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  • After the events of Seed of Chucky, Nica, a young woman forced to a wheelchair since birth, has to regroup her sister, Barb and her brother-in-law, Ian for a funeral after the death of her mother. While dealing with Barb, Ian, along with their 5-year-old daughter, Alice; Nica receives an odd package - a creepy doll. After people start showing up dead, the fearless Nica soon suspects that the creepy doll is much more than just a doll.

    - Written by Shawn Martin
  • After the passing of her mother, a young woman in a wheelchair since birth, is forced to deal with her sister, brother-in-law, niece and their nanny as they say their goodbyes to mother. When people start turning up dead, Nica discovers the culprit might be a strange doll she received a few days earlier.

    - Written by Shawn Martin
  • Depressed Sarah lives with her disabled daughter Nica, who is wheelchair-bound since birth, in an isolated old house. Sarah receives a package containing the creepy red-haired doll Chucky and she throws it in the garbage. But during the night she is found dead and Chucky is sat on a chair in the living room. Nica's sister Barb attends the funeral with her estranged husband Ian; their little daughter Alice; the nanny Jill and her friend Father Frank. During the night, there are mysterious deaths and Nica discovers that the package was sent from the evidence depositary. She also researches on the Internet and suspects that Chucky might be behind the murders.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • When a good guy doll arrives at the house of Sarah she doesn't give it much thought. But when she suddenly disappears her daughter Nica starts to suspect something sinister behind the red haired doll. Nica's sister Barb, Barb's husband Ian, their daughter Alice, their nanny Jill & their church pastor father Frank visit Nica to help her plan her mothers funeral but instead Chucky is out for blood.

  • After her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to recent bloodshed and chaos.

    - Written by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment


Set four years after the conclusion of the previous film. Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif), arrives mysteriously in the mail to the family home of paraplegic Nica (Fiona Dourif) and her mother...

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