Oscar Watch: Penelope Ann Miller

Oscar Watch: Penelope Ann Miller
While The Artist has unquestionably launched Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo onto the A-list, the Best Picture Oscar nominee also serves as the unofficial comeback vehicle for Penelope Ann Miller.

A big-screen staple throughout the 80s and 90s -- she starred in Carlito's Way, Kindergarten Cop, Chaplin, The Freshman and Adventures in Babysitting for starters -- Penelope took a pregnant pause after getting married in 2000 and giving birth to two children.

But now that she's made her mark on this millennium, Penelope assured me during our whimsical chat that The Artist is just the start of her "comeback." I simply don't know where to begin talking about this movie...

Penelope Ann Miller: I know, it has people speechless! [laughs]

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