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Stop Making Guns So Sick


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6 Jul. 2010
Barack Obama's BBQ
Barack Obama tries to appease a tough crowd at his 4th of July BBQ.
7 Jul. 2010
Independence Day Extended Scene
President Whitmore has trouble negotiating the fate of the planet with a hostile alien species.
21 Nov. 2012
Hostess Closes Down
Parting is such sugary sweet sorrow.
1 Nov. 2010
Action Movie Pun Brainstorm
Rob talks drugs, sex, and improv.
27 Dec. 2010
Grease Dilemma
Parody of Grease's "Summer Lovin'." Plays off Kenickie's first line in the song.
15 Mar. 2011
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Star Wars
Simon Pegg (C-3PO) and Nick Frost (R2-D2) try to recreate the droids' walk in the desert, but end up arguing about Frost's interpretation of R2's bleeps and bloops.
14 Apr. 2011
25 Apr. 2011
Girls Watch Porn, Too
Girls on girls watching porn.
9 May 2011
Settlers of Catan: McDonald's Edition
Sheep for fries? Anybody?
24 May 2011
Back to the Future Alternate Ending: Biff is Dead
Marty finds out that that changes he made in the past have had a different effect than he expected.
8 Aug. 2011
Pizza Quest!
When a customer orders a large pepperoni pizza, Scott must find travel to the pizza dimension to find just the right kind of pepperoni.
11 Jul. 2011
Stay Awake Contest
You snooze, you lose.
20 Oct. 2010
Halo Spartan Goes to Heaven
Do you believe in life after pwnage?
23 Jan. 2012
Tmz 2
22 May 2012
John Mayer's Hologram
Unable to tour due to throat problems, John gets a digital replacement like Tupac's. Only not.
23 May 2012
Teenage Polar Bear Cam
Your local zoo presents a live glimpse of nature at its most dysfunctional.
31 May 2012
Pulling Out of Iraq
America and Iraq have called it quits, but there's the little issue of the bunker in the oven.
6 Jun. 2012
Hardcore Casual Gaming Rap
They're on top of the app game.
12 Jun. 2012
Batman Blows His Cover
The Dark Knight's alter ego is bruised.
13 Jun. 2012
Dire Consequences/Tiny Clothes
In a thumb war, Kevin and Murph face-off to see who keeps their clothes on.
14 Jun. 2012
Honest New York Times Ad
More Pulitzers than any other pile of scrap paper.
18 Jun. 2012
Hoverboard Lightsaber Portal Gun Fight
It's Star Wars meets Xbox 360 meets Back to the Future meets your worst nightmare.
20 Jun. 2012
A Couple Decides What Porn to Watch
Relationships are all about compromise, honesty and access to PornHub.
21 Jun. 2012
New YOLO Slang Words
Dan explores the "You Only Live Once" phenomenon and its variations.
26 Jun. 2012
Seth MacFarlane's Rejected Pitches
The creator of "Family Guy" and "Ted" presents some movie ideas that the studio passed on because they were terrible.
27 Jun. 2012
Perfect Fantasy World
This one goes out to the dreamers. And the perverts.
28 Jun. 2012
Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)
The "Modern Family" star breaks skulls and language barriers.
5 Jul. 2012
Call Me Maybe Parody
Actually, can I have my number back?
5 Mar. 2013
Paperman Threesome
Last week, "Paperman" won the Oscar for Best Animated short, but they never showed the full, unedited ending... because it doesn't exist. Here's a parody.
6 Mar. 2013
Are You Watching the Wire?
A gangster commits the one offense worse than snitching: spoiling Season 2.
8 Mar. 2013
Law & Order Necrophiliacs
They love their work. A little too much.
13 Mar. 2013
Boston Charms Cereal
It'll taste even better when you're puking it back up.
13 Mar. 2013
Top 18 Kanye West Non-Rhyme Rhymes
This one's a stretch.
14 Mar. 2013
Dora the Explorer Miniseries Trailer
You wanted us to make it into a real thing... so we did. Starts 3/19.
18 Mar. 2013
BioShock Under the Sea Parody
Before you play BioShock: Infinite, let's have one last dance in Rapture.
19 Mar. 2013
Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion: Part 1
Playtime is over for Dora in CollegeHumor's 3-part adventure series.
25 Mar. 2013
Chris Brown's Publicist
He's the hardest working man in music.
26 Nov. 2012
Virgin Galactic
Boldly go where only the filthy rich can go.
27 Nov. 2012
Facebook Law for Idiots
Think before you post, America.
3 Dec. 2012
Look at This Instagram (Nickelback Parody)
The pictures you want to remember. A song you want to forget.
4 Dec. 2012
God's Boss Craig
If God exists, why do bad things happen? Craig. A new animated series by CollegeHumor.
11 Dec. 2012
Batman vs Cat Lady
She'll crush Gotham with her loneliness.
3 Apr. 2013
Bleep Bloop: Cologne Wars
We test some nerdy colognes with the help of an old friend.
