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Season 1

22 May 2012
Episode #1.1
An assassin kills their mark and is revealed to be a woman, Mia. However she is a pre-op transsexual, who was born Andy and receives a message from ex-lover Wendy, who is dying of cancer and who is the mother of Andy's child, eleven year old Ryan. Wendy dies but makes Mia Ryan's legal guardian,along with his half-siblings, teen-aged Riley and the younger Levi and Leoni. Mia arrives at the farm-house where the kids live and is greeted with hostility, largely because of her sexual position. In the village she meets John, the kids' surly landlord and his affable younger ...
29 May 2012
Episode #1.2
In revenge for his beating John threatens to put the farm-house up for sale, rejecting Mia's offer to buy it. The kids blame her and are still wary of having a transsexual guardian but Levi breaks down and admits to Mia how much he misses his mother and even Riley comes to appreciate that having another female presence in the house lightens her work-load. Eddie, the boss from whom Mia takes the orders for her hits, turns up with another job for her but has his name put on the lease, which ensures that Mia and the kids can stay. They have a party to celebrate but Riley...
5 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.3
Mia has now established a better relationship with her new family despite Leoni's insistence that she can see her dead mother. She forces John at gunpoint to sell her the farm and he agrees but takes it out on his wife and on Riley, whom he demands has an abortion when she announces her pregnancy. Mia and Ben start dating but she carries out another hit - successfully - though she is hit by a car and taken to hospital, from where she escapes. In her weakened state she is taken home by Ben and decides to tell him her true situation. He is initially repulsed but ...
12 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.4
Whilst finally bonding with her young charges Mia is finding it hard to juggle domesticity with her work for Eddie, who refuses to let up on hits. A mysterious man temporarily kidnaps Leoni and, when he returns her, gets set upon by the family. He turns out to be Liam, Wendy's brother who has an interest in looking after the kids. Riley tells Mia she is pregnant and wants an abortion but Mia, feeling maternal instincts, dissuades her and offers to help her raise her baby. John arrives at the farm-house and demand Riley have an abortion. When she refuses he tries to ...
19 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.5
Mia discovers John's body but dissuades the traumatized Riley from involving the police, instead calling in Eddie, who helps her chop up the body and get rid of it in pieces. Eddie also tells Mia he has two hits for her to take place in the same day. Mia has - fully-clothed - sex with Ben but is annoyed to find evidence that he has been with another woman whilst Riley's pants are found in John's car at much the same time that his head washes ashore .
26 Jun. 2012
Episode #1.6
Mia meets Claire, her mother, at a funfair but has trouble in persuading her to accept her as a woman and is attacked by her brother, who calls her a freak. She disappears but is tracked down by Ben, who admits he loves her, and Ryan, who says "Come home, Dad, we need you." Riley is about to admit to John's murder but Liam takes the rap for her instead. Mia carries out her first hit but bungles the second. She returns to the farm-house, and tells Claire, who has finally decided to accept her, and the children that they must leave. However Eddie turns up, telling Mia ...

 Season 1 

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