina Entwistle recites her vows. Gazing into the gentle eyes of her beau, Luis Deleg, Tina can't stop smiling. With the slide of the rings and a kiss on the lips, Tina and Luis are man and wife. But ten hours later, the street outside of the couple's new home is a sea of red and blue lights. Luis lies in the driveway, bloodied by knife wounds and unconscious after falling from a second-story window. Meanwhile, the new bride lies upstairs in a blood-soaked wedding gown. There's mass confusion, but someone confesses to seeing Luis' brother with a knife. Now, he's missing. Who could have possibly done this to such a sweet, loving couple? Could there have been something more sinister hiding behind those loving vows?

Marlo Thomas ... Herself - Narrator (voice)
Melissa Blue ... Neighbor (uncredited)

Eugenia Gonzales ... Tina's Younger Sister (uncredited)
Yanelba Roldan ... Tina Entwistle (uncredited)

Jonathon Ruckman ... Detective Worgen (uncredited)
Domenic Scotty ... Angel Deleg (uncredited)

Juan-Pablo Veizaga ... Luis Deleg (uncredited)

Robin Zerbe ... Mary (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 2: Set Sail for Murder

28 July 2012
California: After a ten-month, cross-country romance, Karen Waltz and Scott Roston tie the knot at a Las Vegas wedding chapel. The ceremony is fun, funny and full of energy. After the ceremony, the giddy lovers race back to Santa Monica to pack for a seven-day, hot and steamy honeymoon cruise. The ship is headed for Mexico, set to return to California on Valentine's Day. But disaster strikes just 30 miles off the California coast when the newlywed bride is thrown overboard. Is it an accident or something more sinister? Rescuers discover her body after 10 hours of searching, but there's such unusual bruising around her neck in the shape of handprints. What really happened that dark Valentine's Eve to push the bride to her watery grave?

Marlo Thomas ... Herself - Narrator (voice)

Natalie Cassell ... Wife (uncredited)
Caleb Effinger ... Commissioner (uncredited)

Josh Murray ... Scott Roston (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 3: Ice Cold Heart

4 August 2012
Huntington Station, NY: Arm in arm with her loving Uncle Howard, Lisa Solomon takes the final steps down the aisle toward her love of four years, Matthew Solomon. Uncle Howard kisses her goodbye, finally letting his darling niece go. Lisa's sparkling smile is contagious, and everyone knows this is the happiest day of her life. But on the newlywed's two-month anniversary - Christmas Eve - Matthew calls police: Lisa went for a walk and never came back. He pleads to news cameras for help to find his vanished bride, and hundreds of volunteers give up their holidays to scour Long Island for missing Lisa. But every tip is a dead end. Where could the newlywed bride be? Who would take her? As police search for Lisa, and for a stalker who seemed obsessed with her, they slowly uncover a heartbreaking truth.

Marlo Thomas ... Herself - Narrator (voice)
Michael Sears Ryan ... Matthew Soloman (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 4: Weeping Widow

11 August 2012
Quiet computer guy Bruce Cleland and vivacious salesgirl Rebecca Salcedo fall deeply in love and have the wedding of the year. But too soon, a shadowy gunman tears the newlyweds apart, and police must unravel a tale of sex, money and hidden agendas.
Sabrina Claire Myers ... Young Rebecca Salcedo

Anthony De Longis ... Bruce Cleland (uncredited)

Angie Jerez ... Rebecca Salcedo (uncredited)
Joey McEvoy ... Guest (uncredited)
Chelsea Reba ... Waitress (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 5: Devoured by Love

18 August 2012
After Egyptian model Omaima Aree marries Texas flyboy Bill Nelson, newlywed bliss ends when cops discover body parts in the couple's car. Police struggle to piece together a brutal case of betrayal, dismemberment and the ultimate taboo.
Bill Brock ... Detective Bob Phillips

Kristi Faye ... Airport Worker (uncredited)

John S. Howell Sr. ... Ex Boyfriend 2 (uncredited)

Jay McCord ... Aree's Ex Boyfriend (uncredited)
Dee Dee Moss ... Omaima Aree-Nelson (uncredited)
Chelsea Reba ... Waitress (uncredited)

Kevin Studer ... Bill Nelson (uncredited)

Ashley Vetere ... Bar Patron (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 6: Bloody Proposal

1 September 2012
Bubbly Teresa twirls about in a gorgeous gown. She's dying to marry her handsome fiancé, Rob. But before wedding bells ring, gunshots rip through the night and both lie shot on the ground. Police face a twisted tale of greed, deceit and infidelity.

