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One Problem Goes, Another Comes
Claudio Carvalho28 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Dexter takes Hannah in a boat ride, but she receives a message and has to return to work. Meanwhile, Isaak and Yurg discover that the Koshka Brotherhood has hired two professional hit-men to kill him. Issak breaks into Dexter's apartment and proposes him to be the surprise element to kill the killers. Dexter turns his proposal down and Jurg kidnaps Hannah to force Dexter to help Isaak. Dexter discloses the situation to Debra and tells that he will help Isaak to save Hannah. LaGuerta visits Matthews on his boat to tell her theory about the Bay Harbor Butcher and after an initial rough dialog, Matthews proposes an arrangement to help her. George forces Nadia to have sex with him; when Quinn learns what happened with his girlfriend, he punches George on the face several times and takes Nadia out of the club. Dexter helps Isaak to kill the killers, but Isaak is mortally wounded by George. Meanwhile Hannah tries to escape from Jurg and is wounded by him.

"Helter Skelter" is a great episode where Dexter gets rid of a great problem, Issak Sirko. However a greater problem is coming, with the investigation of LaGuerta. Quinn is drowning in the mud that he got into. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Apressado" ("In a Hurry")
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Unsure about the rest of the season...
michielv-laarhoven27 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all I would like to state that I thought this was a very good episode. I loved the way Dexter and Isaak teamed up. It was well executed and completely unexpected. I mean, when I saw him for the first time I thought: guy's gonna be on Dexter's table by the end of the season. Well, I was wrong. And boy, did I like their co-operation and the way Isaak tried to make Dexter understand the concept of love. Credits to Ray Stevenson. He better be nominated for an Emmy award this year.

A problem I had with this episode, however, was the fact that Dexter had to kill two hit men. Though the kills (especially the first one) were rather funny and entertaining to watch they were unbelievable as freakin' hell! Dexter kills a hit man on a shooting range... Of course, nobody sees this, no investigation will be done and Dexter will never be caught for it... I wish the writer would have thought of a more realistic way to kill the hit man off.

Well, anyway, besides that it was a really fast-paced and entertaining episode. Though I am really curious as to how the rest of the season will develop. The story line of Isaak Sirko was probably the most interesting to watch and he definitely was one of the best villains on the show. However, by the end of this episode Isaak dies a tragic death. This makes me wonder... can the rest of the season completely rely on the relationship between Hannah and Dexter? I'm one of the guys who likes Hannah, but I don't know if the show can rely on it. For the rest there's not much going on, actually... Besides a certain Phantom Arsonist -- a killer who burns his victims. It's really weird that the writers introduce a serial killer this late into the season. So where does that go?

So all in all it was a good episode, albeit a little unrealistic in certain moments. Though I have to say it left me curious, but also very unsure about the rest of the season. With the most interesting story line gone, can the writers spice up the other story lines enough to make the final act of the season as fascinating as the season thus far has been?


P.S. Though it gives me hope that writer Scott Reynolds said on his twitter that episode ten will blow our minds...
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jon-stokes21-539-1787526 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Another excellent and brilliant episode for the Dexter series. I like many was disappointed with season 6 but the show is back to meeting the high expectations I've come to expect from the show. The last few episodes including this one have been some of my favorite they've produced so far.

In the the past seasons Dexter's victims where not physically intimidating or powerful like Isaac(Skinner, Trinity, and Travis). They were just twisted, intelligent serial killers who prayed on the innocent. Isaac was a totally different bread of killer who was no slump physically and with his mafia ties could have made Dexter's life miserable. The relationship between him and Dexter takes an incredibly unexpected turn in this episode that couldn't have been expected. I was expecting Isaac to be around until the end of the season, these unpredictable twists are some of the things that have made this season great!
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Interesting turn of Events
MovieFinatic25 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Episode 9 "Helter Skelter", is a episode with a very strong moral, and that moral is 'love'. The episode is centered around the downfall of Isaak, as well as an interesting turn of events for Hannah, Quinn and George. The episode in all was a quality outing, but didn't exactly measure up to the stature of writing from last weeks installment "Argentina".

