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The second case
Tweekums14 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the first series of 'Case Sensitive' but was a little surprised to see it return as it didn't have the most memorable of leads... possibly because they seemed more real than the larger than life characters that often inhabit such series; which makes a refreshing if not memorable change.

This new two part investigation opens with the team being put on a rather boring fraud case... they aren't on it long as DS Zailer decides to follow up when a woman she met at the gym tells her of 'a friend' who's partner claimed to have hurt a woman in the past. Zailer goes to the house she believes the woman is living and is shocked to find a body; it is the woman's husband. She claims not to have seen him for some time as she has separated from him. The investigation initially centres on the woman's new partner; a pianist who was involved in a fracas with the dead man a few weeks previously.

While the investigation is going on we also see the woman trying to find out just what her new partner did. He claims that something he did led to the death of a woman named Mary but refused to elaborate; arguing that she should trust him. She learns that he has other secrets when she follows him to London and catches him in the arms of another woman; a woman who looks remarkably like a photograph she finds labelled Mary.

This story featured solid performances from Olivia Williams and Darren Boyd as the leading detectives DS Charlie Zailer and DC Simon Waterhouse. Eve Birthistle and Theo James also do decent jobs as chief suspects Ruth, estranged wife of the victim, and Aiden, her new partner. The main story was suitably interesting although I could have done without the office politics back at the police station although it did need to some amusement in episode two. I suspect most viewers will have worked out who the killer is before the police; there aren't too many suspect and in this sort of series it is never the most suspicious characters that did it! Once the police figure out who did it the ending is fairly cliché even if it does feature some excitement. Still; it passed the time well enough.
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Refreshing and honest British cops!
patherwill8 November 2013
Two other reviewers have already run through the plot of this 'TV. Film' so I don't want to bore any readers of this review with unnecessarily having to re-read more or less the same details yet again. I call it a 'TV Film' because I saw it in one continuous episode on Spanish TV but in English - thankfully - so NOTHING was lost in the language translation as so often happens in these cases.I think this second-part was equally as good and as interesting as the previous one and disagree with one of the other reviewers completely. I found the writing, transferring it from book to screen first-class and the acting the same.The lead Olivia Williams who plays DS.Charlie Zailer is no raving beauty BUT there is something worldly about her that makes you understand what interests DC.Waterhouse-Darren Boyd who manages to retain his deadpan face throughout this film as in the first.The storyline is good,dead-husband,ex-wife suspect-her new lover suspect, another woman thrown into the pot-previous history involving parental abuse all adds up to an exciting mix? Veteran TV/Film actor Peter Wight plays bullying DI Prouse fantastically-I can't imagine much H/R in HIS station, and Eva Birtwhistle, Theo James and Emily Beecham add to what is an extremely well-cast affair.Well recommended.
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mark_kingma15 July 2013
If a novel is to complicated to put it on television , why even bother?

The scriptwriter used one full name and two Christian names , opens with the statement from Aiden, from the novel and from there on goes a completely other direction. the reason , why Aiden makes the confession, the reason why Ruth told Charlie, the relationship between Aiden and Mary Trelease etc etc. Nothing is sacred. Sophie Hannah's novel is so complicated, one is constantly put on the wrong foot, but has a brilliant plot, which end a bit over the top, but it works in this thriller. But i guess this won't fit in a 2 45-minutes episode. Furthermore I absolutely don not recognize Charlie and Siom in these two irritating TV-characters. Of course Charlie in the novel is a whole other zone personally and professionally because of events in book 2, not used for this series. And the dislike from DI Proust for Simon is transferred to Charlie on TV. I know that scripts change some things for adaptation, but when you completely put aside the whole plot from the novel, i think is a complete insult to the novel. And where did Ruth husband from? Maybe it is watchable without the novel. Did you read the novel, stay far away for this!

I hope that (maybe the BBC) can have another go with it, from the start, and then give it more screen time if it is necessary for this to put it correct on the tube.
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