Bethany Barber ... Sexy Bartender

Erin McShane ... Ron's Girlfriend
Joshua Gray ... Brill Bother (uncredited)

G. Grant Jewett ... Rob Harris (uncredited)

Rachael Lang ... Theresa McLeod (uncredited)
Ryan Quinn McIntire ... Rob's Friend at Club (uncredited)

Nicholas X. Parsons ... Rob's Friend (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 7: Unholy Matrimony

8 September 2012
Bipsy Amirian is quirky and unique, frequently sporting funky, dyed hair and proud of her spiritual tattoos. She has a natural talent for music and performs regularly at local coffee shops in Temecula, California. Her biggest fan - Mickey Wagstaff - is absolutely smitten, mesmerized by the beautiful musician and thrilled by the chance to take her out. Having dealt with a stalker ex-boyfriend, Bipsy is hesitant at first, but she soon falls for Mickey. The couple shares a love for religion, and though their faiths differ, they love the same God. After less than two years of dating, on Christmas Eve, Mickey pops the question. Bipsy just knows Mickey is her forever. Right away she begins planning a spring wedding - building a registry, handcrafting invitations and creating the perfect Bohemian-chic dress by combining several dresses bought on eBay. She even plans on performing a new song for Mickey at the wedding. But not everyone is thrilled for the impending nuptials. Devoutly religious, Mickey's parents disapprove of Bipsy's beliefs. They give their son an ultimatum - Bipsy or the family. The love-struck groom is devastated, but naturally he chooses love. Mickey leaves his parents' home and moves into Bipsy's van in an effort to save money for the wedding. It's a difficult transition, but at least he has his bride. But just a few days after modeling her customized wedding gown to her mom, Bipsy vanishes, and so does Mickey. Was it pre-wedding jitters? Did they elope? Or has Bipsy's stalker ex-boyfriend sought revenge? A chance discovery in a dark parking garage sheds light on a tragic scene... and an evil mind.
Isaac Amirian ... Himself - Brides Brother
Mario Carpinelli ... Himself - Brides Friend
Jennifer Garcia ... Herself - Deputy District Attorney
Cheryl Plato ... Herself - Brides Mother
Michael Plato ... Himself - Bride's Stepfather
Peter Surowski ... Himself - Brides Friend
Teresa Taylor ... Himself - Bride's Music Producer
Wendy L. Walsh ... Herself - Relationship Expert

Ryan Adcock ... Mickey Wagstaff (uncredited)

Aidan Fiske ... Little Boy (uncredited)
Wendy Michelle ... Bipsy Amirian (uncredited)
Rod Thompson ... Young Father (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 8: Bizzare Love Triangle

14 September 2012
When Diane marries her sexy boyfriend Bobby, it's the storybook beginning to a new life... as a woman. Two months later the transsexual bride vanishes. To solve the case, detectives must piece together a shocking tale of jealousy, love and betrayal.
Chelsea Grogan ... Club Customer

John S. Howell Sr. ... Judge (uncredited)
Stephanie Ryan ... Club dancer (uncredited)

Brenda Van Dorn ... Coroner (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 9: Premarital Massacre

22 September 2012
Emely finally accepts Manuel's marriage proposal. But as they decorate for their reception the night before the wedding, gunshots shatter their dreams. This is a powerful tale of devoted love, selfless heroics and jealousy destroying wedded bliss.

Annesa ann Faticoni ... Alisa

Greg Lang ... Det. Gerry Dietz (uncredited)

Jean Claude Leuyer ... Eusebio Torres (uncredited)
Sergio M. Lorenzana ... Louis Rodrigues (uncredited)

Rigo Nova ... Jose Saldana (uncredited)
Margarita Romero ... Emely Rodriguez (uncredited)
Alejandro Rosa ... Manuel Saldana (uncredited)

Season 1, Episode 10: To Have and to Kill

29 September 2012
After bubbly Beth marries her college sweetheart, Mike, newlywed bliss takes a turn when Beth finds blood in their home Â- and Mike's gone. Seeking answers, police wade through a twisting tale of underworld ties, secret lives and sexual seduction.
Aliki Marie Pantas ... Beth Female Friend 1 (uncredited)

