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"The Dark... Whatever"
michielv-laarhoven9 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I remember reviewing last episode, "Helter Skelter" and said I could be considered worried. Ray Stevenson has portrayed an exceptional villain this year and after he and his story-line were killed off, I wasn't sure about the final act of the season. Would the story be as compelling as it was before without its dangerous, yet appealing gangster?

I am happy to report that the answer is 'yes'. The pacing is slower and there is less sense of danger without Isaak. However, this episode benefits from its slower pacing by exploring the phenomenon of the Dark Passenger and turning this concept completely upside down. I think it's a brilliant move on behalf of the writers to explore and eventually get rid of the Dark Passenger. Its timing is perfect, making the episode compelling even without Isaak. Dexter acknowledging responsibility for all that he has done and leaving the Phantom Arsonist for the police, while killing a man who doesn't fit his moral code is one of the most interesting developments of the Dexter character in the past few years. Note here the scene in which Dexter discusses his Passenger with his foster father, while other daddy issues arise in the form of Hannah's father (awesomely portrayed by Jim Beaver). Great timing, which gives the episode more thematic unity. I also dug the scene in which Hannah broke down after her father drove his car into her greenhouse. A plus for Yvonne Strahovski's portrayal of Hannah McKay here.

In the meanwhile, the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation continues as LaGuerta has a helping hand in the form of Matthews. By this the episode really well sets up the endgame of the season as LaGuerta openly suspects Dexter and Matthews is going to have a talk with him. The episode ends with Debra continuing her persistent investigation to get Hannah behind bars -- potentially setting up a huge conflict between Dexter and Debra.

I did not really like how the Quinn story line was handled. I liked the idea of him shooting George and then making Nadia shoot hims to make it look like self defense, but the execution of the scene was plain unbelievable and silly.

For the rest, another great episode. It seems like LaGuerta and Matthews are closing in on Dexter, while Debra is closing in on Debra. Dexter will be cornered and that is exactly when the show is at its most intriguing.

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Dexter : More a human than a machine
Rehan Ulhaq3 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this episode. The writers have done a fantastic job by introducing Hannah's father, he brings the human side out of Dexter.

For many a season Dexter has been portrayed as the perfect killing machine that follows a particular code, in this episode we see a more human side of him. Hannah and her father's role in this episode help us understand a little more of Dexter's fascinating personality.

He succumbs to his human side and takes responsibility for his actions. Helps his sister out and also helps Hannah out, letting go off the code for the people he loves. That is a very rare side of our favorite serial killer.

Every time i think Dexter has nothing more to offer, the writers prove me wrong. Yet again they have shown their great flexibility and ability to surprise us.

The Dark Passenger doesn't control our friend Dex, he is just a human being trying to rationalize his uglier side !!
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The Phantom Arsonist and the Dark Rider
Claudio Carvalho29 July 2014
Miami has a new serial-killer that burns his victims to death and is called the Phantom arsonist by the media and the police. Dexter suspects of the Fire Inspector Phil Bosso, but her promises Debra not to interfere in the police investigation. Dexter and Hannah have a conversation about his urge to kill when they are surprised by Hannah's father Clint McKay that has just left prison and tells that he would like to apologize to Hannah for being a bad father. But he asks for a loan and when Hannah tells that she does not have the money, he turns into a disgusting creature. Dexter finds that Bosso is not a criminal since Masuka finds a clue of the Phantom in the security footage of the bus burnt by him. LaGuerta makes a deal with Matthew to help her to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher that she believes is Dexter. Quinn learns that George will send Nadia to Dubai and he goes to the club and kills the mobster; then he forges the crime scene. Dexter finds the Phantom but he leaves the arsonist for Angel and Debra. Clint blackmails Hannah and Dexter and he learns that her father was the one that tipped Sal with information about Hannah. Dexter brings Clint to a boat ride with no return.

"The Dark… Whatever" shows Dexter changing completely his profile and not following Harris's Code anymore. LaGuerta is insisting in her investigation and will certainly collide with Dexter, in a difficult situation for both of them. Poor Hannah, it is easy to understand her instinct of preservation having a scum like Clint as father. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "O Passageiro...Tanto Faz" ("The Passenger… Whatever")
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Great episode
Ricky Balthis30 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I won't drag out a long review, but I can't believe nobody bragged about the Jim Beaver guest appearance aka Bobby Singer on CW's Supernatural. What I found ironic was the whole "Bobby"/"It's Bobby" phrase in the same episode, I wonder if there was an intentional kickback to Supernatural.

The episode itself delivered, with a new element of murder not dabbled in much on the show, arson. Also nice to see the Dex and Deb's relationship slowly ironing out. Looking forward to seeing how the whole Bay Harbor Butcher reinvestigation pans out.

