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Is This Comedy?

Author: diesixdie from The Shadows
21 May 2012

I'm not sure this is comedy. It presents itself as a talk show. The host, Eric Andre, seems to be trapped in the role. The show opens with Eric absolutely destroying the set. Within seconds, like in a bad dream the set magically reassembles itself and the show continues, the host, his defenses momentarily derailed declares, "I'm dying". There is something that appears to be comedy, but, all the while, the participants seem to be holding back a pent-up fear and generalized hostility, if not disorientation. The participants don't quite seem to be in control, and react to the hidden forces around them with horror. At one point, the show subjects Andre and his co-host to an insane game show, without warning, where Andre is drenched with scalding hot coffee after every question. We seem to be viewing some sort inescapable closed universe containing nothing but an endless slightly nightmarish talk show. It feels like a bad dream, half remembered. It feels like there's some unspeakable horror lurking just off-camera that the people on-stage can see, but, we can't, and they can only stay safe by pretending to ignore it.

I like what the show is trying to do, even if it's more unsettling, then funny, much like "Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job", produced by the same production company. There's just something kind of compelling, here. More so than most of Adult Swim's live action shows. It'll be interesting to see where they go with this.

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Great Show

Author: Doctor-rockzo291 from United States
4 August 2012

I'd disregard taking any review into consideration from someone who says for Adult Swim to play more Family Guy and American Dad.

This show is great, the comedy can be in your face or really subtle and witty at times. Eric Adre's skits are well thought out in my opinion, and Hannibal is one of the funniest co-hosts on any television show I've watched.

The guests are great, the sketches in between the studio shots make me laugh harder than anything. Telling the Tea-Party that they "forgot their masks" was one of the greatest things I've seen on Adult Swim in awhile, and I've been watching since the beginning.

TL;DR-At least give it a shot once, there's not one bad episode

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Another great absurd show from Adult Swim

Author: ducreux from north of the equator, earth
10 August 2012

I've been watching adult swim since I was a young buck and they've managed to surprise me once again by how far they can take comedy away from the norm. I didn't expect much after watching the commercials but after I gave it a try, I became addicted. It's unlike any talk show I've seen before, the discomfort and awkwardness in the guests is clearly visible, partly due to Hannibal standing behind them during interviews. The sketches are original and hilarious and the comedic timing of Eric Andre is amazing. This show is better than Family Guy or Robot Chicken by a mile. The interview with a grizzly bear is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

Eric and Hannibal make a great comedic team, give this show a try.

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masterful deconstruction of late-night talk shows

Author: uzumakiharikari
22 January 2013

The Eric Andre show is a parody of every terrible art school party, every terrible noise show, and every stand-up act that was only laughable because of how bad it was. These flavors are combined to create a deconstruction of the talk/skit late-night show that occasionally ascends to brilliance.

The sublime intro sequence begins slowly but rapidly advances in tempo as mr. andre destroys his set and clothes in an escalating fit of madness before, suddenly clothed again, sitting down exhausted. As a new curtain descends behind him and a fresh desk pushed in front of him the audience is left with the illusion that this act repeats week after week and the show is performed in the expanding refuse of previous sets.

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Hilarious and Genius

Author: maxco102
21 December 2013

Adult swim sometimes spews out some great comedy. "The Eric Andre Show" is one of those examples. It is a fantastic deconstruction of late night talk-shows with an extreme wacky format that alternates between interviews and silly skits. The show, in it's parodistic nature, shows the interviewees very uncomfortable and acting as if they don't want to be there while Eric asks very bizarre questions or makes obviously inappropriate comments toward them. Hannibal Buress also does a great job as the 'sidekick' to Eric, providing strange momentum and sometimes saying something that's fully incoherent and doesn't connect to anything whatsoever. The Introductions to the show are always funny and witty, showing Eric completely destroying everything in sight. I believe that this show is a hidden gem, since it's probably overlooked by critics and has a late time slot at 12:30 A.M. You can't just watch one episode and dismiss it. This show will crack you up if you give it a chance. Think of this show as "Comedy Bang Bang" times fifty.

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this show is amazing, comedy for people who do not understand comedy, AVANT GARDE

Author: justindemus
10 February 2014



haven't laughed this much since the first season of bob's burgers

ten lines, sch-men lines

this show is not for racists and/or conservatives

everything is well planned and a lot of people just don't get it. it has a constant charm of everything falling apart, yet it is meticulously crafted. Andre and Hannibal compliment each other well and one cannot predict what happens next

which is great.

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A breath of fresh air for adult swim, and TV in general

Author: teteter2004
8 December 2013

The past year Adult Swim has shown me nothing new or exciting, every show is either competing with Tim and Eric, or mimicking it. Although their style is genius it was gotten a little dry since the billion dollar movie. When i first saw the trailer for the Eric Andre show I was even more disappointed, ready for yet another tim and eric knock off. After watching the premier episode I felt as if I had never laughed before. Everything was unexpected, and completely over the top in a way that nobody has ever gotten close to. I never know what to expect, and the commercials for each episode have entirely no footage from the actual episode. The Eric Andre show refreshed the talk show vibe with original pranks, and a surprisingly deep layers of humor. One must watch each episode 3 or 4 times to really see everything they pack into it. What i'd really like to see is everything that doesn't air.