Amberly Pecsek ... Sherri Bryant (uncredited)
Jesse Robinson ... Football Player / Party Guy (uncredited)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Led Into Temptation

15 June 2013
Youth pastor Couty is a match made in heaven for preacher's daughter Christa. But their angelic beginning meets an evil end - with a bullet wound to the head. Detectives must find a killer hidden by a veil of lies, infidelity and dark temptation.
Shana Greenbaum ... Christa Alexandra

Spike Leffke ... Lana

John Wilkins III ... Aaron Baker
Stephanie Ryan ... Best Friend (uncredited)

Season 2, Episode 2: In Sickness and in Death

22 June 2013
Devoutly religious Frank longs for a family, so when he meets single mom Angelina they race for the altar. But when a mysterious illness tears them apart, the bride must help police piece together a shocking tale of greed, lies and secret lives.
Berenice Alfonso ... Angelina Rodriguez

Natalie Cassell ... Bridal Shop Owner
Ace Chapman ... Diner

Tony Wade ... Jack Sawyer

Season 2, Episode 3: Gallop to the Grave

29 June 2013
When nurse Shannon meets rancher David, their instant attraction leads to a fun, fast Vegas wedding. But months later a horseback ride turns tragic and police must literally dig up the past to expose a fatal web of deceit and greed.
LuQue' La Motte ... Groom
T. Alloy Langenfeld ... Neighbor Dick
Chelsea Pummill ... Shannon Mohr

Allen Williamson ... David Davis

Season 2, Episode 4: The Devil's Devotion

6 July 2013
Godly Llius finds her eternal forever when she pledges her love to music promoter Tony. But their holy union is disrupted in the most gruesome of ways. As detectives look closer, sinister truths emerge from the darkness to reveal a devilish devotion.
Angela Lundy ... Llius Landrum

Season 2, Episode 5: Fatal Fairytale

13 July 2013
Exotic Kelly is whisked away in a fairytale romance by her millionaire beau Michael. But too soon, something wicked curses their fairytale and detectives must unravel conflicting stories to reveal a tale of dark pasts, secret lovers and cruel deceit.
Martha Woldu ... Kelly Forbes
Brittany Alongé ... Maid of Honor
Kyndal Hairston ... Kelly's Boyfriend

Jeffrey Klemmer ... Jack: Head Barber

Keisha Wallace ... Brides Maid

Aaron Wiggins ... Victor Jeffrey

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking the Plunge

20 July 2013
Single parents Cynthia and Randy take the plunge and elope after dating two months. But tragedy sinks their perfect dream, leaving one of the newlyweds dead. As police search for clues, a twisted tale rises from the deep to reveal a shocking truth.

Laura Rikard ... Cynthia Roth
Nick Lakey ... Clergyman
Marlene Thompson ... Cynthia's mom

Brenda Van Dorn ... Marilyn
Harrison Van Dorn ... Lifeguard
Jacqueline Waters ... Tanya

Season 2, Episode 7: Vanishing Bride

27 July 2013
Lisa and Lawrence foresee a bright future: when they marry, she'll join the Army and he'll watch the kids. But their plans crumble when Lisa vanishes, in a twisting case that includes a jealous ex, a threatening fellow soldier and a brutal betrayal.

Lauren White ... Lisa Gaudenzi
W. Scott Parker III ... Joe Marto

Ryan Ware ... Lawrence Gaudenzi
Rebecca Hail ... Downstairs Neighbor
Kuan Wei Lee ... Mechanic 2

Andrew Paterini ... Mechanic 1

Season 2, Episode 8: Inked in Blood

3 August 2013
When hip, tattooed lovers Cassie and Brent meet, it's a match made in social media heaven. But LOL turns to OMG when the bride goes missing. As Brent leads the search for Cassie, police worry an online fight has entered the real world.
Alexandria Dean ... Jesica Aron
Jerrie Bruce Dean ... Herself / Guest Expert

Ayla Eden Kell ... Cotta Daughter

Josh Plasse ... Brent Cotta
Brittney Scalf ... Cassie Cotta

Season 2, Episode 9: Shattered Sisterhood

10 August 2013
Two days before spitfire Sandy and quiet Duane are to wed, gunshots split them apart. Police first suspect a botched robbery but soon uncover an ex-flame from the internet and a mystery woman full of secrets. Who killed the vibrant bride-to-be?

