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Ben Grogan: There is a woman in reception I would rather avoid.

Leonardo Prince: [sees young and attractive female] Looks like a real man-eater.

Ben Grogan: She's different when things end badly.

Kate Reed: [coming up, curious] What ends badly?

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Beth Shepperd: [in conference room] I'm sorry, this looks like negligence to me.

Cassandre: [whining] I didn't do anything...

Beth Shepperd: I'm sorry, sweetie, can I just finish what I was saying? This nurse was on her cellphone instead of taking care of my client. As a result, my client, Mrs. Gelman, broke her hip and continues to suffer from complications.

Glenn: From the nursing home's point of view, there is no proof of negligence.

Beth Shepperd: There is a broken hip. And the lady connected to it, was there. Here's a picture...

[waving photograph of frail old lady in wheelchair]

Beth Shepperd: to help you imagine... what the jury will see.

[to Kate, with exaggerated plaintive expression:]

Beth Shepperd: You know what happens to old people with broken hips? They die.

[nods, smiles]

Kate Reed: [uneasily:] Mm-mm.

[to the nurse:]

Kate Reed: Your turn.

Cassandre: I was with Mrs. Gelman. The other patient called my name. I turned for one second...

Beth Shepperd: To take a phone call.

Cassandre: There was a witness. She knows I didn't do this.

Beth Shepperd: There's no witness.

[shakes head patronizingly, smiles]

Kate Reed: [to Beth] Stop talking!

Cassandre: A woman. A volunteer with Mr. Larsen.

Beth Shepperd: Then where is she?

[looking around, smug little smile]

Glenn: Unfortunately, the woman said she didn't see anything.

Kate Reed: Who's Mr. Larsen? And was he there?

Beth Shepperd: Yes and no. He's a stroke victim. Oops, completely unreliable.

[enjoying this]

Kate Reed: [sweetly, with thinly veiled distaste] You just look and sound so sweet, but you're not, are you? Like bees in the shape of a donut.

Beth Shepperd: [unapologeticically] I'm sorry. Am I a pain?

Kate Reed: [smirking] Mm.

Beth Shepperd: Can we just get to the part where the nurse is fired and we get a settlement offer in the mid six figures?

Cassandre: I am here on a work visa. If I lose my job, I will be sent back to Haiti. My family counts on the money I send them.

Beth Shepperd: [coolly unsympathetic] Which only means you have more reason to lie.

Cassandre: [sobbing] No.

[Beth mouths 'yes']

Cassandre: No.

Kate Reed: [dismayed] All right, you know what? Here.

[comforting the nurse]

Kate Reed: Why don't we just take a break?

Beth Shepperd: [smiling victoriously] Because I'm right.

Kate Reed: Because this woman needs a break. Five minutes.

[soothing Cassandre:]

Kate Reed: Come on. Come on.

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Beth Shepperd: [feasting on Lauren's preparations] Ooh, crumpets! Mm.

Kate Reed: Ah. Thank you for coming back. I need to... suspend the mediation for a few days.

Beth Shepperd: [munching] Do you put these out every morning? Must be a fortune. Mm. So flaky.

Kate Reed: Hmm.

Beth Shepperd: Are you enjoying Benny Grogan?

Kate Reed: Excuse me?

Beth Shepperd: I read an announcement he joined the firm. God, that boy is a reprobate, wouldn't you agree?

Kate Reed: Yeah, just a total miscreant.

Beth Shepperd: Hmm.

Kate Reed: Look, I... I have a witness who can back up Cassandre's story.

Beth Shepperd: Who?

Kate Reed: I can't say.

Beth Shepperd: [mocking what Leo had said] Is she halfway to East Goosebottom?

Kate Reed: They need a little bit more time, and for the sake of a fair mediation, I need you to be reasonable.

Beth Shepperd: I am. I'm representing my client to the best of my ability. And I appreciate all your dipsy-doodling around here, but the other side has already agreed they have no case.

[as glum-looking Glenn enters]

Beth Shepperd: See?

[re the free snacks:]

Beth Shepperd: I'm gonna get another one of these. So good.

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Beth Shepperd: [in Ben's office, admiring his antique knight's helmet] You've done well for yourself.

Ben Grogan: You too. Representing rich old ladies.

Beth Shepperd: Hmm.


Beth Shepperd: Used to be your bread and butter. You can take the boy out of ambulance chasing...

Ben Grogan: I need a favor.

Beth Shepperd: You seeing anybody? The mediator's pretty when she's not talking.

Ben Grogan: Hold off on the settlement, Beth.

Beth Shepperd: What's in it for me, Benny?

Ben Grogan: What do you want?

Beth Shepperd: Let's have dinner.

Ben Grogan: No.

Beth Shepperd: You obviously didn't have much respect for me. I think that's why we broke up.