4 Apr. 2013
The Walking Dead Meets Congress
The government is deadlocked.
18 Dec. 2012
321 Fight: Christmas vs. Hanukkah
The holidays deck the halls with each other.
19 Dec. 2012
POV Bathroom
There's nothing natural about nature calling.
18 Sep. 2012
Your Girlfriend's Six Friends
The best buds you ever had no choice but to have.
30 Apr. 2013
Cat vs. Dog Fighting Game
It's cats vs. dogs in a video game battle for pet supremacy.
6 May 2013
Ever Wonder What It's Like to Be Morgan Freeman?
How we imagine Morgan Freeman spends his lunch break on a movie set.
7 May 2013
Ninja Turtles Theme: The Michael Bay Version
We've updated the classic TMNT theme to reflect Michael Bay's changes.
8 May 2013
Office Funny Guy (Suit & Tie Parody)
A Justin Timberlake tribute to the guy you wish you didn't sit next to.
16 May 2013
If Your Friends Hated Everything Like They Hate Sports
We apply the logic used to criticize sports to criticize everything.
17 May 2013
Yay or Nay: Should You Go to College?
The CollegeHumor cast decides if education is importantish.
20 May 2013
FOMO Horror Movie Trailer
There's nothing scarier than spending a Saturday night alone.
21 May 2013
Fun with Stock Photos: Dads on Phones Holding Babies
We imagine what the subjects of super-specific stock photos might be like as characters.
22 May 2013
Batman: The Outtakes
The compiled outtakes from our beloved Batman parody series.
23 May 2013
Precious Plum: Honey Boo Boo Parody Series
The Very Mary-Kate team presents a look into the lives of a less-than-perfect pageant family.
29 May 2013
Kim Jong Un Goes Back to School
The newest episode of "The Adventures of Kim Jong Un" belongs on the CW (Communist Workfarm).
31 May 2013
Yay or Nay: Is Arrested Development Worth Watching?
A fanbase that lost everything and the 15 episodes that could keep them together.
3 Jun. 2013
Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate
If you could be completely honest with your roommate, you'd be the worst.
4 Jun. 2013
The Magic Chinatown Bus
The classic children's book breaks down.
7 Jun. 2013
1 Million Facebook Likes = One Giant Bee Beard
Release the bees! We just hit 1 million Likes on Facebook, and as promised, the ever-generous Pat Cassels agreed to wear a beard of one hundred million (or less) bees. Thanks to all our awesome fans who continue to support our efforts to produce original humorous content. So without further ado, here is the coveted Bee Beard.
5 Jun. 2013
All the Ooohs in Saved by the Bell
Is it just me or did it get hot in here?
5 Jun. 2013
George R.R. Martin Responds to 'Game of Thrones' Backlash
The author behind the Red Wedding gets medieval on our asses.
6 Jun. 2013
Precious Plum: Tow Truck
The one where Mama and Plum almost get crushed.
7 Jun. 2013
Yay or Nay: Are Videogames Art?
If so, then our living rooms could be museums.
10 Jun. 2013
New Pope Has an Awkward First Day
The Pope's first day at work is as bad as yours.
12 Jun. 2013
Honest Music Festival Commerical
It's the summer event that'll have you spending 100 dollars a day to stand in a field and hear sounds.
13 Jun. 2013
How to Fight NSA Wiretapping
If it isn't on the Internet, the government can't find it.
14 Jun. 2013
Yay or Nay: Game of Thrones Season 3
Was Westeros at its besteros or worsteros?
14 Jun. 2013
Bleep Bloop: Harry Potter Wonderbook
J.K. Rowling and Playstation team up to fix reading.
17 Jun. 2013
Fasting Contest (with Ben Schwartz)
In their fourth contest video Amir and Ben show why fasting makes them furious.
18 Jun. 2013
Trampolines Are the Most Fun Way to Die
You're going to break your neck anyway, why not have fun doing it?
19 Jun. 2013
Billy Crystal and John Goodman Meet Their Monsters
The stars of Monsters University have a problem with their new characters.
20 Jun. 2013
First Day at Camp
Welcome to Camp Wanaykaka, where the kids have fun and counselors hook up.
21 Jun. 2013
Yay or Nay: Will the Xbox One Suck?
Microsoft is screwing everybody, especially us by retracting all these policies one day after we filmed this.
25 Jun. 2013
Kim Jong Un Launches a Nuke
In this week's "Adventures of Kim Jong Un," our most glorious leader uses nuclear weapons for their original purpose: helping children.
26 Jun. 2013
Bleep Bloop: Fast and Furious
The summer's best movie is now its worst video game.
26 Jun. 2013
Paula Deen Bakes an Apology Cake
The former Food Network host makes amends for her old racist comments while serving up some new ones.
27 Jun. 2013
CAMP: Bunk Talk
The campers stay up late to ask the big questions.
28 Jun. 2013
Yay or Nay: Is Kanye West a Genius?
KanYAY or KanNAY? We decide.