Lee Harmon ... Duane Petty (as Andrew Harmon)

Eliza Kelley ... Sandy Fugate
Meghan Marchetti ... Missy Bagby
Christina Nelson ... Melissa Rosenburg
Jamie Sprovach ... Co-Worker 1
Sara Taylor Torres ... Kimberly Young (as Sara Taylor-Torres)

Season 2, Episode 10: Hunted by Love

24 August 2013
Cupid's arrow hits the mark with cowboy Bruce and his gal Janice. But during a three-month anniversary hunting trip, a bullet shatters their union. Police discover a surprise hunter on the mountain that day and unravel a meticulously planned murder.
Martha Asberry ... Herself - Groom's Sister
Jim Barbour ... Medical Examiner
Willa Boom ... Herself - Groom's Friend
Bill Booth ... Himself - Criminal Investigator

Jay Gates ... Ex-Boyfriend
Doug Kyle ... Himself - Witness
Kate LaPlante ... Herself - Couple's Friend

Scott Mielock ... Best Man

Marlo Thomas ... Narrator
Holly Vaden ... Herself - Couple's Friend
Wendy L. Walsh ... Herself - Phd., Relationship Expert

Season 2, Episode 11: Wedding Bell Blues

31 August 2013
Together, music teacher Wilma and restaurateur Richard create a perfect harmony. But the music stops when their newlywed home is transformed into a death chamber. A jealous evil lurking close to home proves to be the most shocking of killers.

Natalie Cassell ... Margaret Lanham
Rebecca Honett ... Wilma Harvey

Scott Rollins ... David Pruett
Whitney Sather ... Waitress

Season 2, Episode 12: Honeymoon on Ice

7 September 2013
Both orphans, Diane and Kevin find peace when they wed and become family. But everything shatters when a body is found dismembered in the snow. Was it a jealous ex? A serial killer on the prowl? Police struggle to uncover an ice-cold obsession.

John S. Howell Sr. ... Uncle Camm

Brianna McClellan ... Sarah

Season 2, Episode 13: Missing Mommy

14 September 2013
When single mom Debbie falls for salesman Bernard, they roll the dice and marry in Vegas. But their joy goes bust when the bride vanishes. Friends and family uncover a fanatical obsession by a surprising suspect who tore a loving mom away too soon.

Terry Jernigan ... Joe Dwyer
Jessica Morimando ... Troubled Teen

Brian St. August ... Bernard Brown

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 1: A Ride with Evil

23 May 2014
A swimsuit model, Summer, is shot and killed by her fiancé Clint, who tries covering up the murder by trying to help police catch her "killer." Clint's story soon untangles when his closest friend, Kevin, becomes suspicious and then goes undercover for detectives.
Dana Allen ... Herself - Bride's Friend
Doris M. Allen ... Herself - Bride's Godmother

Josh Archer ... Clint Horvatt

Nicole Breed ... Summer Chadwick
Diane Burket ... Donna Chadwick
Donna Chadwick ... Herself - Brides's Mother

Paul H Chapman ... Bill Foster
Pam Connor ... Herself - Dance Classmate
Danny Epperson ... Kevin Stevens
Robert A. Hardwick ... Himself - Former asst. Chief Investigator

Lonnie M Henderson ... Hot Bar Guy

Brooke Lawsing ... Clint's First Wife
Melinda Mielock ... Ballroom Dancer

Scott Mielock ... Ballroom Dancer

Lacey Quinn O'Neal ... Customer 1
William H. Powers ... Male Buddy

Andrew Ragan ... Honorable Judge Paxton
Jackie Roys ... Herself - Assist State Attorney
Kevin Stevens ... Himself - Groom's Best Friend

Marlo Thomas ... Narrator
Wendy L. Walsh ... Herself - Phd., Relationship Expert

Season 3, Episode 2: Demon in the Dark

31 May 2014
Months after their wedding, Keith and Anita Yunk sleep peacefully in their bed when an attacker with a knife interrupts their slumber and hacks their future to pieces. Police must put together what remains to uncover this evil intruder's identity.