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Not only a great show, but a life changing one for the open mind.

Author: Derek Hill (derekhill1594) from Kenosha, WI
21 December 2014

I have never loved a TV show more than The Eric Andre Show. This show speaks to me so hard it's unreal.

The main theme of the show is mental chaos. Eric is one crazy individual (like myself) who knows exactly how to grab people's souls, shake it around, and throw it back without hesitation. His actions are so subtle that he leaves his guests struck with all kinds of emotions. Hannibal, too, but he is a little more reserved about it.

Before this show, I never really understood social norms (or at least how they were used in context). Growing up, I wasn't too much of a social kid, but only because I wasn't raised in a social environment. I was always interested in being social, however. Watching this show has made me realize something important. Social norms don't really apply to you if you have little to zero knowledge about them. For example, Eric goes out in public and makes a fool of himself. In reality, he's actually making YOU look like a fool. Eric doesn't give a crap how people view him, so, in his mind, he is not acting like a fool. In his mind, he is acting how Eric Andre would normally act, even if other people think he's totally lost it. He knows what to expect except everybody around him.

The key message this show gives to the world is timeless: All of humanity is going to act how they want to act when they want to act and, overall, there is nothing you can do about it. You can't force people to act a certain way, especially if you care about that person/they care about you. Whatever is happening up top in THEIR head is out of YOUR control. Sally will always act like Sally and Joe-Bob will always act like Joe-Bob. A perfect example of this is at the very end of Season 1 Episode 10. Eric does a bit where he falls onto his knees on a busy sidewalk dressed as a homeless man, crying as he pretends to have lost all hope in himself as a person. The people around him BARELY react. A few people glance over at him, but that's it. Most people just walk past as if nothing is happening. Those people had no idea that he was faking it for a TV show, so those are AUTHENTIC REACTIONS. This shows a lot about the society we live in today. Even if you have hit rock bottom and are giving up hope completely, people don't give a damn, especially if they don't know you. What if that was a real-life situation? What if that "homeless man" really WAS completely giving up hope in himself and his last chance for relief was a stranger assisting him in some sort of way? The next option for a person like that would most likely be suicide. Do you know how good it could feel to supply happiness into a stranger in a random act of kindness? You'd never know unless you'd try.

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12 minutes of at Least a few big laughs

Author: joehonaker from United States
14 December 2013

Eric's show is different and does a lot of out of the norm thing that end up giving the viewer a big laugh.In just 12 minutes you can expect at least 3 big big laughs. I normally watch them 5-6 at a time on the DVR when I'm in the mood. I love the destruction of the set and the shock value he does to his guests. The Maria Menounos episode was perfect " Pick a person" and when she finally picks a person, that person is immediately shot. Pure Genius! I love the band and Hannibal who is always funny. Everyone welcome James Van Der Beek, cut to a shot of the guest band leader vomiting, how could anyone not understand the genius of this show? I hope he keeps this show or gets a bigger one.

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Sort of like "The Tom Green Show", but crazier.

Author: Randy Behn ( from Stroudsburg, PA, United States
6 February 2014

I was struck a few months ago by how brilliant most of the programming on Adult Swim's late night comedy block truly is. I've come to expect that anything produced by PFFR Forever Ltd.(Xavier: Renegade Angel; Delocated; The Heart, She Holler) is going to be great, and I can cop to enjoying certain other shows like old-school Aqua Teen Hunger Force, along with newer stuff like Squidbillies, Off The Air, and Children's Hospital. Really though, I think it's pretty clear that those weirdos "Tim and Eric" represent the modern ethos of this fledgling counterculture-TV-thing called Adult Swim. When I read that they were responsible for producing this freaky "Eric Andre Show" I wasn't surprised at all.

Nor was I surprised by its off-the-wall nature, though I suppose you could say I was at times shocked by it. This is truly radical television, a knowingly smart train wreck that sometimes doesn't know when to stop itself. There are moments when you can't help but cringe for the poor B-list guests(just watch Lou Ferrigno squirm as a little dude in green Hulk makeup gets way too close), and some of the man-in-the-street gags amount to little more than Eric barfing on people. However, when the insanity works, there is almost nothing else on television that even tries to entertain on this level.

One true asset is the impossibly laid-back co-host, Hannibal Buress. He serves both as a straight man to Eric's straight-jacket man, and as a welcome distraction for the often uncomfortable guests (who we, the audience, have come to identify with, thus making Hannibal a welcome distraction for us, too.) Some of the random segments involving Hannibal are highlights because they are equally absurd as, but usually less abrasive than, the bulk of the show.

Speaking of abrasiveness, from the opening credit sequence in which Eric destroys his own set while the band jams both aimlessly and furiously in the background, to the way he often pulls out weapons from unexpected locations and "shoots" or otherwise "kills" somebody at random, to his inexplicably rude or outrageous behavior during interviews... it's easy to understand why a lot of people really don't appreciate this type of humor. It reminds me a lot of the late-nineties "Tom Green Show" on MTV- truly out there.

So, personally, I love this type of humor. However, I can understand why people who are easily offended by violence and crude sexual/gross-out humor might really hate it. That said... those people should really get over it.

Thanks for reading what unintentionally became a pretty long and wordy review.

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