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Season: 1 | unknown
Year: 2012

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Marijuana Drama

22 February 2012
The Stanley brothers are growing their medicinal marijuana to sell at their dispensaries in Denver and Fort Collins. But the guys face a problem: Their $250,000 crop must be moved from a small greenhouse to a large one for the buds to flower.
Dawn Clifford ... Herself

Alex Cameron Dimez ... Himself

Jeremy Schwartz ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 2: Rocky Mountain Medicine

29 February 2012
The fight against medical marijuana is on, and Proposition 300 will be voted on in the next month to determine if all marijuana dispensaries will be banned in Fort Collins, CO.
Frank Bianco ... Himself
Dawn Clifford ... Herself

Jeremy Schwartz ... Narrator
Brittany Wagoner ... Herself - Miss High Times 2010

Season 1, Episode 3: 4/20 or Bust

7 March 2012
With Proposition 300 about to be voted on, the battle to keep medical marijuana dispensaries open in Fort Collins is being fought hard.
Frank Bianco ... Himself
Dawn Clifford ... Herself

Jeremy Schwartz ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 4: Banned and Busted

14 March 2012
As election day nears, anxiety builds for those for and against the medical marijuana dispensary ban in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Dawn Clifford ... Herself

Jeremy Schwartz ... Narrator

Season 1, Episode 5: Pot or Not?

21 March 2012
After a tooth-and-nail campaign to determine the fate of retail pot in Fort Collins, the day of reckoning has finally come.
Frank Bianco ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 6: Marijuana Under Fire

28 March 2012
After the banning of medical marijuana centers in Fort Collins, the Stanley brothers are determined to stay focused on their mission to keep medical marijuana legal for patients in Colorado.

Season 1, Episode 7: Green Rush

4 April 2012
Welcome to Pot Town, USA. Medical marijuana is legal in Colorado, and hundreds of business owners are striving to turn a profit and help patients in what some are calling the "green rush."

Unknown Season

Rocky Mountain Medicine

11 April 2012
With everything invested in the newly booming medical marijuana industry, the De Noue family of North Boulder Wellness Center struggles to turn a profit.

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