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Fantastic game!

Author: joshwhittle from United Kingdom
4 July 2012

I used to work in a Game store, so I'm used to playing plenty of games to recommend to other people, but since leaving I've still picked up games here and there, the most recent being Spec Ops: The Line and The Amazing Spider-Man, the latter being played a lot more because of how good it is! I've always been a fan of Spidey, however I've never really liked any of the games, apart from maybe Spider-Man 2. People complain that this game is too hard, it isn't, it has difficulty settings for a reason, don't be ashamed of playing it on easy as games are made to be enjoyed by people, not for them to destroy the control in rage because they can't get past a certain level. After reading many reviews I can assure you that this game is nowhere near as hard as people are saying it is. Combat is a lot like the recent Arkham games, as soon as your spidey sense flashes above your head, press triangle and you'll counter, I personally find this system a lot better seeing as constant tapping of a button gets super annoying and boring after a while. The free roam around the city is rather fun, and plenty of events pop up to keep you entertained. The whole game seems like you're just pressing buttons that pop up on your screen, which makes you feel distant from total control over the game, but no too distant for me to put the game down on marks. It's ranked #1 on most game sites for a reason, because its as amazing as the title suggests!

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The Amazing Spider-Man Video game review

Author: yusufarrine1 from United States
3 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Amazing Spider-Man is a great game! it has good graphics and fun boss levels. The game does a good job of making things look realistic for example in my 2 fights against the "Rhino" so far it wont let me hit him unless i make him struggle to destroy something like in the first fight i had to try and make him "bulldoze" a truck and while he is vulnerable to be attacked. what i don't like is that Hero difficulty (Normal difficulty) is like Human difficulty (Easy Difficulty) they should have made the game a little longer. What i also don't like is continuing fights for example in one fight after i beat the scorpion and successfully escape oscorp (because i poisoned Allistaire Smythe's legs) i have to fight the giant S-02 robot the moment i get out of oscorp. overall i love the game and recommend it.

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Author: adonis98-743-186503 from Greece
22 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spider-Man's strength and powers are tested when he is forced to save the world after Manhattan gets threatened by a deadly cross-species virus and robots created by Oscorp mastermind Alistaire Smythe. The Amazing Spider-man 2 was better both as a game and a film but still this wasn't that bad to say the truth you get to fight Alistaire Smythe, a giant robot and even Lizard of course you can unlock some costumes too but they weren't that great especially the one that was used in the film with the sunglasses and the one which he looks infected and it was so creepy to see it but still not a bad Spiderman game 9/10.

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Better than the movie.

Author: Ilikehorrormovies
24 July 2017

I hated the movie but the game is better. The reason why I gave it an 9 because it's not better then Spider- Man 2 the game. I've like you can get the Sam Raimi black Spider-Man suit but it sucks that you can't get the regular Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit. The Lizard still sucks because the way he look like why not making the lizard like the comics so I won't be hating the lizard. The game is fun and I recommend it.

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Does the Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Live Up to the Hype?

Author: iconicsr from United States
4 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game (2012) is a tie-in to the rebooted Spider-Man movie, but actually serves as an epilogue to the movie. When the game starts Curt Connors (The Lizard)is still in prison and things were left as they were (including Spidey's reputation and his relationship with Gwen). When I review games I critique on several different categories which include: Story, gameplay, graphics, achievements (which pertains to unlockables, side missions and bonus material), and overall satisfaction and then I follow it up with a recommendation (or not!!!)

Story -- To be honest, I am a big fan of the rebooted "Amazing" movie series and I felt that there was a lot of potential for a video game tie-in, however, the game seemed a little rushed. The storyline is quite basic... and rather boring. The whole object of the game is to stop a cross-breakout that transforms people into human-animal hybrids... um, think about that for a second. Without going into too much detail, the story was shaky at best and there were a lot of sidelined stories that just seemed unnecessary. At times I wasn't quite sure why this game was even made. 4.5/10

Gameplay -- To me, the gameplay is one of the shining beacons of this game and Beenox does some really cool stuff that separates itself from other Spider-Man games. One thing that was introduced is the Web-Rush mechanic which allows you to slow down time and web zip to just about anywhere in your surroundings. When done correctly, you are able to chain together several web-rushes and bounce around from enemy to enemy and avoid damage (while showing off the agility that Spider-Man is known for). The combat was pretty solid, but definitely had some room for improvement. While the bosses in the game were rather dull, it was challenging and (if I must say) rather entertaining all the same. "Amazing" swings off of the Arkham games with some of the combat, including a stealth attack system and a counter button. While it didn't live up to Arkham's standards, the combat for "Amazing is unique in its own way and brings some new things to the table. This game returns to the open world setting and (in my humble opinion) has the best web slinging action of any previous game. 7/10

Graphics -- I wasn't to impressed with the graphics, but it could've been a lot worse. Swinging threw Manhattan looks top notch, but the character detail was no where near what it could have been. 6.5/10

Achievements -- While there is plenty of side missions, collectibles, and challenges throughout the game, none of them seem necessary or motivate you to to even partake in any of them. The only unlockables that even appeal to me is the costumes. 5/10

Overall Satisfaction -- To me, The Amazing Spider-Man is a mediocre game and by the time I finished it, was not looking forward to going back and collecting the rest of achievements and bonus material. This however does not mean that others will not thoroughly enjoy this game. 5.5/10

Recommendation -- Unless you are a Spidey fan, this is definitely a game you can do without. For people interested in Spider-Man and the Marvel universe, I recommend renting the game first and then perhaps buying it if you enjoyed the game.