Ben Grogan: Really? I thought it was 'cause you're a basket full of crazy.

Beth Shepperd: It was a cute crazy... before I met you. I need closure, Benny. I need you to explain to me why it was okay to break my heart... and then evaporate. I'm thinking maybe somewhere that serves a soufflé.

Ben Grogan: Coffee... someday.

Beth Shepperd: [insisting] How about today?

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Kate Reed: [victoriously] She wasn't on her cellphone, and the witness

[the affidavit is slid over the desk towards Beth]

Kate Reed: backs up her story.

Cassandre: [whining] I just want this to be over.

Beth Shepperd: Except... who's Christie Mae Larsen? I thought your witness was named Natalie Roberts.

Kate Reed: She is. Um... she was. They're the same person.

Glenn: The fugitive from twenty years ago?

Kate Reed: Yes, and my partner is negotiating her surrender as we speak.

Beth Shepperd: [laughing as she slides the document back over the desk] I can't take this.

Kate Reed: [mock laughter] You're taking it.

[pushes it back]

Beth Shepperd: A witness who's been on the lam for twenty years?

Cassandre: She was there. She saw what happened.

Kate Reed: Yes, that's right. She did. She even signed a statement. Her whole life is about to turn upside down. But she is willing to help Cassandre, while you continue to just suck the blood out of everybody around you.

[Beth frowns]

Kate Reed: And for what, honey, huh? Is it fun, for you? Money?

Beth Shepperd: I am loving this fair and unbiased mediation.

[Kate smirks]

Beth Shepperd: So glad you could do your job and help us to meet in the middle.

Kate Reed: You're lying, she's telling the truth.

[Beth narrows her eyes]

Kate Reed: I don't wanna meet in the middle, because this middle sucks. So drop the case, sweetheart, and crawl back into the hole you came out of.

Beth Shepperd: [coolly] Sticks and stones, Miss Reed.


Beth Shepperd: I'll tell you what. If and when you have this fugitive in custody,

[picks up the document]

Beth Shepperd: I'll accept your affidavit.

[drops it back onto the desk]

Beth Shepperd: But if she disappears and can't defend her statement, then we go to trial.

[turns sharply and leaves]

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Justin Patrick: [in his office] I can make the deal without Davidson, but if this thing blows up, it is on me.

Kate Reed: Courage is an angel. Courage is an angel... that makes the difference between a good life and a great life.

[he smiles]

Kate Reed: You said that to me the first time we spent the night together. Now, I don't know if it was the tequila talking, or you just wanted to see me naked...

Justin Patrick: Probably was a bit of both.

Kate Reed: Hmm.

[shakes her head slowly]

Kate Reed: But I never forgot it.

Justin Patrick: I actually meant it.

Kate Reed: You know... Davidson... doesn't play fair, but you do. You.

[before she leaves:]

Kate Reed: So have courage.

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Beth Shepperd: If she runs, I win. Maybe it is that simple.

Ben Grogan: Winning is not everything.

Beth Shepperd: Wow. Looks like a woman finally got under Ben Grogan's skin.

[slight shrug]

Beth Shepperd: I'm just sorry it wasn't me.

[moves past]

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Kate Reed: She won't come in without a deal.

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Let me explain something to you. You have no leverage here. You don't bring her back to me, I'll put you in jail.

Kate Reed: Go ahead. I don't know where she is.

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Right. Right. Okay, I guess I could just let the press know that A.D A. Patrick here

[patting him on the shoulder]

D.A. Aaron Davidson: was conspiring with his ex-wife to cut a deal with a known terrorist.

Kate Reed: Ugh, oh, come on, she's not a terrorist.

D.A. Aaron Davidson: She will be when I say she is. You see, people don't think like you do. They think like me. You got in touch with her once... you can do it again.

[Kate looks at Justin for help]

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Oh, don't look at him, he can't help you out. Tell her.

Justin Patrick: You were harboring a fugitive, Kate.

Kate Reed: I was representing a fugitive!

Justin Patrick: No,

[regarding Ben:]

Justin Patrick: he was representing a fugitive. You were an accessory after the fact.

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Which makes you subject to the same penalties as Christie's original crime.

Ben Grogan: Then charge her! See if that sticks!

Justin Patrick: [with a heavy heart] If you don't tell us where she is, I will charge you. And believe me, it will stick.

[Kate bites her lip worriedly]

Kate Reed: She's not coming in. She's as good as gone!

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Well, that's why we'll have to tell her the original plea is back on the table.

Kate Reed: You can't offer a bogus deal.

D.A. Aaron Davidson: No. But you can.

[hands her the phone]

D.A. Aaron Davidson: Make the call.

Justin Patrick: Excuse me, I have another call.


Kate Reed: Oh, nice, Justin!

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