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If you like ghost films, give this one a shot

Author: UnchartedGears from New Zealand
17 August 2013

In my 8 years on IMDb, I've never once reviewed a movie. I watched this film last night, and given a couple of scathing reviews on here for it, I felt it was only fair to give my 2 cents worth and say what I thought of it. Especially given the shoestring budget and heart and soul the film makers obviously put into it.

This movie scared the HELL out of me. I love horror films, and I've seen hundreds in the last few years. My favourites are easily ghost films (especially the Asian ones), and despite having seen so many I still have a tendency to sit there with my hand half covering my eyes. I'm kinda proud to say this film had that effect through most of it's running time.

The gist of the film is a guy and his girlfriend move into a supposedly haunted house in the hopes of experiencing "paranormal activity". Guess they got more than they bargained for. It's a pretty simple premise but that's what makes it work so well. From looking under a bed to investigating whispering in a darkened living room, it's the little things that give the film it's atmosphere and intensity.

Sorry for my extremely amateurish review, just wanted to try and contribute something is all. Sick of so many 1 star reviews putting down good films. If you like ghost movies give this one a go, you might be surprised.

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I Back My Decision

Author: jongale64 from Los Angeles
16 August 2013

After seeing some of the comments about "An American Ghost Story". Which I had funded , I am extremely happy with the film considering we had two and sometimes three people in the entire crew. Along with doing all the post production ourselves. Stephen Twardokus and Derek Cole I feel did an amazing job for the budget they had and it just goes to show what these two could do with a larger budget.

I did expect people to speak their mind but thought more film makers would appreciate the limitations and really give theses guys pats on the back for what they did for under 2K.

I guess I was wrong but aside from that I'm proud of the film and am looking forward to the next. Great job guys!

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Quality in relation to budget...Decent

Author: T Cady from United States
17 August 2013

"An American Ghost Story" is a film about a couple who move into a supposedly haunted house where a family had been killed years before. The main character is an aspiring writer that wants to write a book about and paranormal activity he may experience in the house.

I would give this one a 6 1/2. If you are looking for top Hollywood style horror you probably would skip this one. IMDb has this one listed with an estimated budget of around $10k, That being said it did get the best bang for the budget, and beats out a lot of movies with much loftier budgets. I give it a 6 and not in a bad way.

The script was pretty weak, and the dialog at times was just plain bad. The effects were decent. There was some "make you jump" moments. All in all, if you are into low budget films not too bad. Derek Cole, the Director deserves some props for putting this out on the shoe-string budget, and given a robust one could most likely turn out some good movies in the future.

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Give me one thousand movies like this one every week!

Author: jeanbal from France
28 August 2013

Yes. I really mean it. I will much rather watch one thousand films shot with passion by adventurous young guys on a shoestring budget, than ONE big lifeless Hollywood production, crushed by the sheer weight of its stars. Of course, Revenant is far from perfect, the acting may sometimes make you cringe. But the director does his best to scare you with literally nothing. And sometimes he succeeds! Which is no little feat. When I saw that the main actor was also the scriptwriter, everything became clear. This movie is just one big statement to the establishment: look what we can do with nothing, give us the possibility to shoot a real feature! Personnaly, I have been seduced. I like Revenant, even for its weaknesses. No. Especially for its weaknesses! It's a work of love and passion, done by two talented guys. If ever you have tried to make a short film for your family, you know how hard it can be to make something coherent and interesting. These kids can be proud of themselves. They have created a true movie. I wish them the best of luck for their career.

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Fantastic Ghost Story!

Author: ravenhair702 from United States
28 August 2013

I have seen many big budget films try to wow a crowd with fancy green screen stuff and dazzling special effects in other horror movies...but after reading producers review about how he backs his decision about making the movie with a skeleton crew and a LOW budget...this was simply fantastic! As far as a slow starting to the movie like some of these other whiny reviewers complained about...I felt it was just the right amount of build up to a GREAT finish to a really nail biting finish!

The trailer told me immediately to watch this film and I personally shocked that it rated so low on IMDb! 3.9?! Really? I watch a LOT of horror films...(mainly it's the only middle ground me and my wife meet at...she likes true story dramas...ugh...and I like science fiction...we meet in horror.) Anyway, like I said...I watch a lot of horror movies and I LOVED this film! Sometimes it's the simplest things that give you goose bumps...and even though this movie was under budget...I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good scare!

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A real little gem.

Author: kcwise89 from United States
20 August 2013

I've been reading some of these reviews and I'm wondering if they are about the same movie I've just seen On Demand. My review may not be as fancy as some of the one's I've just read but I'm someone who likes ghost stories and I really liked this movie.