All in all a great episode and looking forward to the rest of the season.
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Good continuation for the season, but. . .
MovieBuffMarine4 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think there was a Dexter episode that I disliked. But in this episode, there are moments that I questioned (which I will get into shortly).

First the good. . .

I loved the introduction of Hannah's father. This brought another twist to the story; you wondered if he was trying to make amends with his daughter or something sinister. As it turned out, this was no small sub-plot!

Though featured for a short period, the Phantom Arsonist was a nice touch to Dexter's code. The Phantom Arsonist would have been a great main villain for this season, but he was introduced late. The Phantom Arsonist's reign of terror ended real quick.

Which brings us to to the main villains of Season 7: the Koshka Brotherhood. . .

From early on in the season, it was evident that the Koshkas were ruthless Russian Mafia types bent on killing whomever crossed them. It seemed like Dexter would be facing the Koshkas for the whole season 7 after one of their own is killed by Dexter.

However, this episode would be the Koshka's last (by then most of the season was done); while Dexter made peace with the main Koshka villain in the last episode, how they ended the Koshka Brotherhood segment in this episode was kind of weak.

Joey Quinn goes to the strip bar to confront George Novikov about Nadia and quickly dispatches him. After that, seems like the Koshka Brotherhood wrote that off and didn't want to seek retribution. They are never heard from or mentioned again. That's kind of odd seeing that the Koshkas were portrayed as ruthless.

Either Novikov was considered a weak part of the Koshkas that the rest of the brotherhood didn't care for his demise and who took him out; or their organization was in such chaos seeing that George wanted it for himself seeing that he killed Isaak Sirko, that after both were killed, no one cared. I found the ending of the Koshka segment ridiculous and unbelievable.

Again, there is not a Dexter episode that I did not dislike with a passion (this one included), but questioned how things went about. The Koshka Brotherhood part of Dexter should been ended better than it did.
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Dexter The Dark... Whatever
dalydj-918-2551752 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Dexter goes to another crime scene with a burnt victim and still the police are no closer to finding how is responsible for these five murders in two weeks. Dexter tells Hannah about his dark passenger and how it is what makes him will people. While talking to Hannah her dad comes to the window meeting Dexter for the first time. He try's to apologize to her even bringing along a childhood doll house that seems to shock her in surprise. When her dad leaves she does not like the doll house because of what it reminds her of. Dexter is starting to believe more this new person on the burnt body case could be one of the responsible people for burning the bodies. Dexter then has to tell everyone that he is dating Hannah and still Deb is not happy about it. Dexter starts to look into the past of the new blood specialist. Dexter follows the man, finds out that he is not the phantom killer but is just weird. Dexter has dinner with Hannah and her dad and she seems happy around him. The burner gets on abuse wearing a silver suit lights a few people on fire. Hannah's dad reveals why he came to meet with her, he came for money and when she cannot give him the money he gets mad that she is not. The police go to the burnt bus and no evidence is left behind. At the crime scene Hannah calls Dexter telling him about her flowers being destroyed. He then says to her in anger it would have been better if he drowned her. She starts to cry not able to keep herself calm after being screamed at by her father. Dexter try's to help her but finds it hard to connect to her emotions. Hannah hopes her father is gone for good now. She starts to question Dexter about his dark side to killing people. The video from the bus shows the phantom in the bus but he never showed his face in the video. Quinn has to go check on his girlfriend and takes Angel along with him. Quinn ends up shooting the owner of the club covering up for himself by shooting himself in the arm. Dexter breaks into a government office and is able to get prove who the burner is. LaGuerta goes further into her investigation finding out even more that could connect Dexter to being a killer. While Dexter gets Harrison ready to go swimming Hannah's dad comes into his apartment uninvited. Hannah's dad comes wanting money to keep Hannah murdering someone safe. Hannah's father was the one who sold her out to Sal. Quinn is asked by Angel about the truth of murdering the club owner. Quinn tells him a lie but Angel does not believe it. Dexter learns the truth from Hannah, he says she should do something about him but she cannot because he is her father. Dexter goes after the fire killer and puts him on his table. Dexter goes to meet with Hannah's father taking him to his boat and wrapping him in plastic. He kills him in the end. Debra thanks Dexter for letting her have the fire killer. Dexter tells Hannah he took care of her father by talking to him. The two of them say they love each other. Hannah is not out of the water because Debra now knows about the person who knows of a murder Hannah did. Great episode and seeing Hannah with her father was another side to her.

EPISODE GRADE: B+ (MVP: Michael C. Hall)
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