The episode began with Hannah on Dexters boat; as Dexter turned into the choppy waves, Hannah told Dexter she was afraid, but Dexter wouldn't share what he was afraid about. The storyline of the episode is interesting, a bit of cat and mouse, a bit of character development, and the death of a big bad. Though it wasn't solid throughout, but once again it was entertaining and more exhilarating than last weeks episode, which was based around emotion, deprivation etc.

Dexter had a kill in the episode the was cool, but probably not very plausible, but anyway it was entertaining. A lot of the episode was based around Isaak seeing it was his last, and his last moments were very memorable.

Overall this was a excellent episode, it may not have been the strongest of the Season but it was a quality outing. Written by Tim Schlattman and Directed by Steve Shill, they together create a florid episode with some really great dialogue.

MovieFinatic - 8/10 B+ Best Actor - Ray Stevenson
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Gabriel Goes7 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I don't like when the protagonist does impossible things, especially dangerous and against the law things, and gets away with it unscathed. This is precisely what happens with Dexter killing one of the hit-man out in the open and raising no suspicion at all. It leaves things much more interesting when the consequences catch up to the one who brought them to himself. Of course, that seems to be happening with LaGuerta investigating Dexter, and it did happen when Rita died in season 4, but Dexter has gotten away with many improbable (one could even say sloppy) killings and situations, and that is not good of the show.

However, all in all, I gave this episode 9 rating, because of how it made me feel. That is what, in fact, all show should be about - of course an intelligent and well written plot only adds to those emotions, but when there are minor flaws (not major ones like in season 6) and the things the show makes me feel and think are good or impacting in some way, as it was with these episode, I cannot hope to deny that this is nice television. And that is what Dexter is, one of the best shows ever to air.
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Dexter Helter Skelter
dalydj-918-25517525 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dexter starts by going on his boat with Hannah. Hannah tells Dexter that she is afraid of the water because of the a horrible childhood experience at the age of six when a stranger had to save her from dying even with her father having the chance to save her. Dexter then gets a call from work and they have to leave. Isaac is not safe because he has many people who want to kill him so he gives Dexter a visit for some help. When Dexter does not want to help Isaac he just leaves. When Dexter gets to a new crime scene he has to wait a while to investigate because some other person is still looking in the car to see if it was a suicide. Dexter try's to talk to Debra but she does not want to listen to it as he try's to make her feel better about admitting to loving him in the way she does. Dexter gets a call from Hannah but it actually is Isaac who is holding her hostage in order to use him to help kill the two men that want him dead. Isaac then shows Dexter that Hannah is alive even though she is being held prisoner. Isaac then show Dexter his next targets on a computer. Dexter then has to tell Debra that he needs the surveillance on Isaac pulled off him so he can save Hannah. LaGuerta goes further into her investigation still thinking the bay harbour butcher is still alive and killing. Dexter goes after his first target and kills him very easy. Debra try's to talk Dexter out of saving Hannah but he does not seem to change his mind at all. Dexter goes to Isaac's apartment wanting to hear from Hannah. Isaac is still mad at Dexte for killing Victor pulling a gun on him. From the picture Dexter send himself he sees a clue that could lead to him finding Hannah but he has to go investigate another burnt victim. Dexter notices some evidence that know one else would be able to see. When Quinn goes back to the club he finds out that his girlfriend had sex with owner of the club. When he goes into his office he try's to beat him up taking his girlfriend with him. Isaac and Dexter work together and kill another person connected to wanting to kill him. LaGuerta gets some help with her case from the man from the boat who may some things about people on the lists. When Hannah cooks the food for Isaac's right hand man she try's to get away but starts to bleed because of the glass leaving her on the ground reaching for the keys. Just after getting rid of the body Isaac gets shot knowing he is going to die. When Debra goes to check the apartment she finds the two dead bodies then calling backup. Dexter takes Isaac out into the middle of the ocean as he dies. Hannah turns out to be alive and Debra questions her about the incident. Dexter then runs into the room to check on Hannah. Good episode and the end to Isaac just shows how great Ray was at playing the character.

EPISODE RADE: B+ (MVP: Ray Stevenson)
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