I first saw the trailer for this movie on You Tube last year and it really peaked my interest. You can imagine my surprise when it popped up On Demand under a different name. I did a little research and found out this is a real little gem.

It's hard to believe they made this movie for the budget they said. Maybe it's some Hollywood thing to create a buzz about how little or how much you spend. I thought the acting was as good as any mainstream movie I've seen. There is one special effect I'm sure cost more than what their budget would allow, it was that good. Did it scare me? I can honestly say I had a pillow up to my face more than once, and a yell or two came out. Someone else reviewed Blair Witch was better. I couldn't watch Blair Witch because it made me nauseous from the hand held camera. I didn't have any problem with this film.

I'm going to be following these guys to see what other movies they come out with. I've already ordered my copy from Amazon for my collection. Should I have given them a 10? The reality of it is, only Stephen King gets a 10. (I wrote two reviews of this because the first disappeared on me. If they both show up, that's why.)

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Puts some big budgets to shame

Author: damoeel from Australia
15 August 2013

This was definitely a pleasant surprise after some of my latest endeavors into the horror/thriller genre, yes it is a fairly low budget movie and one writer of the story was the star and the other was the producer and his family played parts in the movie and also used his house as the setting but this put plenty of big budget attempts to shame. The story revolves around Paul who moves into an apparent haunted house for research for a book, yes nothing original there but it works. His girlfriend doesn't last long living there but she probably lasted longer than most of us would have, but Paul decides to stick it out in an attempt to make contact to get that winning edge for his book. After almost 3 months things certainly start to turn and despite my slight disappointment in the confrontation as I think it could have been done differently,credit has to go to the creators of this for a pretty good effort. There were those jumping moments and those moments where you are saying "don't be an idiot, just leave it alone" but to me, those are the things you want from these type of movies and I really liked the way they went about this one as sometimes less is more. I would recommend this to those who like me have been disappointed with a lot of these types of movies and those that enjoy these types of movies. 8/10

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surprisingly good

Author: costumesbymyndee
6 July 2014

I really did not expect much out of this film, as I found Paranormal Activity boring and contrived. I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was very good. I never found myself rolling my eyes at the acting. I really felt the tension and genuine reactions. I expected pretty typical horror genre devises, but I am happy to say that the writers left me guessing. When I would guess that one thing would happen it would be something completely different and I found myself jumping, pretty often. Enjoyed the ending. Upon watching the extras and discovering that this was done with so few people and resources, I was even more impressed. Definitely worth the watch.

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Not Bad

Author: Cheryl Fayder from United States
20 August 2013

I rented this movie the other night. I hadn't heard of it so I had absolutely no expectations. From the opening credits it was obvious this was going to be a little low-budget indie flick. It turned out to be a very low key little ghost story with a really small storyline, tiny cast and no special effects.

A writer named Paul and his girlfriend Stella move into a house that is rumored to be haunted. Paul wants to use his experiences in the house as the basis for a book. Stella skips out at the first sign of ghosts, but Paul stays on, determined to finally finish something for once in his life. As the incidents escalate, Paul seeks out information from former tenants in order to validate what he is experiencing and finds only one who is willing to speak with him, a woman named Sue. It's obvious that Sue's been through hell, judging from the fact that she's a nervous, twitchy mess.

As small a movie as this one is, made on what must have been a shoestring budget, it still managed to deliver the scares. As for the use of the sheets, was it cheap and kind of dopey? Absolutely. But when you have no money in your budget for makeup, you do what you can. And it was still fairly effective nonetheless. And the right musical chord at just the right time goes a long way in delivering a good old fashioned jolt.

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Ghost story without a ghost?

Author: Filmaniac123 from United Kingdom
22 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read some good review on the movie so I decided to give it a go. But after 90 minutes of boredom I believed that some user(s) may have been "paid" to write good review, on a poor film.

This movie has no substance. The main character Paul wants to write a story on ghost so he moved into this "haunted" house to feel the experience. At the beginning he was keen to find out what happened to the family who died in the house (thus haunting it); the owner seem suspicious that he knows something (or even have something to do with it).

Problem arose from midway through the film. The intention of "finding the truth" has suddenly gone. The owner has vanished and there is no explanation of what did happen to that family. All you are seeing is furniture moving in the dark, and a person (or ghost?) covering in bed sheet. The film didn't even tell whether the "ghost" is a member of the dead family.

I gave it a 2 because of the music effect and it has a couple of good moment that you would be holding your breathe as to guess what happen next - then of course it failed to deliver.

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