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The final reprise of Love never Dies sung by the Phantom was improvised by Ramin Karimloo in the final performance of the London production of Love Never Dies. Andrew Lloyd Webber loved it so much he incorporated it into the Australian production.
The Phantom's alias Mr. Y is a play on the word Mystery, literally spelling Mystery as Mister-y ("Mr. Y").
After Meg leaves the bar, Raoul yells 'He's not Mephistopheles you know!' As well as it referring to the devil, Mephistopheles is also a character in the opera Faust. The opera was performed in the original Gaston Leroux novel Le Fantome De L'Opera, the opera which Christine replaces Carlotta in as Marguerite.
Gustave is named after Christine's father, as revealed in the 2004 film, portrayed by Ramin Karimloo. Coincidentally Ramin Karimloo was the original & final Phantom in the London production of Love Never Dies.
Anna O'Byrne previously played Christine in the Australian production of the Phantom of The Opera, the predecessor of Love Never Dies.
Includes brief reprises of music from the Phantom of the Opera, including the tune to 'Stranger Than You've Dreamt It', 'Twisted Every Way', 'Little Lotte', 'The Phantom of the Opera (Theme)', 'Prima Donna', and references 'All I Ask of You' when Raoul sings 'Just Ask It of Me' when he sings in 'Before the Performance'.
The melody for 'Beneath a Moonless Sky' was used in an extended scene for the 2004 film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera when Christine sneaks out of the Opera Populaire to go to the cemetery where her father's grave is.
The line 'Things have changed Raoul' said by Christine to Raoul after the Phantom leaves was said by Christine in The Phantom of the Opera after Raoul leaves her dressing room alone. Both times it's said have the same context in that her life has changed since previous events but to Raoul it means she'd be singing in Coney Island rather than Manhattan.
The Phantom is never referred to as 'the Phantom' during the show, but rather his pseudonym 'Mr. Y', 'master', 'sir' or 'you.'
While being the original Australian Meg in Love Never Dies, Sharon Millerchip was also the original Australian Meg in the Phantom of the Opera in 1990. However, while she wears a blonde wig in Love Never Dies, she wore a brown wig as Meg in Phantom.
In Devil Take the Hindmost, the bartender is the Phantom.
According to Andrew Lloyd Webber, the title song "Love Never Dies" was first sung under the title "The Heart is Slow to Learn" in 1998 by Kiri Te Kanawa at the Great Performances: Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Royal Albert Hall Celebration (1998) show; "The Heart is Slow to Learn" was originally written for a Phantom sequel (ideas began in 1990) that was unproduced and aborted. The song was then retitled as "Our Kind of Love" when it reappeared again in Lloyd Webber's other musical The Beautiful Game in 2000. When the song finally made its way home to this Phantom sequel as originally intended, now under the title "Love Never Dies", several media critics at the London 2010 musical premiere widely remarked that the title song bore much resemblance to Charles Williams' 1949 composition "Jealous Lover" (from the film Naughty Arlette (1949)), which was later retitled in 1960 as the popularly known "Theme from The Apartment" for Billy Wilder's Oscar Award-winning film The Apartment (1960). The first public performance of the song "Love Never Dies" as its new title was sung by Sierra Boggess at The South Bank Show: 2009 Awards (2010) to promote the premiere of the 2010 London musical sequel.
As featured in this Australian production of Love Never Dies, parts of the original libretto, music, costumes, story, and scenes have been revised and eliminated since the musical made its London debut in 2010.

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