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Not so bad!!

Author: amina2306 from United States
22 August 2012

I honestly was watching this movie to see which American movie they copied this time. However even though there is a certain aspect of the movie depicting similarities from Mission Impossible 2 as far as the love triangle between the girl and the 2 men in this movie and how she is placed and for what reason, the movie continues on to be quite decent.

Yes the girl in the movie is not the brightest of the stars, however she is not so bad either for her first Bollywood movie! It's a Bhatt production so the story and the openness of the adult relationship aspect is obviously going to be shown. If you can't handle it then don't watch it just to judge it. I think the adult scenes were not tasteless at all. In fact they were very well done.

The actors seemed very comfortable in their own skin. Sandeep Hooda is phenomenal and I really found him to be totally comfortable in his role. The dude just gets better with every movie!! He is something else!! I think if the movie is looked at for what it is "A thriller" not just "an erotic thriller" it would have a better impact.

I was impressed watching the movie, the story unfolding. I obviously kinda suspected what was going to happen towards the end however the way it was all put together and how the story came through was quite impressive!! I think all the actors did really well in the movie and yes the actress was a bit cold and immature in her acting however as the movie continued she seemed to get more into her role and not the adult scenes but the other scenes too.

The second hero who played ARYAN (Arrunodhay) was not bad at all. I must give him his credit too, cause when his character goes through his complications and confusion, this actor played the role very convincingly. His anger, his emotions and how being a person in the situation that he is - his reactions!! Pretty decent choices on the actors chosen for the flick!

Pooja Bhatt, your movies are very good, It lacks a bit of direction and sometimes the storyline feels like its fumbling, but otherwise I honestly did enjoy the movie! No holds bar!!

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I liked the movie...

Author: choleraparth91 from India
6 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Its just a humor spread out...

just the start of the movie may some 15 mints is adult after that all is fine....


i liked the movie is because the story was some different.... i said "some" different...

but the songs are just awesome...which made the picture to stand at 6 star and one thing else...

after some time(in movie) the sunny will be not looking like porn star or something it plays the role as similar as that of some actress....

Some guys from my side go for the movie...

and also at some cheap would be like paise wasul movie !!!

:) :) :) JSK

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Why I gave it a 8

Author: Ratan Tata from India
26 August 2012

I know many people might not agree with me, you have already been brain washed by paid reviewers like Times of India. Unlike what they say, it is not a bad movie, in certain aspects it is brilliant.

A few points is a must before you enjoy this film.

1. You should have fallen in love, and lost it. You should have to understand pain to know this movie.

2. Great censor board of India has done its shitty job as not to allow the real scenes to be shown and spoil the brilliance of love making. To be real a man and woman have to go nude, if you want family drama go watch Disney movie.

3. Most of the reviewers in the press are paid, they are bull shitting.

4. Creative people are a bit mad and dint really go by what market enjoys. Bhatts are like that, i respect them for that.

Now let me tell you what aspects are brilliant.

1. Location: Just wow! Shot in Sri Lanka, the resort in heavenly. Each corner is designed so beautifully. The film manages to capture this beauty. Colours, shot angles, brilliant cinematography

2. Randeep is brilliant in his role. His voice is perfect and stood out. I am a big fan from today.

3. Sunny is brilliant. It is presumed porn stars cant act. Give her a break, for a first film that too in a foreign country like India, she has done a great job. I truly respect her for that. And to be honest she has better looks then most actresses of today, her beautiful eyes, rich mane, flawless skin, and a aura of maybe painful history she has behind her. No matter what anyone says including her, no one is willingly happy in porn industry. Lets hope she makes it put of it and turns to roles that suit her brilliant looks.

4. Dialogues specially Randeep's were brilliant at places, they had depth. A sad but powerful rendering of what the hero had to say.

5. Emotions: You really need to go through life to understand a Bhatt movie, if you have they are a treat. No one in Hindi movie industry does portrayal of emotions as brilliantly as Bhatts do. I wonder how wealthy in emotions they must be to find it and show it on screen. True love is such a complex emotion that it is impossible to define it for anyone, but Bhatts have tried their best and most part succeeded.

Watch it with a open heart.... You will be in for a treat. For rest go watch Govinda movies.

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Good movie but not that erotic

Author: jsimi from United States
22 August 2012

It was a good movie but it was not that erotic as I expected. You will see more erotic content in other Indian movies like Murder or Julie. In Hollywood, erotic movies usually have full blown nudity with borderline porno material. Since there is only half nudity with some kissing scene and no sex, Jism 2 doesn't really count as an erotic thriller. The prime reason why this movie got so much attention is due to Sunny Leone's debut since she is a porn star. Sunny Leone fans will be disappointed because she doesn't really show that much at all in this movie. Arunoday Singh and Ranbir are very HOT. I don't think Arunoday should be acting in this kind of movie because he will definitely be typecast in the future.

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Author: philsone from Canada
5 August 2012

First off, when are people going to realize that the Bollywood phenomena is just another long slimy slide into porn disguised as dance entertainment and suggestive comedy. India is producing more porn at a faster rate than any other country in the world. Soft eroticism is just a code word for soft core porn. Even the title of this movie comes from the slang for male ejaculate used in the 60's and 70's. I think we have enough porn in the world. What we need is some good solid, well scripted movies instead of all these really bad remakes of old movies and the introduction of another group of people into the porn industry. To each their own but aren't the women in India oppressed enough as it is without the rest of us condoning it by viewing this crap?

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Amazing love story

Author: senthilkumarmorthy from India
7 August 2012

This Movie is amazing BGM in this movie is one piece of master art. My Great Wishes to Director and too the Music Director too..! Everyone in this movie acted like anything. Simply Outstanding. All the best for the upcoming movies from this director. Actually this is my second Hindi movie in my life because i'm from different language. In this movie i have English subtitles so i was finding easy to understand things in this except the feelings of love. Because the way Kabeer and his soul love(Izna ) expressed is something really incredible. Now i'm became fan of kabeer too..! Kabeer your rocking in acting and your performance is something outstanding.

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Jism 2 is an Bollywood erotic thriller film

Author: shahed hasan ( from Bangladesh
26 July 2012

Jism 2 is an Bollywood erotic thriller film directed by Pooja Bhatt. It is the sequel to the film Jism (2003) which had John Abraham and Bipasha Basu in lead roles. The film marks the debut of Indo-Canadian pornographic actress, businesswoman and model, Sunny Leone in Bollywood. Jism 2 was launched on 1 December 2011, on popular Indian television show Bigg Boss, making the launch a first time ever in the history of Indian Cinema. Jism 2 has been passed with an A-certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

Story Line A porn star (Sunny Leone) is hired by a dashing intelligence officer (Arunoday Singh) to become a 'Honey-trap' for a dreaded assassin (Randeep Hooda).

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