2 Jul. 2013
Ham Sandwich Lie Detector Test (with Steve Little and Ben Schwartz)
Ben and Steve, as their characters from Coffee Town, get to the bottom of who ate a ham sandwich.
3 Jul. 2013
The Grossest Words Ever
The most cringe-inducing words in the English language, together at last.
4 Jul. 2013
CAMP: Creepy Boy
Camp kids are real weird.
8 Jul. 2013
Everyone Is an Asshole
That's right, kids: people come in all shapes and sizes, but we're all assholes.
10 Jul. 2013
Bleep Bloop: Nick Arcade & Other Game Shows
Click to watch people watching videos of other people playing video games.
11 Jul. 2013
CAMP: Snake Bite
The most racist episode yet.
12 Jul. 2013
Yay or Nay: Is Summer the Worst Season?
Watch us decide, if you can see through the film of sweat.
15 Jul. 2013
Where in the World Is Edward Snowden? (Carmen Sandiego Parody)
Can the U.S. government find the loot, the warrant and the crook?
16 Jul. 2013
Comic-Con Cosplay Catastrophe
Fans get creative this year at San Diego. Too creative. And yes, that's really Joss Whedon.
17 Jul. 2013
Bald to Badass in Two Easy Steps
Lose your hair, not your balls.
18 Jul. 2013
CAMP: Straight Talk
Everyone's a little gay.
18 Jul. 2013
Watch People Fall for the Most Genius GPS Prank
Technology never ceases to amaze... and insult.
19 Jul. 2013
Yay or Nay: Is Sex Good?
It's the best thing to get, and the worst thing to want.
22 Jul. 2013
Music Videos Without Music: We Can't Stop
We partner up again with MVWM to bring you a very awkward Miley Cyrus.
24 Jul. 2013
Daria Movie Trailer (with Aubrey Plaza)
Daria Morgendorffer returns to Lawndale and discovers her shallow classmates have grown into shallow adults.
24 Jul. 2013
Bleep Bloop: Playboy Mansion
Yes, this game has nudity.
25 Jul. 2013
Molly Made Me
Introducing Molly: a girl that gets whatever she wants, by any means unnecessary.
26 Jul. 2013
Yay or Nay: Should the Royal Family Be Abolished?
God save the Queen, or God smite the Queen?
29 Jul. 2013
How Hollywood Ruins Relationships (with Kristen Connolly)
A story of love, loss and whether Deep Impact is better than Armageddon.
30 Jul. 2013
The Roast of Abercrombie & Fitch
The jokes may be said by Americans but they were made in Malaysia.
31 Jul. 2013
CAMP: Boys vs. Girls
It's all fun and games until you get your dick ripped off.
31 Jul. 2013
Dogs Stoned After the Vet
No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Except for the part that took them to the vet in the first place.
1 Aug. 2013
Detroit's Kickstarter Needs Your Help
The Motor City could use a little push.
2 Aug. 2013
Yay or Nay: Do Aliens Exist?
Move over SETI, a bunch of comedians are gonna settle this question once and for all.
2 Aug. 2013
Molly Made Me (Episode 2)
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
5 Jun. 2013
Why Can't You Use Phones on Planes?
Angry passengers create turbulence for the airlines.
7 Aug. 2013
If Your Wingman Had an Airforce
They're on a mission to get you laid.
6 Jan. 2014
How to Shop for Groceries Like You're Not Single
Supermarkets make it simple to buy groceries for your entire family, and sad if you don't have one. Luckily this handy guide provides some useful advice for single shoppers who wish they weren't.
26 Jun. 2014
Should You Post a Selfie?
But first should I post a selfie?
1 Jul. 2014
Honest Woman's Chocolate Commercial
There are a lot of dainty, feminine chocolates marketed just for women, but, ladies, you work hard. You deserve an extra special treat.
7 Jul. 2014
Hip Bathroom Signs Are the Worst
Can't we just go?
10 Jul. 2014
What If Google Was a Guy: Part 3
Google is back again for round 3. Scouring the deepest holes of the Internet to answer your searches - mostly about porn.
14 Jul. 2014
Why Net Neutrality Matters (And What You Can Do to Help)
The internet's about to become a worse fustercluck than cable TV.
31 Jul. 2014
His Netflix Is F*Cked Up
You never know a man until you've scrolled a mile in his queue.
6 Aug. 2014
These actors thought they were auditioning for a soda commercial, but in reality they were on Slow Mo Prank Show.
8 Aug. 2014
Don't Make Me Hold Your Baby
Don't do it.
12 Aug. 2014
How to Cut Your Own Bangs
All you need is scissors, a bottle of wine, and a broken heart.
15 Aug. 2014
Shipping: The OTP Dating Commercial
Ever thought Sherlock and Watson would be the perfect couple? Well, millions of teenage girls on Tumblr have.
18 Aug. 2014
How to Plan a Wedding in 10 Steps (The Honest Version)
Turns out "a lifetime of commitment" is the easy part.

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