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Bryan Cranston Reveals Zordon's Big Secret in Power Rangers?

  • MovieWeb
Bryan Cranston Reveals Zordon's Big Secret in Power Rangers?
Did Bryan Cranston's Zordon use to be the original red Power Ranger? That's a fan theory that has been running rampant on the internet leading into the March release of the new Power Rangers movie reboot. Today, we have a little bit of proof that claims to back this up. It comes from Bryan Cranston himself, but it could mean nothing at all.

Power Rangers will finally be in theaters March 24 after nearly two years of hype. And it will supposedly reignite fans longtime passion for the franchise, giving the original TV show a gritty boost while retaining the action and humor that made it such a campy 90s classic. At that, it appears that the new Lionsgate movie will be rewriting the Mighty Morphin origins of some of its characters, and that includes Zordon.

Zordon is played via motion capture by acclaimed Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle star Bryan Cranston.
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Power Rangers: Okay, You Can Take That Green Ranger/Red Ranger Theory To The Bank

  • LRM Online
Fans have a way with running with some pretty highbrow rumors for upcoming films. If there is the merest hint of an event or twist shown in the trailers or advertising, rest assured that some eagle-eyed fan will find it and make his findings known to the rest of fandom. This happened with the upcoming Power Rangers movie, when it was rumored that Rita Repulsa would, in fact be a former Green Ranger gone rogue, and that Zordon was a former Red Ranger.

While the rumor was never officially confirmed, it was given some credence by a report from TheWrap back in December. By this point, those details are pretty much considered as a part of the story.

Related: Holy Crap! Everyone’S Favorite Power Rangers Fan Theory Was Right!

However, if there were any further doubts in your pretty little head, prepare to have them put to rest.

Andrew Gray,
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Power Rangers Megaforce and Super Megaforce: The Complete Seasons coming to DVD in August

Lionsgate Home Entertainment has announced that Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season and Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season are set to hit DVD and Digital HD on August 16th.

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When the evil Warstar aliens plot a massive invasion of our planet, Earth’s supernatural guardian, Gosei, mobilizes a team of five extraordinary teens with the talent and attitude to oppose them: the Power Rangers Megaforce!

In order to stop ruthless Prince Vekar and his massive alien Armada, the Rangers have only one hope: to unlock the special keys — and harness the amazing powers of Legendary Rangers of the past!

Relive every action-packed adventure when Power Rangers Megaforce: The Complete Season and Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Complete Season arrive on DVD (plus Digital HD) on August 16 from Lionsgate. Five teenagers with attitude use their unique
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Wizard World Louisville: Former Power Rangers Star Jason David Frank Talks ‘My Morphin’ Life,’ New Web Series

Wizard World Louisville: Former Power Rangers Star Jason David Frank Talks ‘My Morphin’ Life,’ New Web Series
This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever comic convention, Wizard World Comic Con in Louisville, Kentucky. Among various opportunities for the press, I had the opportunity to meet and briefly interview one of my childhood heroes, Jason David Frank. Frank’s notoriety is due in large part to his time on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (as the Green and White Rangers), Power Rangers Zeo (as the Red Ranger), Power Rangers Turbo (as the first Red Ranger), and Power Rangers Dino Thunder (as the Black Ranger). He also has appeared in the films based on the Mighty Morphin’ and Turbo properties, and has made cameo appearances on more recent Power Rangers seasons, such as Power Rangers Wild Force’s “Forever Red” and, most recently, Power Rangers Super Megaforce’s “Legendary Battle.” Nowadays, Frank (commonly known as “Jdf”) keeps busy by visiting many different Comic-Cons, filming a reality series about his life…
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Lifetime’s ‘Unauthorized Melrose Place Story’ Cast, First Image Revealed (Photo)

  • The Wrap
Lifetime’s ‘Unauthorized Melrose Place Story’ Cast, First Image Revealed (Photo)
Lifetime has released the names of the cast and the first image for the upcoming TV movie “The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story.” The original show followed the lives and loves of a group of 20-somethings living in an apartment complex called Melrose Place in California. The series was launched in 1992 as a companion for “Beverly Hills, 90210,” which is also getting the Lifetime “Unauthorized” treatment. See the cast list below: Aaron Spelling: Dan Castellaneta (“The Simpsons”) Darren Star: Adam Korson (“Hot in Cleveland”) Amanda Woodward/Heather Lcoklear: Ciara Hanna (“Power Rangers Megaforce”) Allison Parker/Courtney Thorne-Smith: Rebecca Dalton
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‘Power Rangers’ Movie Pushed Back to 2017

‘Power Rangers’ Movie Pushed Back to 2017
Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers” movie has been moved back six months to Jan. 13, 2017, from its original release date of July 22, 2016.

