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Sex & Nudity

  • A schoolgirl in uniform gets up from the floor. Her underwear is visible as she opens her legs to get up.
  • Two mothers discuss the possibility of their school aged daughters getting pregnant "to idiots".
  • One of the mothers later advises her daughter not to get into cars with boys. Her father adds that if they had followed that rule they would have had one less child themselves.
  • A teenage girl makes up a nonsense rhyme that includes the line "He showed me his thing and my fanny went ding-a-ling-a-ling."
  • A teenage girl talks about having "rooted" the boy who had just died. He referred to her as "the most beautiful girl I have ever rooted."
  • A male character pats a female employee on the backside. Another character reacts violently and tells him not to touch her, pinch her or lay his hands on her. As she goes to thank him in private with what is about to be a kiss, he grabs her by the arms, looks intently into her eyes and then walks away.
  • A teenage boy rubs sunscreen on his teenaged girlfriend's bare shoulders and arms. Her father sees it and remarks that he is a "pervert manhandling" the girl but allows him to continue. The boy discusses "doggy-style" sex with her because his mate reckons it's pretty great. She agrees.
  • A teenage girl shows her breasts to a pre-teen boy for ten seconds. We only see her face and a view from behind.
  • A teenage couple cuddle on the beach and roll in the sand. They are fully clothed.
  • A teenage couple are seen putting their pants back on after having had sex in the car. She berates him. "Is that it? You just stick it in, wave it around a few minutes, don't even look at me and it's over?" She says it's never fun for her and he tells her "it's just rooting."
  • A teenaged boy asks a pre-teen boy whether he has a girlfriend. When he says no he offers him one of the two teenaged girls he has with him. Instead he offers him advice on girls - treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen.
  • A married couple have sex in their bed, covered by blankets. They moan and grunt and then the man rolls off. He kisses his wife on the forehead before dressing and getting out of bed. No nudity is seen.
  • A teenager has a poster of a bare-breasted woman on his wall.
  • A wife tenderly puts her arms around her husband in the car. He strokes her arm, possibly the first signs of rekindling their dying relationship.

Violence & Gore

  • A young child discusses a young man's death in a motor vehicle accident in graphic detail - "they say his neck was broken and one of his eyes was rolling around on the floor." Later a teenage female speaks of "all this blood pouring from his eyes." Another girl describes that his neck was broken and his eyes were open and he was just staring.
  • A teenaged girl crushes an insect crawling on her leg.
  • One adult male grabs another by the shirt front, shoves him up against a wall and remonstrates with him aggressively.
  • A teenage girl burns herself on the stove while another grabs her brother and tells him she hates him but it is done in a playful manner.
  • A mother hits her pre-teen son on the open palm with a ruler as punishment.
  • A man hints at splitting a teenaged boy's head open like a coconut if he does the wrong thing by his daughter. Then he says "I'll smash ya."
  • A teenaged boy kicks his girlfriend in the leg moments after dumping her, causing her to fall face first in the sand. Two other girls discuss this later and express surprise and sympathy.


  • Six uses of "f*ck" or one of its derivatives (including the hidden use in "'ken oath").
  • Four or five uses of "shit" or a derivative.
  • Two uses of "bloody".
  • Several uses of "root", a crude Australian slang term for sexual intercourse.
  • A group of teenaged girls are referred to as "dumb molls" - the equivalent of "sluts" in this era. The term is used several times to describe various teenaged female characters.
  • Three uses of "bitch".
  • One use of "piss".
  • One use of "dickhead".
  • One use of "arsehole".
  • Two uses of Jesus as a blasphemous exclamation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of teenagers sit around at a wake for their friend, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. One slightly older character leaves and goes into another room and is seen preparing the means for injecting. He asks the host "Do you mind if I hit up?" but he refuses permission for the teenaged host to watch him inject. They discuss the experience of hitting up. We see him tie off and the teenager watches him inject through a crack in the door.
  • A group of adult characters drink wine and smoke cigarettes with their meal.
  • A man drinks a glass of red wine in his lounge room and encourages his teenaged son to have one too, which he does.
  • A group of teenagers enter a house where only the pre-teen son is present. They ask him what his dad drinks and he tells them brandy. They then raid the liquor cabinet and are seen drinking from various bottles and smoking cigarettes. They offer alcohol to the pre-teen boy.
  • One mother demands another smell her own daughter to gain evidence of "alcohol and cigarettes and probably marijuana as well".
  • A teenaged boy is seen taking a substance we know to be illegal, wrapped in foil, from a drawer where he has kept it hidden. He is later seen sitting on his surfboard, possibly drug-affected, nodding off.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The episode starts with 15-20 "surfies" paddling out to burn the surfboard of their friend killed in a car accident at the end of the previous episode. A group of young female friends wish to mourn their friend too but are banned by surfie tradition from even being on the beach so they sit nearby and watch.
  • A mother tells of dreaming that her daughter is in a car that is driven over a cliff.

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