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Season 1

27 Jan. 2012
Episode #1.1
Sun-Dal and Won-Sam are two wanted criminals. They disguise themselves as fortunetellers at the house of the Salamander Guru, Bum-Gyu.
3 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.2
Sun-Dal and Won-Sam encourage a woman to stand up to her cheating husband. But her husband happens to be one of the most dangerous gangsters in South Korea and may have had something to do with the death of Min-Hyuk's father. / Two perverts steal Gyu-Sun's most valuable panties and selling them on the Internet. It's up to the gang to track them down.
10 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.3
Two associates from Min-Hyuk's past return and blackmail him into helping them steal a painting / The young girl of a rich family ends up falling for Min-Hyuk. But she is destined to marry another man.
17 Feb. 2012
Episode #1.4
People are receiving fake money all over the city, including Sun-Dal and Won-Sam. Now they are out to find the person responsible. / A rivalry fortune telling shop opens up near Salamander Guru and the owner threatens destroy the Guru's shop.
24 Feb. 2012
Ghost/A Small Concert
After losing someone she loves, a young woman tries to commit suicide. To help her recover, the gang try to put on a fake spirit summoning so that she can officially say goodbye to her loved one / Kyung-Ja runs into her ex-husband, Minjae's father, who's engaged. To show that she, herself, is fine, she asks Sun-Dal to pretend to be her boyfriend.
2 Mar. 2012
The Wishlist/The Secret of X
Sun-Dal's wallet gets stolen. When they track the thief down, they are surprised to find that she is a patient at a local hospital with little time left to live / Min-Hyuk's patience is running thin. He wants to find the man that killed his father and Bum-Gyu isn't helping. To make Min-Hyuk stay, Sun-Dal and Won-Sam make believe that they've found "X", with the help of a stranger whose been living in the basement.
9 Mar. 2012
Salamanders also Party Down/Mr. Occult
Bum-Gyu's son arrives for a visit / Won-Sam is feeling unappreciated with the rest of the gang. Min-Jae is growing frustrated with his mother and her rules. To get back at them all, the two of them decide to pull a kidnapping prank.
16 Mar. 2012
Only Demonstrate the Operation/Prince Salamander
Won-Sam and Min-Hyuk help a young woman, who reminds Min-Hyuk of his first love, try to break up her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Kyung-Ja falls ill and Sun-Dal tries to take care of her / Bum-Gyu's senses seem to be returning. Also, a young actress disguises herself as a boy and hides in the house of Guru from a mysterious stalker.
23 Mar. 2012
Won-Sam's Mother/Pandora's Box
Won-Sam's mother comes for a visit. But she believes that he is the real Salamander Guru / Min-Hyuk believes that putting Bum-Gyu under hypnosis, will help him to remember "X". Meanwhile, Sun-Dal decides to plan a nice birthday for Kyung-Ja, but nothing goes according to plan.
30 Mar. 2012
The Operation Steamed
Sun-Dal and Won-Sam are in danger of being found out by the police, which could be hard on Kyung-Ja, who is starting to have feelings for Sun-Dal. Meanwhile, Min-Hyuk gets kidnapped by "X".

 Season 1 

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