Nick Epper ... Luther Basse

Julian Johnson ... Friend

Torrey Vogel ... Keith Yunk

Season 3, Episode 3: Painted in Blood

7 June 2014
A modern day princess, Jennifer marries her prince charming, Joe, in a fairytale wedding. But a dark shadow is cast over their storybook romance when Jennifer disappears, leaving behind a trail of betrayal, deception, and lies.
Jacob Eiseman ... Guest #3

Hunter Foretich ... Young Joe Peck

Zach Steffey ... Joe Peck

Season 3, Episode 4: Love, Blood, and War

14 June 2014
Sparks fly when Toni Cato meets Army soldier, Anthony Riggs. But soon after wedding bells chime a - shadowy gunman shatters their future with five bullets to the head. Police are left with a twisted tale of family betrayal, greed, and deception.
Tyler Carden ... Drug Dealer Punk

Courtney Dietz ... Customer

Julian Johnson ... Toni Cato

Bradley Nnadi ... Army Roomate

Season 3, Episode 5: Crushed by Love

21 June 2014
Navy man Bill finds the family he's dreamed of when he meets single mom Rose. But their love suffers a crushing blow when the couple vanishes. The discovery of a bloody shoe print and a dark past leads police to a ruthless killer with nothing to lose.
Rachel Belle ... Herself - Journalist
Michael Carioscia ... Father Edmonson
Michael Cogswell ... Himself - Groom's Friend
Patricia Denchel ... Herself - Bride's Friend
Douglas Hudson ... Himself - Det., Kitsap Co. Sheriff's Department, (ret.)

James Keesler ... Douglas Hudson (as James Keesler)

Brian K. Landis ... Det. Ray Magerstaedt (as Brian Landis)
Ray Magerstaedt ... Himself - Det., Kitsap Co. Sheriff's Department (ret.)
Kyle Nelson ... Bill Edmondson
Dan B. Norris ... Richard Manthie

Marlo Thomas ... Narrator
Wendy L. Walsh ... Herself - Dr., Relationship Expert

Season 3, Episode 6: Virtual Demise

28 June 2014
Southern gentleman Kim VanPelt is a perfect match for caring Sandy Ozment. But their fairytale turns into a nightmare when Sandy is found fatally beaten. Now, authorities must find the killer who destroyed this couple's wedded bliss.
Natalie Chevonne ... Waitress

James Davenjay ... Kim Van-Pelt

Devorah Firestone ... Linda

Debbie Hartner ... Sandy Ozment

Sheri Lahris ... Justice of the Peace

Robert Shepherd ... Detective Jimmy Collier
Julie Valderrama ... Waitress

Season 3, Episode 7: On the Market for Murder

5 July 2014
Successful and charming, Eddie Patton is the perfect match for go-getter Tyler Walsh. But their booming beginning turns into a tragic end when an intruder breaks in. Now police shift through a tangled web of truth, lies and murder to find the killer.
Kerry Cashion ... Mary Ann

Sherrie Peterson ... Jeannette Hurst

Catherine Sewell ... Lou Patton

Season 3, Episode 8: Lethal Love

12 July 2014
Devout Christian Carol finds her match when she meets an equally devoted Dennis. But their love comes to a painful end when Carol dies unexpectedly. The discovery of lethal substance in her body leads police to an evil killer and a path of deceit.
Trey Hines ... Young Dennis

Morgan Cryer ... Christy Noel

Kieran Gallagher ... Dennis Hellar
Tessa Rice ... Young Sandy
Jennifer Zamarin ... Sandra

Season 3, Episode 9: Dance with the Devil

26 July 2014
When Oscar waltzes into Victoria's life, they both know this dance is forever. But soon after they marry, tragedy strikes when the happy couple is found dead. Now police must solve the case and bring a killer to justice.

Ramsey Hanchette ... Victoria Lee

Luke Hawx ... Matt Hinrichsen

William Kaffenberger ... Senior Cruz
Marty O'Connor ... Investigator

Jayson Simba ... Oscar Cruz

Season 3, Episode 10: Ocean of Evil

26 July 2014
Anita is head over heels for her new husband Michael. But the perfect pair are tragically separated when a wave of deception comes crashing down on them. Now detectives must find Michael's bride as they uncover the depths of lies and betrayal.

Miranda Roldán ... Anita Lopez (as Miranda Roldan)

Chris Minor ... Michael Keen
Jose Luis Munoz ... Reymundo Lopez (2012)

Alexander Pennecke ... Tom Weathers
Justin Young ... Vince Maybry

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