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byebyeanthony4 April 2013
I've just witnessed an episode of "American Bible Challenge." I go into some detail. Just so you know, I won't be revealing any specific questions or answers and won't tell you who won or didn't win. Ready?? Here's goes:

First, you know a show is in trouble when it takes SEVEN minutes of air-time before the first question is asked. Considering this particular kind of entertainment extravaganza, it's just as well.

The contestants are grouped into three teams of three people. That's nine contestants or "bible experts" as they are called (and it's clear that they really do know about and love the bible -- three of the constants on the day I watched were nuns). For all their expertise it's surprising that the show isn't tough like "Jeopardy," but instead it asks multiple choice questions. Many of the questions are easy enough for people who have never read the bible (like me) to know many of the answers.

And it's not all about knowledge. There was, and I kid you not, a part of the program that asked relatively simple questions but forced the contestants to submit their answers by flipping forks into the drinking glass with the correct answer printed on it (Jesus meets "Beat the Clock"). Today it was forks, but I get the feeling that with each new episode a new game of skill will be hauled out. What's next? Swallowing goldfish? Stuffing nuns into a Volkswagen??

The next round pits the best bible authority of each group against the others (it's still multiple choice and just like Chuck Woolery's "GREED" show only quicker).

Finally, mercifully, comes the last part of the show, the "Final Revelation Round" for $20,000. The two best teams are told the topic and whisked backstage, bibles in tow, to cram as much trivia into their noggins as possible. Then each team is put through a 60 second speed round, with the same questions asked of each team (just like the end round in "Win Ben Stein's Money"). Whichever team answers the most questions correctly wins the dough.

I haven't mentioned Jeff Foxworthy. He does a job similar to his hosting the "5th Grader" show (but doesn't milk the answers nearly as much). I can't help think that this comedian must really be in need of work. I mean, wouldn't he rather be entertaining audiences as a stand-up?

This is a 60 minute show and it tries to be a lot of different games all rolled into one. They couldn't possibly fit all this into 30 minutes, but at 60 minutes it overstays its welcome. The show has several sprinklings of music performed by an extraordinarily enthusiastic and intense gospel-like music group (it's supposed to make you feel like you're in a church down South). You get to hear about 15 seconds of their singing at any one time. The music zooms in and zooms out so quickly, and with so much force, that it comes at you rather aggressively. That said, it is the most entertaining part of the show.
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Fun for all ages. Jeff Foxworthy at his best. Highest rated program on GSN ever.
Greg Mancini20 March 2014
This show is a lot of fun for all ages. American Bible Challenge is GSN's highest-rated program of all time. Hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy, (biggest selling comedy-recording artist in history). If you enjoy Jeff, you're sure to like American Bible Challenge. The musical co-host is Grammy winner Kirk Franklin. Three teams of three contestants compete by answering questions and completing tasks to win cash prizes for their favorite charities. $20,000 per episode is donated to the winning teams charity. Winning teams play off in the season championship, with $100,000 donated to their favorite charity. See for yourself, Season 3 starts May 22, 2014 on GSN.
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