Lionsgate and Saban Brands announced the “Power Rangers” project in May. The studio tapped Dean Israelite to direct earlier this month from a script by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Power Rangers” creator Haim Saban is producing the film along with Brian Casentini, head of development and production for Saban Brands, and Allison Shearmur, who oversaw “The Hunger Games” as president of production at Lionsgate.

Saban launched “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in 1993 as a live-action TV series. It has been in continuous production ever since, with the series renamed each year — the latest iteration is “Power Rangers Super Megaforce,” which began airing in February.

Details have yet to emerge on plans for the new film franchise other than that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be portrayed as a group
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Get Ready for Dallas Comic Con Fan Days This Weekend!

  • Cinelinx
February is here again and that means super heroes and sci-fi characters will descend upon the Irving Convention Center for the annual Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. For two days, thousands of pop and geek culture enthusiasts will be in their comfort zone as some of today’s hottest actors and artists come together in celebration of everything they love.

The main media focuses of this year’s event are Arrow, Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Power Rangers Megaforce. Enthusiasts of The Walking Dead, Stargate Sg-1, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have reason to get excited as well.

Celebrities who are attending include Colin Baker and Alex Kingston of Doctor Who fame. The Emerald Archer himself, Stephen Amell, is accompanied by co-stars David Ramsey and John Barrowman from DC Comics and the CW’s hit show Arrow. Original Uhura, Nichelle Nichols, and Terry Farrell are the
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Presto TV to commission local production

  • IF.com.au
Subscription VoD service Presto TV will commission original Australian programming and source other content exclusively for the platform.

A joint venture between Foxtel and Seven West Media, Presto TV launched last Sunday. Subscribers pay a monthly fee of $9.99 for the TV stream, the same amount for Foxtel.s 10-months-old Presto Movies, and $14.99 for both.

Presto TV will commission original productions including drama, Seven Network director of programming Angus Ross tells If.. "We will make stuff for Presto TV," he said, without giving any specifics.

As for acquisitions, he flagged the streaming service would buy content such as .binge-worthy dramas. and more children.s programming.

Ross said, .My mantra for Seven.s primary channel is that I will buy something if I think it will rate. That.s the same in finding content we think will work for Presto TV..

Pre-launch, Presto TV announced it had bought non-exclusive rights to a
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Power Rangers Super Megaforce Review

During my grade school years, I would always anticipate the school bell because it meant that I could rush home and watch The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I’d occasionally tape it, but would always try to be in front of the TV whenever it aired, in order to watch my favourite super heroes battle crazy evildoers in their fantastical world. And, I’ll even admit to being a big fan of Billy, the Blue Ranger, whose fan club was likely the smallest of the bunch.

Fast-forward to today, and the Power Rangers mythos is entering its 21st season, which astounds me. I never thought that it would last this long, nor did I expect to be reviewing a video game called Power Rangers Super Megaforce for a 3D Nintendo handheld. Here I am, though, about to explain my thoughts on such a game.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce seems to be a new,
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Jason David Frank says he “probably will be involved” with Power Rangers reboot

After returning to the role of Tommy Oliver, a.k.a. The Green Ranger, for the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers in Power Rangers Megaforce, it looks like Jason David Frank could be set for another appearance in the long-running franchise with a cameo in the upcoming movie reboot.