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Fun, but not worth full price

Author: 3-D from Ohio
11 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a longtime fan of all video games Spider-Man, I was eager to play this title right away. The previous movie-based installments in the franchise like Spider-Man 2 and 3 were pretty well done, and I enjoyed the new movie this game is based on. I was especially excited to hear that free-roaming around the city was back as it was missing from other recent Spidey titles.

The story caught my interest right away. I particularly liked how, instead of a loose interpretation of the film, it was a direct sequel, taking place right after the movie's end. I couldn't wait to extend the storyline and see what happened next. That being said, the story itself in this game was never really immersive, suspenseful or climactic. There is zero character development, and hardly any story beyond, "Oscorp hybrids have escaped and Spidey recaptures a few."

While the voice acting itself wasn't bad, I was still disappointed not to hear Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reprise their roles. This is only a small hang-up that didn't make or break the game or anything. They were noticeably missed, though, especially since Tobey Maguire voiced Spidey in previous games.

The action takes a few notes from the Arkham games with a very similar combat style and emphasis on stealth. I found it to be more forgiving with not breaking your combo chain in between strikes, and I could get 40-50 hit combos without much problem. It was fun for a little while but didn't add much challenge, especially since you can "web- retreat" at any time to safely sling to the ceiling out of harm's way. I found it more entertaining to stealth-KO all enemies as the fights themselves became tedious.

The selection of enemies for you to fight was pretty weak. I would have liked to see more villains than the very few they had as the boss fights were generally uninteresting. Of course, I do understand that it is probably because it is a sequel to the film and they are saving the better bad guys for the movies first. Still, for a Spider-Man game, their absence was felt.

Side missions were sprinkled all over the map, however they were mostly repetitive and redundant. There were blimp races, muggings in progress and getaway cars to stop. Unfortunately, they were incredibly easy and literally the exact same mission each time. There were also "infected" humans you can pick up and take to quarantine areas, but this was even more repetitious than the other side quests. Being the perfectionist I am, though, I still did them all. I did really enjoy the bank robbery side mission, though, but it was the only kind of it's type.

I guess that brings me to my favorite part about the game which is the web-slinging. There is something so incredibly fun about pretending to be Spider-Man and just flinging your away across Manhattan. You can find comic book pages on rooftops to unlock real Spidey comics you can read in-game (admittedly a very cool feature). Sometimes you can have difficult times with your landings, but this can be aided with the ability to momentarily stop time and choose your exact destination. This mechanic did help a lot with navigation, but sometimes it got a little annoying to have to break up your fast-paced gameplay to do it.

All in all, it did keep my interest until the end, but I am also a big fan of the Amazing one. Spidey aside, this game plays a lot like a budget title with some fun elements, but a lack of polishing which was probably due to a rushed release date to coincide with the movie. I would not recommend paying $60 for this game, but rather give it a rental, or at least wait for it to drop in price.

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The Amazing Rip-Off

Author: Subzero42690 from United States
8 July 2012


I've been playing for maybe an hour or two. Hate this game. Loved Spider-Man 2, 3, and Shattered Demensions. This game is a rushed poorly made 100% rip off of Arkham Asylum/City.

All the combat and flashy moves are done by simply pushing the X button, and you push Y to counter when the Spidey Sense white waves flash around your head. When you web zip to the ceiling, which is with RB of course, all the guys in the room start searching for you saying "where did he go?" and "I know he's in here". And you have to drop behind to do stealth takedowns. There's goons with guns that have the long red target beam, goons with shields, armored goons. You crawl through vents to get around inside buildings and have to solve wannabe puzzles like crashing boxes through walls to move one. And lets not forget the Riddler Tro.. I mean comic books. Plus if you find the audio tape in the level, you get to listen to patient interviews. It's all so innovative and original, 3 years ago.

Then there's the in between, where they couldn't decide if they wanted to make it a game based on the movie, or go completely original with it. The game claims to follow the events of the film, but the characters look, sound, and act nothing like the actors in the movie, as if they tried to make it based on the comics instead. So you're stuck with this weird movie based/original hybrid that doesn't work as nice as that sounds. If they wanted to make an original Spider-Man game, it worked with Shattered Demensions. If they wanted to make a movie based game, it worked amazing with Spider-Man 2 and 3. I don't understand what they were trying to do here.