“I probably will be involved,” said Frank in an interview with Comic Book. “They talked to me about it. I don’t know how much I am involved, but for sure cameos at least in the reboot movie. I haven’t heard anything [plot-wise], except for what Roberto released. They are so tight-lipped on that project, it’s ridiculous. I don’t even know my involvement into it. They talked to me about being involved, and the fans would love to see me involved. You know, we were originally talking about a Green Ranger series, but unfortunately just due to the Lionsgate movie,
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Tweeks: Power Rangers Super Megaforce For All!

  • Comicmix
There’s a misconception that the Power Rangers are just for little kids or for boys (or Karen Gillan – you saw her ice bucket challenge, right?), but we think the cast of Saban’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce offers a little something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Watch our interview with the Power Rangers and try not to come away charmed and ready to watch the new season Saturdays at noon on Nickelodeon.
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Nintendo's Holiday Plans Include New Wii U Bundles, Amiibo, & More!

  • Cinelinx
We woke up to some amazing Nintendo news this morning, as they announced a slew of new things (including release dates, hardware, and more) during a Nintendo Direct session. We'll be covering all of the news here on Cinelinx, but let's start off with some of their Holiday plans, which includes pricing of the amiibos and some new Wii U bundles to take home. Come inside to check it out!

It's tough to really know where to begin. Nintendo dropped some serious information this morning concerning a lot of their big properties and collating that into an easily digestible format hasn't been easy! However, let's kick things off with some of the basics, like Nintendo's Amiibo figures (their answer to Skylanders and Disney Infinity). This was announced during E3, but today they've revealed some pricing on the figures and a few games they'll be compatible with:

The holiday shopping season begins today for Nintendo fans,
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Power Rangers Movie Arriving In Summer 2016

With the just-dated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, another Smurfs movie and Steven Spielberg’s The Bfg all arriving within three months of each other, the summer of 2016 is looking like an unusually nostalgic one. Now, another familiar face from our childhood appears to be mounting a comeback around the same time, with Lionsgate’s announcement that it has dated a live-action Power Rangers movie for July 22nd, 2016.

The announcement puts Power Rangers on a direct collision course with Warner Bros.’ King Arthur, another potential series starter. Chances that one or both will move at some point are heightened by the fact that the fifth Bourne movie opens one week earlier, on July 15th, and the third Planet of the Apes hits one week later, on July 29th.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, who previously scripted X-Men: First Class, are penning the script for Power Rangers, which is said to be
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Robert Orci trades 'Spider-Man' for 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'

  • Hitfix
Robert Orci trades 'Spider-Man' for 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers'
The "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" has found a new member in Robert Orci, the controversial and prolific franchise mainstay who's been involved with "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Star Trek," and "Transformers" films. Saban and Lionsgate are adding the writer-producer as an exec producer to their upcoming big screen reboot of the family-friendly action franchise. "Power Rangers" has also picked up writers Ashley Miller and Zach Stentz ("X-Men: First Class," "Thor") in the process, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The duo are reportedly teaming with Orci on "Star Trek 3," which will serve as his directorial debut. They also all worked on "Fringe" together.  "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" debuted as a TV series in 1993, and has spawned countless spin-off -- including a 1995 feature film -- ever since. "Power Rangers Super Megaforce" debuted in February. Although no plot details are yet available, Orci, Miller and Stentz are reportedly completely re-imagining the series, which focuses
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‘Power Rangers’ Movie Adds Roberto Orci, ‘X-Men’ Writers

‘Power Rangers’ Movie Adds Roberto Orci, ‘X-Men’ Writers
Roberto Orci has signed on to executive produce Lionsgate’s “Power Rangers” movie through his newly formed Sneaky Shark.

Lionsgate and Saban Brands announced the “Power Rangers” project in May. Orci will develop the story along with writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, who will pen the script.

Orci’s writing credits include “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” “Star Trek,” “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” “Transformers” and “Mission: Impossible III.” Miller and Stentz have teamed on “X-Men: First Class” and “Thor.”

Power Rangers creator Haim Saban is producing the film along with Brian Casentini, head of development and production for Saban Brands, and Allison Shearmur, who oversaw “The Hunger Games” as president of production at Lionsgate.

Saban launched “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” in 1993 as a live-action TV series. It has been in continuous production ever since, with the series renamed each year — the latest being “Power Rangers Super Megaforce,” which began airing in February.
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‘Power Rangers Super Samurai – Vol.2: Rise of the Bullzooka’ Review

Power Rangers Super Samurai – Volume 2: Rise of the Bullzooka is the second volume of episodes from the follow-up series to Power Rangers Samurai. This generation of rangers is comprised of Red Ranger Jayden (Alex Heartman), Blue Ranger Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), Pink Ranger Mia (Erika Fong), Green Ranger Mike (Hector David Jr.), Yellow Ranger Emily (Brittany Anne Pirtle) and Gold Ranger Antonio (Steven Skyler). Together they are tasked with protecting innocent civilians from a variety of threats from evil Lord Serrator who unveils his mysterious master plan to enslave Earth with his Mooger and Spitfang army – battling against a duplicating Nighlok, Kevin and Mike getting stuck together with a sticky glue glob and overcoming an intense hunger toxin!

Unlike the previous PR Samurai releases, which typically combined a handful of episodes on each disc, this volume of Power Rangers Super Samurai Vol.2 features a whopping seven episodes from the series,
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‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Details Coming At Comic Con?

The biggest geek event of the year is just over a month away now and we are already extremely excited. Yes that’s right the San Diego Comic Con is almost here and this one looks set to be a doozy. As you may already be aware, the annual event has become well known for huge Hollywood announcements (usually revolving around superhero adaptations).

With both Marvel and DC heavily rumoured to be making show-stealing announcements at the event, it seems that Lionsgate may be getting in on the action too. Not too long ago Saban announced they had teamed up with Lionsgate (The Expendables, The Hunger Games) to produce a big budget Hollywood reboot of their prized Power Rangers franchise. The original premise of the 90′s phenomenon revolved around five teenagers that were gifted with extraordinary super powers (and multi-coloured spandex uniforms), in order to save the world from an
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Max Landis To Write The ‘Power Rangers’ Movie?

Earlier this month the internet was hit with the fantastic news that the Power Rangers will be returning to the big screen. The twenty one year old superhero franchise became a cultural phenomenon in the early nineties before two films were released in 1995 and 1997. Although the children’s television show is still running (under the re-acquired guidance of series creator Haim Saban), it hardly receives the appreciation and attention it once did.

With Power Rangers celebrating its twentieth anniversary last year, Saban took the occasion as a great opportunity to promote the brand on a much larger scale than anyone had seen in a long time. This marketing included the re-branding of old products including toys and home media, which appealed to both newcomers and aging nostalgia freaks of the nineties (like myself). On top of that the newest iteration of the show Power Rangers Super Megaforce, received quite a
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What happened to the original Power Rangers cast? How they look now

What happened to the original Power Rangers cast? How they look now
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will unite once again to do battle with a series of weird and wonderful monsters. Though the series has been on air since 1993, this new incarnation will be a big budget reboot from the team behind Twilight, The Hunger Games and Divergent.


But what became of the original (and best!) Power Rangers cast we worshipped in the early '90s? Digital Spy finds out what happened to the all-action sextet below.

David Yost (Blue Ranger/Billy Cranston)

David Yost landed the role of Blue Ranger Billy Cranston just three months after moving to California in 1993. In an intriguing piece of trivia, his character was named after Bryan Cranston, who at the time was doing voice work for Power Rangers producer Haim Saban.

Yost appeared in more than 200 episodes of Power Rangers, making him the only Ranger to appear in every episode of the original series.
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Who is the 'Power Rangers' Audiencec

This morning Lionsgate announced they are partnering with Saban Brands, creator of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to spawn a new live-action film based on the group of high school kids infused with super powers. Now all I'm wondering is who the hell is going to watch itc I did head over to IMDb and apparently the Power Rangers are still on Nickelodeon in a show that began in 2013 titled "Power Rangers Megaforce", but it has only been voted on by 479 people since first airing in February of 2013. Other than that, what attachment does anyone have to these characters of the '90sc In the press release the two companies note a strong worldwide fanbase and perhaps it's just because I'm not a part of it that I'm not aware of its existence. The release also goes on to mention Lionsgate/Summit releases including The Hunger Games, Twilight and Divergent.
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