Then, ignoring all that, there's the game itself. The web swinging mechanic is incredibly dull and boring and requires zero skill. Spider man is constantly running off, jumping over, or bouncing off things and never seems to go where you want him to go. Have fun trying to land on a building without that lame web zip slow motion mode. And have fun scaling a building while you're at it, it either takes forever, or you can run up it, which looks awful. I loved the past wall climbing mechanics. Speaking of buildings, in what city does this game take place? Cause that sure as heck isn't New York. In Spiderman 2 and 3 you felt like you were zipping around the streets of New York City. This feels like the city from the Superman Returns video game. Not to mention the graphics aren't much of an improvement over Spider-Man 3. In some cases they look even worse.

All this from just about an hour and a half playing this game. As a huge fan of Activision's past Spider-Man games, I was severely disappointed in this one. If you're really bored and feel like playing a Spider-Man game, sure, it does the trick. But if you want a good Spider-Man game, or a good game period, look elsewhere.


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Poop in fancy wrapping

Author: doesitreallymatter
16 September 2012


Straight up: The Amazing Spider-Man is an over-budgeted attempt to cash in on the homonymous Hollywood remake.

The game picks up where the movie left off. Some creepy dudes break free from Oscorp, some other dude makes robots to kill the first dudes, most dudes in the city get infected by the first dudes and Spidey has to save the day. I'm not sure if this is cohesive with the comics, but who cares? At the end of the day, it feels like a very poor plot lacking in substance.

The presentation is basically something that resembles a sandbox open-world action game but that it's in reality closer to a bad beta or a DLC pack from some other game. The missions feel completely ripped out from the rest of the game. To keep it 'sandboxey', there's a few secondary objectives and a couple of collectibles that you can waste time on in-between missions. There's nothing wrong with the formula, since that's what most modern action games do, but in this case, it just feels bland and empty. Needless to say, the side-missions are scarce and repetitive. In the spirit of keeping it fancy, there's power upgrades to choose from and different suits to wear. Whoopie-do.

Graphically, based on the options that you can tweak before launching the game, an educated guess would be that the game looks fantastic and it has a lot of potential to be shining, shimmering and splendid, but it's just a guess, after all. Is it because my computer can't run it? Nope. It's because this is a terrible, terrible port and you have a 50/50 chance that your PC will go full retard in the FPS department for no apparent reason. I had to download a 'fix' from the interwebz that basically runs the game on DX9, hence disabling a lot of the eye-candy settings. But hey, "Texture Quality: AMAZING" sounds pretty good to me.

The combat is arguably the strongest point in this game, but it's not really anything new. It feels like a less polished version of Arkham City's combat system. Sometimes you'll try to hit a guy and you'll punch nothing but air and some other times the combat sequences are a bit more fluid. I love me some inconsistent combat. Not. There's also a 'stealth' element to it. Noticed the quotes? *Wink* *wink*. Obviously, this is all sprinkled with fancy webbing-tricks and acrobatics to add some flare. Some of the animations are okay, but nothing too spectacular. Some epic boss fights are good and stand out as probably the best bits of this title. To top it off, it's something no one's ever done before. Oh, wait. Every action game for the past 20 years has done it.

The one thing I truly liked about the game was the web-strike or whatever is called, which is basically a time-stop first-person view that enables you to shoot a web to a wall or enemy and get around (besides having other, more ordinary mobility skills). It's a neat mechanic and probably the only truly original thing I've seen in the game. However, this is kind of overshadowed by the fact that the control scheme is down-right weird. Here's the kicker: I couldn't even use my gamepad to play this because the game is so poorly ported that it would mess up the button assignment (i.e: vertical right analog stick axis = horizontal camera axis). Couldn't find a fix for this so I had to go with my good buddies Mr. Keyboard and Senor Mouse.

Overall, The Amazing Spider-Man was a huge let down for me. Sure, you can play through it once because big companies are behind it so it's not a complete flop, but it could've been so much more. This is just one of those games where you get the constant feeling that the developers just didn't give two craps about what was going on and it was all about the monayz. Maybe Marvel or Universal had some kind of package-deal for when the movie came out and they just had to fulfill a contract or something. Who knows? I would steer clear of this unless you're an absolute fan.

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Good but not necessarily an Improvement

Author: tonyjea92 from United States
26 June 2012

I feel like after years of playing spider man games this game doesn't "quite" live up to it's hype. The game centers way too much on the web rush mechanic and the combat is more or less hard to maneuver due to the fact that it's not your standard beat n kick spider man but a well more lick spy like spider man. I also think that in this game it's a little too easy to die whether your fighting villains or just the standard thugs your just constantly getting hit every fight. The graphics and the game overall is interesting it's just the controls however which i think need be redone so this game is pretty much a rental and then if you really are into it buy it but as i predicted it'll be a long time b4 we have a game as good as spider man 2

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